Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job

An NhiJun 22, 2022 at 18:39

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Possessing a bright appearance, capable of acting and singing, but Song Luan's artistic pursuit is full of thorns. Even the guy was labeled "portable vase".

Song Luan is considered a multi-talented artist of Vietnam when he "balances" both acting and singing. Possessing a masculine appearance with a height of 1m8 and a handsome face and deep dimples when smiling are the weapons that help this singer and actor make the audience fall in love. Despite debuting as a singer, Song Luan's film fortune also has many outstanding films such as: Inherited Lady, Descendants of the Sun (Vietnamese version), F.lip F.ace: 3 Musketeers, Blooming Apple Tree flower,...

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 1

Multi-talented but lackluster career

Song Luan was born and raised in Dong Nai, possesses a nice deep voice, so he decided to pursue a singing path by enrolling in a major singing competition - The Voice 2013.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 2

However, luck did not smile on the young man who was only 22 years old at that time. Undeterred, Song Luan continued to register for the second time in 2015 and although this time did not receive any choice from the judges, he successfully made an impression on the audience.

He entered showbiz as a singer, once joined Thuy Vinh's entertainment company and was supported by musician Khac Viet. With a height of 1.8m and a handsome face, Song Luan's emotional voice was once predicted to be a promising face in the music industry.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 3

In 2015, Song Luan signed a contract with 6th Sense Entertainment company of "power couple" Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang. Instead of promoting the development of music, this male singer released quite a few products, such as: If you are handsome, then you will have many lovers, If you do not return, you are not me, Collection, No matter how much you lose. How Much Time, Single...

Thanks to his outstanding appearance and good performance through the role of a photo model or participating in MVs, the company recognized his cinematic features, thereby bringing Song Luan to a new role: Actor. In 2016, Song Luan got his first role in the movie Iron Box with supermodel Thu Hang. Next, Song Luan continuously received many attractive acting opportunities.

In 2017, he co-starred with beautiful sister Thanh Hang in the movie "Mother-in-law" and received positive reviews for his ability to portray the character. In 2018, Song Luan continued to explode in the Korean remake of the drama "Descendants of the Sun". Needless to say, his name has improved a lot compared to before, although the film was not as successful as expected.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 4

After Descendants of the Sun closed filming, Song Luan also rarely participated in film projects but actively went to shows. Most recently, the audience had the opportunity to see this guy return to the small screen when participating in the Flower Apple Tree project. Unexpectedly, after a period of hiding, he rarely appeared on the film, but the actor's acting still rose to the top.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 5

Despite the appearance of famous names such as Thai Hoa, People's Artist Lan Huong, Hong Anh, Thuy Ngan, Truong The Vinh... but Song Luan was the one who won the most praise for the character Du.

Playing the role of the youngest brother in the family, Du's personality is somewhat quiet and thorny, because since childhood, he has suffered a lot of bitterness and humiliation from his father. In his life, Du only met his father 4 times, but each time he did not dare to look up and could only face harsh scolding. Huan's rejection and hatred caused Du to accidentally have an accident and lose the ability to pursue his dream of becoming a goalkeeper. It was the saying "Even if I die, I won't let you mourn me" that has stuck with Du for many years, making him decide not to mourn his father, even tearing up the obituary.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 6

In just a few short minutes on the screen, all of Du's sufferings and frustrations were fully expressed by the actor. Du's "unfilial" action was even given a slap by Ngoc (Thai Hoa). Many TV viewers feel "goosebumps" because Song Luan's acting is too absorbed.

And also thanks to his constant efforts, he is fortunate to have more opportunities and more new projects after the Apple tree blooms. Even Truong The Vinh admits that Song Luan has improved more and more compared to the previous productions he has participated in.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 7

The male singer revealed that, after 11 years in the entertainment industry, he had to go through many obstacles to achieve the current success. There have been many people advising Song Luan to quit his job, even telling him to change his name because the name Song Luan is two vicious circles.

Song Luan shared: "But I think once I change my name, it's no different from accepting defeat. In the end, I've been following it for 11 years now. I tend to be self-critical, like every day. I'll ask myself if I'm doing this well, is it right. Before joining Mr. Thang's company, I kept thinking about why I wasn't famous, unsuccessful, what I could do before. cut yourself, listen to people's suggestions to correct and change yourself".

Life is full of events

The career progressed quite well, but the male artist's life faced many difficulties. The first is the scandal of her own sister.

Specifically, Song Luan posted on his personal page about his sister constantly borrowing m.oney from family members, but also taking advantage of his name to borrow m.oney from many people. To the last step, Song Luan had to speak up so that his sister had to leave home for a long time to stop this action.

Another incident in Song Luan's life came from a time when he and the crew went on a tour. While flying in the air, the plane carrying Song Luan suddenly shook violently, making everyone afraid. At this time, the male singer - actor can only pray for everyone's safety. Fortunately, both Song Luan and those present on the flight landed safely, Song Luan wrote to share this on social networks and thanked the gods for loving him.

Song Luan's love story

As a male god with a large fan base, his love story is also enthusiastically interested by many viewers. Instead of hiding, Song Luan was quite comfortable about his private life, the male artist once admitted on a gameshow that he had a girlfriend, but the identity of this girlfriend was not made public.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 8

In February 2020, Song Luan suddenly posted a couple photo of himself and a g.irl on his personal page. The identity of the person in the photo was quickly found out, that is, supermodel Thu Hang - who was paired with Song Luan in the movie Iron Box. However, this famous and wealthy supermodel quickly confirmed that the two were just friends and asked people not to bother her. The matter quickly subsided, although many people thought that they were a beautiful couple.

It can be said that Song Luan's journey to fame was quite long when he had to spend more than ten years rolling around to create a buzz. Currently, Song Luan is still active in many fields such as actor, MC, singer.

Song Luan - Vbiz's multi-talented male god, but always faint, was advised to quit his job - Photo 9

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