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People's Artist Lan Huong "Hanoi Baby": Ageless beauty, U60 peacefully with her husband

Châu Anh19:49:51 24/02/2024
People's Artist Lan Huong became a c.hild actress who left a mark in Vietnamese cinema with her realistic acting in the movie Hanoi B.aby - released in 1974. The female artist born in 1963 was once known as the beauty icon of the screen. Vietnamese photos of a time.

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H.ot g.irl Ngoc Huyen: Van Van (Sunny Day) - the person who cut the heart of the "marshal" Doan Quoc Dam

Đình Thi17:41:00 24/08/2023
Ngoc Huyen is a promising young actress, she is gaining attention from the audience when she constantly appears in primetime films. After the role of Van in "Sunny Day", Ngoc Huyen continued to make her mark when she took on the role of Thao - Father's Gift.

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Meritorious Artist Do Ky: Devoted to the profession, retired, full of "the most hated mother-in-law on screen"

Minh Lợi17:16:34 29/05/2023
On television, Meritorious Artist Do Ky is loved by the audience through many films, but the most prominent one is The Judge. In the film, he plays the character Vu Bac, a corrupt police officer. After 8 years of broadcasting, how has your life changed? Meritorious Artist Do Ky...

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"Mother" Hong Dang spoke out about her son's scandal in Spain, declaring a tough sentence expressing her attitude

Hoàng Phúc16:08:32 26/07/2022
This is the first time People's Artist Lan Huong (who takes on the role of Hong Dang's mother in the film Thuong on a sunny day) has spoken out since the noise of two artists in Spain happened. The noise Hong Dang and Ho Hoai Anh have encountered so far have not come to a final...

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Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job

An Nhi18:39:38 22/06/2022
Possessing a bright appearance, capable of acting and singing, but Song Luan's artistic pursuit is full of thorns. Even the guy was labeled "portable vase". Song Luan is considered a multi-talented artist of Vietnam when he "balances" both acting and singing. Possessing a...

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People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61

Hoàng Phúc17:16:58 30/05/2022
After taking on the role of a difficult mother-in-law in the two films Living with Mother-in-law and Loving the Sunny Day, People's Artist Lan Huong received many negative comments from the audience. However, in stark contrast to those famous roles, People's Artist Lan Huong in...

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People's Artist Lan Huong did not dare to go to the street because she was violently "stoned" by her unpleasant mother-in-law's role

Juni Nguyễn14:31:29 19/05/2022
Just because she played the "overbearing, unlikable" mother-in-law in the Vietnamese movie "Love the sunny day", People's Artist Lan Huong was stoned by netizens, causing the actress to encounter many bad crying situations. Known as a veteran artist of the Vietnamese...

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People's Artist Lan Huong is hated for playing the role of a harsh mother-in-law, but in real life she loves her daughter-in-law

An Nhi17:10:10 16/05/2022
Contrary to the harsh roles on the screen, People's Artist Lan Huong in real life is a very psychological mother. Over the past time, the role of People's Artist Lan Huong's role of Mrs. Hien in the movie "Thuong on a sunny day" has caused the audience to constantly argue and...

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People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens

Juni Nguyễn07:51:25 07/05/2022
Playing the role of a mother-in-law in "Thuong on a sunny day" part 2, People's Artist Lan Huong has inhibited viewers. This caused the audience to flood into the female artist's personal facebook to scold. The recent episodes of Thuong on a sunny day about part 2 have had high...

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Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sent a touching letter to everyone

Nam Phương15:42:19 06/07/2021
ND People's Artist Lan Huong, singer Che Phong and many other artists were extremely worried when they learned about the health situation of actor Giang Coi. become heavy. This information was shared by his close friend - actor Tra My.

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