Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a "luxurious" role, the marriage is arranged but perfect

Nguyễn KimFeb 28, 2024 at 16:58

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Meritorious Artist Que Hang is a group of mature actors from the first acting training class of the Vietnam Drama Theater. She was a classmate with Meritorious Artist Lan Huong and Do Ky, and with artists Quoc Khanh, Trung Anh, Phu Don, Ngoc Bich...

Meritorious Artist Que Hang's full name is Pham Que Hang, a mature actress from the first acting training class at the Vietnam Drama Theater. She is a classmate of artists Lan Huong, Do Ky, Quoc Khanh, Phu Don, Trung Anh... a generation of artists who have become famous with impressive roles.

She has more than 30 years of artistic activities, however, she is better known to the public in the film industry. As an actress with a beautiful face and elegant beauty, Meritorious Artist Que Hang has a limitation: her voice is weak and her voice is not as loud as other actors. In the field of theater, an actor's charisma is a very important factor that determines the success of a role. That's why her vocal training is also more difficult than her colleagues.

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 1

She remembers the days when she was stuck at the door of the Vietnam Drama Theater to take the entrance exam to the actor training class. Having been praised by theater veterans such as People's Artist Tran Tien and artist Nguyet Anh for her figure, but criticized for her weak voice, Que Hang was very sad. As time went on, Que Hang became more and more aware that her voice weakness could make it very difficult for her to be cast as the female lead, and that she could only play supporting roles and supporting roles for the rest of her life. But Que Hang was not discouraged and practiced diligently day and night so that she could pronounce sentences and words clearly.

Then, past the time of only specializing in supporting roles in a few small scenes, Que Hang began to be assigned female lead roles like Quynh in "In the name of justice"; Yen in "Khuc Doan Truong"; role of Thuy in "The Boat Carrying Souls"; the role of Tran Thi Dung in the play "Tran Thu Do"... In her acting life, there were two times Que Hang played the role of Tran Thi Dung in two different plays, but those were both roles that she loved and devoted a lot to. enthusiasm. These are also the two plays that participated in the National Theater Festival and both helped Que Hang win the Silver Medal.

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 2

Meritorious Artist Que Hang admits that she is a person who struggles with transforming into a role, and because she thinks too much, she often becomes obsessed with a role with a lot of interiority. In her acting career, she was impressed with 3 roles, which were also roles that left her with many obsessions. That is the role of the mistress in The Haunted House , the role of Tran Thi Dung in Beauty and the Hero , and the role of female artist in the play Artist's Life.

Because she has many concerns, she always spends a lot of time and enthusiasm on her roles. Those roles also brought success on stage to Meritorious Artist Que Hang. The role of a female artist in the play Artist's Life helped her receive a Gold Medal at the National Small Theater Festival in 1996, an important milestone in her career.

In 2010, she was awarded the title of outstanding artist, while her peers had long received this honor. There were times when I felt sad, but then I thought I shouldn't be so fussy about titles. She feels happy that her contributions have been recognized, and she can live with her passion.

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 3

With her big round "talking" eyes and noble face, Que Hang seems not suitable for the roles of poor rural women, so she is often invited to play women who have a complete material life but suffer from poverty. many disadvantages and sadness in love like Hong in "I will return"; Huong in "Hunting and Catching Bandits" (Director - People's Artist Tran Phuong); Immersed in "Memories of the Moon Hill" (Director - Meritorious Artist Hoang Van Trong)...

Later, when television dramas flourished, Que Hang was invited to act in so many movies that she could no longer remember them all. The special thing is, when she was young, her roles were often positive roles, but when she got a little older, directors liked to invite her to play negative roles.

At the age of 60, Meritorious Artist Que Hang is still blessed with the elegance and grace of the old days. When she was young, Meritorious Artist Que Hang was also a famous beauty in Hanoi and came from a wealthy family. She is a daughter of the old town, raised in a good family. Grandfather and father are doctors, mother is a teacher. From a young age, Meritorious Artist Que Hang was educated to become a scientist following the family tradition. However, she chose art because she held the dream of flying.

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 4

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 5

Because he went against his family's professional tradition, Meritorious Artist Que Hang was often angry with his parents. And to please them, she accepted an arranged marriage. Talking about that marriage, the female artist confided:

"Love comes after marriage. After the wedding, my husband's parents did not want their daughter-in-law to continue on the artistic path. They still kept the old concept of singing without any species. But he was the only one who supported it. The day we went to perform. At night, he also waited for hours outside the tree, waiting for his wife to finish performing and then take her home .

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 6

Meritorious Artist Que Hang shared that her husband pampers her, sometimes even "a bit too much". For 40 years they lived happily together and sometimes she even asked her husband how he could live so long without ever raising his voice. Their happiness continued as the years passed, they got married, fell in love, and now Meritorious Artist Que Hang is extremely happy.

Meritorious Artist Que Hang: Ha Thanh beauty plays a luxurious role, the marriage is arranged but perfect - Photo 7

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