Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - "does not want to retire"

Khánh TựAug 21, 2023 at 13:41

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NSUT Dieu Duc is known as a veteran actor with a natural and emotional performance. She is the character "mother-in-law" - in the TV series Thunder in the Rain. The film stars Nhat Kim Anh and Cao Minh Dat as Uncle Mu Hai.

In addition to her acting career, she is also loved as an aunt - teaching at two schools, School of Dramatic Arts 2 and Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema. HCM. Here, she has contributed a significant part in the training of potential and capable young actors.

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 1

Commenting on the artist - Excellent Teacher (NGU) Dieu Duc, director Ca Le Hong encapsulated it all in the saying: " She is a talented woman who is good at all three roles: teacher, director, wife - mother to take care of the happy family".

NGUT Dieu Duc is a native of Hue. According to genealogy, she is the 10th granddaughter of the famous Nguyen Huu Canh. The artist's parents used to be revolutionary cadres working undercover in the inner city. Her family's house used to be located on Le Lai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City - now a familiar "red address" for old revolutionary cadres.

Dr. Dieu Duc graduated from the Faculty of Traditional Music - Saigon National School of Music and Drama in 1974. She was then invited by the school to become an adjunct teacher.

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 2

Dieu Duc is also known as one of the first lecturers of the Faculty of Reform. She has been actively involved in inspiring younger generations of actors. For more than 40 years, she has contributed to the training of many actors - becoming the typical nucleus of Cai Luong theater in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the eyes of colleagues, the couple Dieu Duc - Huu Luan are successful artist couples when they both work in teaching and management. Mr. Huu Luan's real name is Le Huu Luan, originally from Long An - in a family of teachers. Currently, he is the Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Performance Organization Company, and Huu Luan is loved by the audience through many dramas, especially as an MC.

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 3

Recalling the first time he met Dieu De, Huu Luan said that it was a debt: "We have a debt to each other, so God has the bad luck to meet at theater school, and then empathize in life and circumstances to stick together for decades. I feel lucky and happy." For many years together, the two had a g.irl and a b.oy named Le Huu Hong Chuyen and Le Huu Dang Khoa.

Ms. Dieu Duc once affirmed: " Our lives are really harmonious and warm. In order to preserve this happiness, we always understand each other and voluntarily, everyone tries to correct their shortcomings. Both partners look in the same direction in terms of marriage and parenting. Our two children are now grown-ups and we want them to be proud of their parents."

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 4

Her daughter Hong Chuyen has graduated and gone to work, while her son Dang Khoa has also graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology of the Open University, but dreams of becoming a film director. He has made three short films in the 48 Hour Film Program.

" Hong Chuan is quite fond of art but does not want to follow this profession. We respect your favorites. Making art has to be really passionate. Dang Khoa has developed his artistic talent, so we both support him," said Ms. Dieu Duc.

Although she voluntarily stepped back to devote herself to training and acting as a "stable back" for her husband and children, when there were invitations to participate in films and plays from directors who were students or fellow students, Ms. Dieu Duc often joined her husband to "help remember the profession".

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 5

Recently, she received the love of the audience when she played the role of councilwoman - mother-in-law Thi Binh in the movie Thunder in the Rain. Or the most recent role of artist Dieu Duc is the mother character of musician Trinh Cong Son in the movie "Em and Trinh".

Previously, she and her husband made a beautiful impression in the film "Lips in the rain" directed by Do Duc Thinh. She also made a deep impression, bringing many emotions to the audience with the role of Ms. Oanh in the film "Happiness within reach" directed by Tran Chi Thanh.

In her career of dedication to the arts, she has received many prestigious awards such as: 2 gold medals for the role of Ms. ("He and Her"), Eight Binh (Cai Luong "Belgium Shell") at the HCMC Small Theatre Festival in 1989 and 1993; gold medal for the role of Thu ("The Sea of Dunes") at the 1995 National Professional Theatre Festival; gold medal for "Hope Phu" at the National Lullaby Festival...

By 2009, NGUT Dieu Duc was the only lecturer of HCMC University of Theatre and Cinema to be awarded the third-class Labor Medal by the state for outstanding teaching achievements for many years.

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 6

It is known that Ms. Dieu Duc is now retired. In addition to acting, she also took on the role of art consultant for the contest named after composer Tran Huu Trang. The fact that she successfully defended her master's thesis at retirement age made professionals and colleagues extremely admired for her academic spirit.

" I always look forward to the continuation of young actors with so many opportunities to develop their talents. The pressure from the explosion of entertainment means makes actors have to arm themselves with a lot of knowledge and always refresh themselves. I believe that this year's Tran Huu Trang Awards season will achieve many achievements, contributing to bringing many talented artists to the stage" - artist - NGU Dieu Duc expressed.

Dieu Duc - an artist who has contributed nearly half of his life to the country's cinema and the upbringing of the country's preschoolers. Although many young talents have now appeared - making their mark on the audience, people like her will always be respected and remembered in people's hearts.

Ms. Dieu Duc: Mother-in-law of Mu Hai - Thi Binh (Thunder in the Rain), passionate about the profession - does not want to retire - Photo 7

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