Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sent a touching letter to everyone

Nam PhươngJul 06, 2021 at 15:42

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People's Artist Lan Huong, singer Che Phong and many other artists were extremely worried when they learned that the health situation of actor Giang Coi was getting worse. This information was shared by his close friend - actor Tra My.

On the morning of July 6, actor Dinh Tra My attracted attention when sharing about the current state of artist Giang Coi. Along with that, she also sent a heart letter written by her senior, sent to her last night. According to the actress, Giang Coi's health is not good, the situation is getting worse.

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 1

Tra My emotionally confided: "Dear friends, first of all, Tra My would like to inform about the medical condition of artist Giang Coi. Currently he is still being treated in the intensive care unit at Trung Lung Hospital. The illness is getting worse every day, he is being cared for by his family and the doctors here. May a miracle and good things come to him!".

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 2

In Giang Coi's letter shared by Tra My, he thanked his colleagues who have helped him over the past time. The actor choked: "It's so touching with everyone's love and ashamed of myself. Too subjective, thinking that it gives me 2 years to complete everything, it's not. Those two years are struggling with excruciating physical pain, decisive consideration, gratitude, spiritually, now my b.ody is tighter than the string and d.eath is always lurking at the door.

Artist Giang Coi became seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 3

At the end of the letter, Giang Coi made many people feel more sad when he exclaimed: "I'm so tired, once again thank you very much and ask Tra My to tell you what is missing."

Tra My's share quickly attracted everyone's attention. The audience and colleagues are extremely worried, praying for a miracle to come to artist Giang Coi.

People's Artist Lan Huong said: "Oh! My dear! I love it so much, but now it's translated like this! I hope it passes!". In response, Tra My made everyone dumbfounded when she confessed the truth: "Sister... it's difficult".

Meritorious Artist Hong Lien said: "May a miracle come to you Giang, I love you".

Singer Che Phong choked: "I hope Mr. Giang recovers soon".

Actor Trung Ruoi commented: "I wish you a lot of health and peace. Please allow me to share your post. If possible, let me copy it and credit your fb source. More people will be able to access it. FB doesn't allow shared posts to reach much!".

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 4

Artist Giang Coi became seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 5

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 6

Many colleagues, friends, and the audience also constantly wish and encourage NS Giang Coi, hoping that his health will have positive developments in the near future.

After a few months of detecting throat cancer and having undergone a first course of treatment at the hospital, recently artist Giang "whistle" (Le Hong Giang) was again hospitalized in Bach Mai when the cancer of the lower throat and fibroids severe liver changes.

Due to the complicated COVID-19 epidemic, the hospital only allows one person at the hospital to take care of the patient. For many years, artist Giang "whistle" lived with his children after two broken marriages, so his daughter Ngoc Anh took care of her father at the hospital, artist friends supported logistics and finance in the "outer circle". .

Artist Giang Coi became seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 7

In it, female artist Dinh Tra My - close co-star of artist Giang "whistle" together with artist Quang "teo" - called for financial help from friends, businesses, and fans. treat your friend.

According to artist Dinh Tra My, the family situation of artist Giang "whistle" is currently difficult. Before that, he could not perform anymore because he lost his voice due to throat cancer, in addition, he had to take care of the young children. The COVID-19 epidemic caused all activities to stop, making the artist's situation even more difficult.

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 8

Artist Tra My's work is touched and supported by many people, but there are also doubts from some people that why the artist's family doesn't sell the garden widely to cure diseases instead of calling friends, Social help?

The reason, artist Giang "whistle" and children often make videos to share with fans about gardening and pet care in the family's spacious garden. Very touched by the sentiments that her father's colleagues and fans have helped the family in difficult times, but Ngoc Anh said she is also burdened by the whispers about her father's friends calling for her family. financial help for the family.

As the only daughter in her family, studying in 11th grade, Ngoc Anh followed her father to the hospital, studying online while taking care of her sick father, unable to have anyone to help because the COVID-19 epidemic was so stressful that the hospital only let Allow each patient to have a caregiver, always isolated at the hospital.

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 9

Busy and tired of taking care of her father, Ngoc Anh does not have time to read newspapers or follow social networks to know the news about her father in newspapers and social networks, but doubts about her family's land and garden. large, do not sell to get m.oney for treatment, but have to ask for help, still reaching my ears, making me really disappointed. Ngoc Anh explained, the family garden that people see is just a piece of land, the family cannot sell it for many reasons of paperwork and procedures, not because they don't want to sell.

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 10

"Father's illness, we are also worried and impatient, but the family situation is really difficult, so we have to call everyone for help. I hope everyone will give him encouragement instead of harsh words." Ngoc Anh confided.

He said that after a few days of hospitalization, his father's condition got better, the doctors were stopping the b.leeding, then he could do appropriate tests and treatment. In front of his daughter, artist Giang "whistle" still tries to be optimistic.

Artist Giang Coi became more seriously ill, sending a touching letter to everyone - Photo 11

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