Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen"

Minh LợiMay 29, 2023 at 17:16

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On television, Meritorious Artist Do Ky is loved by the audience through many films, but the most prominent one is The Judge. In the film, he plays the character Vu Bac, a corrupt police officer. After 8 years of broadcasting, how has your life changed?

Meritorious Artist Do Ky "The Judge": The corrupt policeman Vu Bac on the film and many years of dedication to the profession

In "The Judge", Meritorious Artist Do Ky plays the role of police officer Vu Bac, a corrupt cadre connected with gangsters Phan Quan and The Chot, not in the main character line of "The Judge" but still recording a certain mark in the mind of the audience. Talking about his role, Meritorious Artist Do Ky confided to Zingnews: "When reading the script, I am interested in the fate and character of the character. Usually people have to like heroic characters, good people. good or conditional character expressing life colors.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 1

But for artists of our generation, we want to convey our aspirations through our characters. We don't think we have to act like this, be beautiful like that, or be dangerous."

Before being impressed by the audience with the role of Vu Bac in "The Judge", Meritorious Artist Do Ky was a veteran actor of the Vietnamese screen, famous for his calm and simple roles on the screen. He also admits that these are his real-life personalities, always wanting a peaceful, fun and light life.

Meritorious Meritorious Artist Do Ky is an actor of the 1st class of the Vietnam Drama Theater, having held the position of Deputy Director of the Theater from 2001-2008. After leaving the Theater, he held the position of Head of the Art Department, Department of Performing Arts until May 2022.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 2

Referring to Meritorious Artist Do Ky, movie-loving audiences through the small screen are reminded of famous works such as: The mysterious testament, The genealogy of the land, The heart is sunny, The fifth question is Huong Dat, and Cuong Phong. .. but the most famous and closest to the audience must be mentioned the movie "Nep Nha" starring an elderly couple with People's Artist Lan Huong (Huong Bong) who is his real-life wife. The film has brought audiences to a wide range of emotions and perfectly recreated society through a family of many classes.

During his years as a manager, Meritorious Artist Do Ky rarely appeared on TV series. In the near future, he will participate in the film project Where dreams come from director Trinh Le Phong.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 3

Meritorious Artist Do Ky "The Judge": Peaceful real life with his wife is a famous People's Artist

Meritorious Artist Do Ky in real life has a calm personality and that is clearly shown in his life. Referring to Meritorious Artist Do Ky, people often think of his wife, People's Artist Lan Huong "Bong". Talking about his sweet love story on a VTV talk show, Meritorious Artist Do Ky said that the two studied in the same course at the Vietnam Drama Theater, and then from friendship blossomed to love at times.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 4

His first impression of his wife was that he was very kind to everyone, sacrificing himself for work, family, and friends. When the MC asked the question "What did People's Artist Lan Huong look like then?", the artist Do Ky witty said that the old and present looks are the same.

Their love affair endures over time and is surrounded by two words of peace because the insiders know how to sacrifice for each other. Meritorious artist Do Ky on the small screen is somewhat "inferior" than his wife because he works as a manager at the theater. Talking about her husband being a "boss" at the agency, People's Artist Lan Huong once confided that she felt a bit restrained because she always had to be an example in everything, obeying the rules better than everyone else.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 5

People's Artist Lan Huong confided: "I am not allowed to do anything that makes people think badly of him, nor do I want people to think that my husband is a leader, so I am smart. Because I have done well, your work is also good. ".

Like his wife, Meritorious Artist Do Ky was not initially interested in the theater industry. He was born in a large family of brothers in Hanoi. He was educated, so from a young age, the male artist only wished to become an engineer. However, by fate he was accepted into the drama class of the Vietnam Drama Theater. Suspicious, he met his high school friend Kim Lien again and from there they should change and become Lan Huong - Do Ky.

Because he is a man of few words and quiet, in the media the name of Meritorious Artist Do Ky is "better" than People's Artist Lan Huong. However, in the family, although the husband and wife are of the same age, the family hierarchy and all important decisions belong to Meritorious Artist Do Ky.

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 6

Many people think that Meritorious Artist Do Ky will be a patriarch to take care of men who are not housewives, but in fact, he is a good cook. In the program "Happy lunch", suddenly Meritorious Artist Do Ky "was" revealed his forte. Meritorious Artist Do Ky wittily shared that his wife could cook but still "can't be with him". Because he is the youngest in a family of 5 brothers, he has been used to cooking since childhood.

Currently, Meritorious Artist Do Ky has officially retired according to the regime. During this time, he spends most of his time with his family. Sharing about retirement life, Meritorious Artist Do Ky said that he has more time to spend with his family and himself: "A current day, when I have not participated in professional work, I play sports in the morning and evening. doing sports, doing housework every day. Because Lan Huong often travels for work, I often stay at home with her mother-in-law, which can both make her happy, prepare meals for her, and clean the house for her. ".

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 7

In 2016, People's Artist Lan Huong also left the Vietnam Drama Theater to retire, but she is still very busy with acting, acting, participating in events, teaching, dubbing...

Talking about Meritorious Artist Do Ky, People's Artist Lan Huong confided: "Since getting married, he has been both a husband, a friend, and a lover. People are only truly happy when they have faith in them. a life partner, but love without believing, living together without doubt is no different from "hell on earth".

Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen" - Photo 8

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