Charmaine Sheh's "news queen" explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out

JLODec 08, 2023 at 14:18

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Right from the air, Queen of News was immediately loved by the audience. The quality score on Douban increased from 7.9 to 8.2/10, proving the attraction of Charmaine Sheh and the TVB cast.

Besides the attractiveness of the content, what makes the Queen of News praised by the audience is the way of building realistic characters, profound dialogues, and ideas suitable for the new era.

Impressive female characters

The audience commented that Charmaine Sheh's character Van Tue Tam (also known as Ms. Man) is truly a successful, talented female lead with a domineering and independent personality, different from the female leads in dramas that only revolve around around love.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 1

In the movie, Van Tue Tam had a time when he had to face robbers, his hands were shaking but he still tried to return to the scene to get h.ot exclusive information. Thanks to that, she is called the news queen. With Charmaine Sheh's acting, Van Tue Tam appears to be a person with a sharp professional mindset, good at handling arising situations, and foreseeing opportunities.

Previously, the movie "Dai Vi Doanh" starring Bach Loc received a lot of criticism for not successfully creating the image of a talented female reporter. The character Trinh Thu Y is considered a virtuous woman who relies on her beauty to complete her work and takes advantage of her job as a reporter to approach rich people.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 2

China Central Television station CCTV also commented: "In 2023, the female lead still uses her beauty to seduce the male lead. Everyone praises her stunning beauty, but she relies on love. love to solve everything, what kind of strong woman is this?"

Another analyzed episode that shows the difference between TVB's script and the Mainland drama is the male character cooking for the female lead. In The Smoke and Fire of My World, Hua Tham was cooked porridge and cared for by Tong Diem (played by Duong Duong) when he was sick. She was touched by her boyfriend's feelings and was ready to turn her back on her adoptive parents to pursue love. However, in Queen of News, Van Tue Tam felt uncomfortable when her boyfriend suddenly came to cook for her. She didn't like it when her boyfriend came into her house and played romantic games. Van Tue Tam asked her boyfriend to clean it up and then return the key.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 3

According to QQ, this detail shows the strength and independence of the TVB female lead. They don't get so moved by trivial details that they forget reason and love. The contrast in the image of women helps the script of The Queen of News receive many compliments.

QQ further analyzes Chinese dramas that build the office environment as just a context for the main character to develop love relationships, the familiar motif is "the domineering CEO and the stupid employee". "cute goof". However, this scenario is considered outdated and unrealistic.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 4

In contrast, the Queen of News content focuses on conflicts between colleagues and fights at work. Thereby, the audience learns more about the news gathering process and working conditions of reporters, editors, and presenters. This professionalism brings new content to viewers. Queen of News is said to be a strong slap against empty, depthless scripts.

In addition to the female lead Van Tue Tam, other characters such as Truong Gia Nghien (Ly Thi Hoa), Hua Thi Tinh (Cao Hai Ninh) or Tu Hieu Vy (Ha Thi Dinh) are all built multi-dimensionally, with unique personality traits. stand out alone.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 5

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 6

Impressions from the dialogue

The news queen also caused a stir with her lines promoting women's independence. Van Tue Tam has confidently asserted his position at work many times like: "I want to see who can sit in my position, who can replace me?", "Let me teach you, how about that?" Which is live news", "I'm not like you, talent can go anywhere and do anything", or "Becoming an industry leader is enough, as long as you have the ability, it's on your business card." Not printing the company name, not printing the position name, just printing your name is still excellent."

The characters all promote their personal careers, and the women have decisive personalities and do not rely on men. While in mainland dramas, women are often treated as commodities, the most important goal in life is to marry a successful man.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 7

In another episode, Van Tue Tam sarcastically mocked the businesswoman for not daring to stand up against her husband, exposing her experience of domestic v.iolence. She said: "You can't choose anyone to be your father, but you choose your husband yourself. You can choose another name and leave it alone. Being a woman like you is truly a failure."

Besides, other lines such as "Not wanting to take responsibility but wanting to gain all the power, where can such a good thing come from", "Not leaving any loopholes for the opponent is called winning", also created a trend. on social networks.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 8

According to QQ, the attraction of Queen of News also lies in the fact that the scriptwriter skillfully incorporated real events such as the case of Ngo Diec Pham being sentenced to 13 years in prison, and the #Metoo movement when the male boss was accused of harassment. female employee.

The professionalism and seriousness in each scene, tight and dramatic script and interesting character settings have helped Queen of News become the hottest movie on Chinese screens today.

Charmaine Shehs news queen explodes in Chinese: Ngo Diec Pham is criticized, Bach Loc is also called out - Photo 9

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