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Na Anh: Won first place in Billionaire pedaling 2 and revenge for ex-husband and minor tam with music

Thảo Mai07:49:32 21/05/2023
Thien Queen is a noble title that the audience and the media give to the female singers who have great influence in the Chinese music industry. Referring to the Three Great Empresses of China, people will immediately think of Dang Le Quan, Vuong Phi and Na Anh. Na Anh's music...

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Tran Nghien Hy had an affair with Peng Quan Anh, Tran Hieu was angry about divorce?

Thư Kỳ11:39:50 11/01/2023
The information that actress Tran Nghien Hy "finds stamps" with her co-star Peng Quan Anh in the process of cooperation was recently revealed and the reaction of her husband Tran Hieu surprised many people. On January 10, some netizens spread the news on social media that Tran...

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Kim Anh "Autumn leaves fly": At the peak of his wealth, now sick, he has to stay at home to rent, no one takes care of him.

Hoàng Phúc16:41:26 20/12/2022
Currently, singer Kim Anh has gradually recovered. However, recent information about her situation when she lost contact with her two biological children, lived alone and struggled before having health problems made the audience feel sad. Singer Kim Anh whose real name is Mai...

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Jackie Chan left 9 trillion for his own son, his biological mother is Dang Le Quan?

An Nhi09:49:31 19/09/2022
In addition to Ngo Trac Lam - the daughter who was rejected by Jackie Chan since birth, the "martial arts star" also has another son of his own. This news left many people confused. Recently, the Hong Kong media revealed that Jackie Chan and his other son, Fang Zuxuan, got...

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'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding'

Yang Mi08:57:00 17/06/2022
Once possessing the "unique" beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment industry as well as intelligence and high education, now the pure beauty of the g.irl "Dang Le Quan" Diep Tuyen is gone. When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this former TVB flower with winged...

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Taiwanese beauties: Lam Thanh Ha made a fox 'seize her husband', Ho Hue Trung sold a house to save her husband

Yang Mi14:42:20 27/03/2022
In the early days of Taiwan, Lam Thanh Ha, Ho Hue Trung were one of the four famous beauties of Taiwan. Possessing beautiful and talented beauty, the stories that happen to them are "not trivial". Lam Thanh Ha: Destroying other people's marriages and separating from her husband...

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Me Tuyet - Betrayed by Jackie Chan, yin and yang separated from true love, wants to do a ghost wedding

Hà Hà22:28:00 07/10/2021
Me Tuyet is a name that is somewhat strange to today's audience. However, those who love the legendary TV series "The Condor Heroes" in 1976 are no stranger to the actress who was dubbed the version of "the most beautiful Hoang Dung". Hong Kong's top stars of the 1980s Me Tuyet...

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Dang Le Quan - Betrayed by Jackie Chan, died when he was with a Western boyfriend and the truth fell apart after 25 years

Hà Hà16:01:45 22/09/2021
Dang Le Quan is a legendary female singer of the Chinese entertainment industry. She was born in 1953 into a large family in the countryside of Van Lam district, Taiwan (China). In Chinese, "Le Quan" means the beautiful shape of a bamboo tree, and at the same time indicates the...

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