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"Doan Du" Tran Hao Dan is at the end of the road, begging in the past to become a "junk movie king"

T.T14:24:40 01/06/2023
In recent years, Tran Hao Dan is no longer an attractive star to the audience. The once-popular actor now only knows how to livestream sales or receive junk movies to cling to his past reputation. Recently, Chinese-language media reported that the film Agent of Wind and Clouds...

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Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize

Keng14:43:44 22/04/2023
The 1980s and 1990s were the golden age of the Hong Kong (China) entertainment industry, with many famous actresses popular throughout Asia. However, after many years, some goddesses have been defeated by time, no longer having a beautiful face and attractive b.ody like before...

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Diep Tuyen: Lam Tam Nhu's "Enemy No. 1" was criticized for being ungrateful during the livestream, her beauty faded

Krant19:18:13 18/02/2023
On February 17, Sina released a series of photos of actress Diep Tuyen on the livestream, which received much public attention. Besides, the once beautiful TVB was also reacted by the audience when there were ungainly actions when interacting with fans. Accordingly, during...

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'TVB beauty' Diep Tuyen scares netizens when she doesn't wear makeup, her waist is full of fat, and she picks her nose indifferently

Thư Kỳ22:35:09 06/01/2023
Dubbed "ancient beauty" in recent years, Diep Tuyen has disappointed many people when her beauty has changed a lot, even the actress was mocked by netizens as an online celebrity in just a few days. a few seconds. When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this...

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'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding'

Yang Mi08:57:00 17/06/2022
Once possessing the "unique" beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment industry as well as intelligence and high education, now the pure beauty of the g.irl "Dang Le Quan" Diep Tuyen is gone. When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this former TVB flower with winged...

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Nham Dat Hoa, Co Thien Lac and the Cbiz stars mourn the passing of 'Hero of the Condor'

Yang Mi22:04:27 28/04/2022
The sudden departure of the male star "The Condor Heroes" in 1983 caused Hong Kong entertainment to lose a multi-talented artist. On the afternoon of April 27, it was reported that veteran actor Tang Giang suddenly died at the hotel while in the process of carrying out the...

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Huo Kien Hoa was exposed to the scandalous past: Made Duong Tu pregnant, cold with Lam Tam Nhu

Hồng Hạnh14:42:07 02/08/2021
So handsome and famous, Huo Kien Hoa has many rumors of love with the top beauties of showbiz. With a handsome appearance, elegant and calm style, Huo Kien Hoa is loved by netizens and given the title "old cadre" (meaning a person who lives discreetly and is strict with...

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Diep Tuyen - Miss released the dog to bite her colleague, lured Huo Kien Hoa, stole m.oney from the maid

team youtube22:24:55 17/06/2021
Diep Tuyen was one of TVB's most famous flowers in the 2000s. The beauty is also one of the few highly educated flowers of Hong Kong station. However, despite possessing both talent and beauty, Diep Tuyen was still vehemently boycotted because of too many scandals. Ye Quan was...

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