People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61

Hoàng PhúcMay 30, 2022 at 17:16

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After taking on the role of a difficult mother-in-law in the two films Living with Mother-in-law and Loving the Sunny Day, People's Artist Lan Huong received many negative comments from the audience. However, in stark contrast to those famous roles, People's Artist Lan Huong in real life has a family that everyone admires.

People's Artist Lan Huong - The most difficult and hated mother-in-law on Vietnamese screens

People's Artist Lan Huong full name is Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, born on August 17, 1961. She was born and raised in a poor family in Hanoi. From a young age, she was very interested in theater, so she joined the Vietnam Drama Theater. Because she did not have many beautiful things, every time she went to school, Lan Huong was told by her friends that she was a country g.irl. The nickname "Huong Bong" was born when she studied here.

After completing the course, Ms. Huong moved back to work at the Hanoi Drama Theater. Here, she participated in many plays and films.

At the beginning of her career, Huong's first film was called First Love (1978). Although she did not take on the main role, thanks to the great success of the film, she had more opportunities in acting. After that, she participated in films such as: White Illusion, Nightmare to the Nest, Wish before the sunset.

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 1

In 2000, Ms. Huong took on the main role of Thuy in the film Guava season, which was adapted from the novel of the same name. After making her debut at the 53rd Locarno International Film Festival, People's Artist Lan Huong was successfully awarded the Best Actress a.ward at the 14th Singapore International Film Festival.

From then on, artist Lan Huong became a big star known to many audiences. She continued to act in a series of movies and television series. There is hardly a year that she does not act in a movie. Always devoting herself to the arts, Ms. Huong received the title of People's Artist by the state in 2011.

After the familiar gentle roles, Mrs. Huong had a breakthrough when taking on the role of a difficult and harsh mother-in-law in the movie Living with her mother-in-law. Because of the excellent role play, People's Artist Lan Huong had to receive many "stone bricks".

Even recently, when the role of Mrs. Hien in Thuong on a sunny day, the audience reacted violently because of her excessiveness with her daughter-in-law, artist Lan Huong wittily commented: "Knowing that, I did not accept the role".

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 2

However, despite being a terrible and unpleasant mother-in-law on film, in real life, People's Artist Lan Huong is extremely gentle, gentle, wholeheartedly for her husband and children. She is admired by many people for having a strong love for her husband Do Ky and an extremely happy and fulfilling life in the late afternoon.

The strong love of People's Artist Lan Huong and artist Do Ky

People's Artist Lan Huong and her husband - Meritorious Artist Do Ky are each other's first love. They studied together since high school at Kim Lien School, Hanoi, then went on to become fellow students at the Vietnam Drama Theater. Thanks to the months of being friends and colleagues, their love gradually blossomed and became strong.

In the late 80s, People's Artist Lan Huong and Meritorious Artist Do Ky officially got on the flower car. They have 2 sons together.

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 3

In their youth, due to economic difficulties, in addition to acting on stage, People's Artist Lan Huong and her husband had to do many different jobs from cutting cloth, sewing, dealing in processed goods, repairing machines to loading and running the market. , carrying goods for hire... to make ends meet and raise children.

Despite the hardships and hardships, their feelings did not fade, but also deepened over time.

Up to now, People's Artist Lan Huong and Meritorious Artist Do Ky have been together for more than 40 years, married for more than 30 years. In the words of artist Lan Huong, the couple's love is not ostentatious or too romantic because artist Do Ky "rarely shows emotions, never speaks beautiful, flowery words and rarely has romantic acts".

On anniversaries or special days, the two rarely give flowers and gifts to each other, but only cook a meal with the family. However, it is that simplicity and simplicity that has helped them stay attached and happy until now.

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 4

Talking about her simple happiness, People's Artist Lan Huong confided: "Someone who can be given diamond rings, candles, and roses must be very happy. But for me, the truth is, I don't need it. those shiny things.

We are together enough to feel at peace that we never have to think we are suffering or happy again."

Full life in the late afternoon

Currently, People's Artist Lan Huong and her husband are living with their elderly mother and children and grandchildren in one roof. Although living together for 4 generations, her family is always happy and harmonious.

Every day, if I'm not busy acting, acting, attending events or teaching..., People's Artist Lan Huong often helps her children take care of the grandchildren. In addition, the actress always tries to arrange time to travel with her family 1 to 2 times a year.

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 5

In everyday life, artist Lan Huong is a very psychological and loving mother-in-law. The female artist confided that she always considers her daughter-in-law as her own daughter, does not give binding rules, so that the children can be free and comfortable, so they are loved by the two brides.

"My daughter-in-law still shares many things with me, loving me really, not a formality, is to please. The children still call me and my wife Ky and Huong. Most importantly, let's live. Sincere, loving, children will automatically look in to live well, I think," the female artist told Vietnamnet.

In recent years, People's Artist Lan Huong has actively acted in films and caused storms with many roles. Sharing about the reason for appearing more on the screen, the female artist told Youth: "In my unretired years, I was the main actor in most of the plays at the theater. In every play I have a role and that's it. The theater has to keep the lights on all the time and have to go on a business trip, so I don't have the opportunity to participate in movies much.

At that time, the media was also less, people who knew me had to see through the stage. When I retired, I met my director friends and jokingly said: "You're retired. Now I want to invite you to go anywhere." They feel very secure when they invite me to act in films because they have a lot of time and take the initiative."

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 6

In addition, the support of the family, especially the husband is also an important factor to help People's Artist Lan Huong confidently pursue her passion for acting.

"Ky likes me to go to work for fun, my wife is not old, I sit at home a lot and then I'm sad. Knowing that my wife can do what she likes, he creates conditions and helps me to my best.

It can be said that I completed the job thanks to the collective strength, not only Ky but also my mother, children, grandchildren, ... The children also said, if the mother is busy, she must create favorable conditions. all", People's Artist Lan Huong confided on Infonet.

Therefore, despite turning 61 years old, People's Artist Lan Huong still actively participates in artistic activities and leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the audience through many films such as Living with mother-in-law, Loving the sunny day, Trees. Apples bloom,... I'm happy that I'm still healthy enough to pursue my career.

People's Artist Lan Huong: The mother-in-law is c.ruel on film, but in real life she is kind and admires the age of 61 - Photo 7

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