Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why?

Đình NhưJun 10, 2024 at 10:21

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After announcing to settle in Australia and temporarily suspend artistic activities in Vietnam, the life of Oc Thanh Van and her 3 children in a foreign country still receives the attention of many audiences.

The actress regularly updates the situation on her personal page. Through the videos posted by her, many viewers admired Oc Thanh Van's work productivity when in a foreign country.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 1

In a recent video, the actress said that although her mid-week work schedule is quite dense, she still takes advantage of the time to cook Korean-style grilled beef for her children.

"It's a very busy day, but cooking rice doesn't slip at all, cutting onions and crying. My hair has just returned from being an MC, I haven't washed it, so it's still curly. Today I made Korean-style grilled beef," Oc Thanh Van shared.

In the clip, the mother of 3 is very skillful when entering the kitchen, alone preparing all the steps to cook delicious dishes for her children. "In the middle of the week, looking at my mother and daughter chill, I thought it was the weekend. The soup is normal, the children are also bored, so they try to draw a little. This dish is not difficult to cook, just a little clumsy. When it's time to eat, the children have to put away all their phones and take time to talk to each other," the actress confided.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 2

After that, Oc Thanh Van whispered to her children that although she worked hard, when she saw her children eating and drinking deliciously, she no longer felt tired. In front of her mother's love, her 3 children ate very deliciously.

The rest of the time, the actress took advantage of self-study to supplement her knowledge and then went to a yoga class. Although life is busy and hustling, the mother of 3 is very productive and full of energy. In Australia, she sells online, teaches yoga, takes leads at events and takes care of 3 young children.

Previously, Oc Thanh Van shared her plan to return to Vietnam to visit her family when her children had a summer vacation after 6 months of settling in Australia. The actress humorously revealed that her son had made a list of gifts for his relatives when he returned to Vietnam.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 3

"My mother and daughter are about to go back to the barn. Cola is on the list to buy temporary gifts.

Total Budget: 500Aud

I don't know if this list of 5000 dollars is enough.

Whoever is on the list is worried about fighting with me, and then when I buy gifts, I favor them," the actress shared.

Before going abroad with her three children, Oc Thanh Van was one of the most expensive female MCs in Vietnam. She is familiar with TV audiences in the role of leading programs of VTV, HTV such as Women's Story, Universal Dance, Road to Ancient Songs, Singing Forever Dreams...

Before making a name for herself as an MC, Oc Thanh Van was the main actor of Hong Van theater. The role of Ghost Wife helped her reach the audience in Ho Chi Minh City, then the TV series Ugly G.irl, Remaining Love, Silt Fragrance, The Turn of Life...

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 4

In addition to getting acquainted with the national audience through programs, movies and television, Oc Thanh Van is also noticed with the story of love, breaking up and then returning to marry her husband, Tri Rua.

In a program, the female artist said that she has known her husband since high school. The two broke up after she passed the College of Theater and Cinema (now the University of Theater and Cinema).

After getting to know someone new, Oc Thanh Van and her husband chose to come back because they realized they were still in love. After getting engaged in Hai Phong in 2007, the pair of actors chose to break up again because of conflicts. In mid-2008, the couple decided to get married because they continued to realize that they could not live without each other. After getting married, she gave birth to three children for Tri Rua.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 5

Oc Thanh Van said that her 15 marriages went through many things, sometimes "going up and down the field", encountering the most unwanted things of couples.

"Now we are free to talk to each other about the worst things that happen to our family. I am willing to share so that everyone understands that peace in the family requires effort, effort and honesty from both of us. That's not easy to do, the important thing is whether you want to change or not because of the other person," said Oc Thanh Van.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 6

Going through many ups and downs in marriage, Oc Thanh Van's life in recent years has been fulfilling, from family, business to quality of life.

The actress once attracted attention when she bought a villa in Ho Chi Minh City, which was valued at more than 10 billion VND by the real estate world. She often shares images of a large garden with a rose garden and vegetables growing a large area. In 2023, Oc Thanh Van will continue to buy new houses. This is also where the actress's family often stayed before going to Australia. At one time, the MC Beauty Story was interested in the audience when he bought two cars at the same time to serve his travel.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 7

Before taking her children to study in Australia, the actress invested heavily in her three children to study at an international school with tuition fees from 400 million/year/person.

Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why? - Photo 8

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