People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens

Juni NguyễnMay 07, 2022 at 07:51

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Playing the role of a mother-in-law in "Thuong on a sunny day" part 2, People's Artist Lan Huong has inhibited viewers. This caused the audience to flood into the female artist's personal facebook to scold.

The recent episodes of Thuong on a sunny day about part 2 have had high happenings about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

If meritorious artist Thanh Quy received a lot of love from the audience and was favored by everyone for the title of "national mother" because of her sacrifice and wholehearted love for her children, People's Artist Lan Huong (as Mrs. Hien) was the opposite. completely reverse.

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 1

At the c.limax, in recent episodes, not knowing what was right or wrong, Mrs. Hien (People's Artist Lan Huong) rushed to defend her daughter. The two even joined forces to suppress the daughter-in-law, causing the audience to watch the film to inhibit "hate hate" because of the absurdity, lack of logic, not saying the reason before and after. Even many netizens want to fly straight into the film to treat the unpleasant mother-in-law played by People's Artist Lan Huong.

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 2

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 3

Some netizens left comments about the unpleasant mother-in-law: " The father should have slapped Ms. Hien and Ms. Thuong each with an explosion of fireflies to wake her up"; "Just kidding, watch the movie Loving a sunny day about inhibiting your mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Whoever does it will accept it"; "I have never seen a mother-in-law like Mrs. Hien. Which is the sister who is responsible for the debt of Thuong, which is the brother who pays 500 million to buy a house including selling it, it's terrible for this mother-in-law." ,...

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 4

People's Artist Lan Huong's outstanding acting skills from gestures, eyes and tone of voice made some netizens hate to spread it out in real life. Recently, after continuing to be overly criticized by many online communities for the role of Mrs. Hien, People's Artist Lan Huong made a hard statement about this.

Specifically, under the comment section of the post posted by a member of the film crew, People's Artist Lan Huong declared : "So inhibited! Knowing that, I would not accept this motherly role".

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 5

The joking statement of artist Lan Huong immediately attracted the attention and attention of the audience. Some netizens left mixed comments : "It's too hard to express", "She should be proud of herself because of her talent. Many people want to be like that but can't, while many people want to be like that but can't. she hates herself, haiz", "She used to always play the leading role, being gentle and kind, but when she played the role of mother-in-law, the audience left a deep impression. only acting as villains Already",...

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 6

This is not the first time that the veteran actress of the North screen plays the mother-in-law that makes the audience so inhibited. In the movie "hit" Living with her mother-in-law, the female artist also plays a difficult mother-in-law, although it is not as bad as Mrs. Hien in Thuong on a sunny day, but it is also the "obsession" of the girls. strawberry.

Previously, People's Artist Lan Huong also gave an interview to Dan Tri newspaper, the veteran actress said that all opinions of the audience are valuable. She herself always collects these things to learn from experience and do a better job. Distilling comments and not letting yourself be influenced by negative opinions also shows the bravery of the profession.

The female artist affirmed: "I never answer whether I like or hate any role, because every role I have to complete wholeheartedly, regardless of big or small. Actors who like any role will focus, not If you like it, it's not professional, it's hard to develop later."

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 7

People's Artist Lan Huong is a familiar face to television audiences, especially her role as a mother-in-law in the films: Living with her mother-in-law, Thuong on a sunny day. Besides the actress, she is also known for a series of other roles such as Golden Diary, Youth, Candles in Night 2, Blossoming Apple Tree , ...

Not stopping there, People's Artist Lan Huong is also known for her role as a dramatic actor of the Vietnam Drama Theater.

People's Artist Lan Huong 'inhibited' declared a green sentence when fiercely criticized by netizens - Photo 8

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