Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children

Minh LợiJan 13, 2023 at 16:37

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Artist Hoang Son is known as an actor with television and theater roles. With humor and wit, he always brings laughter to the audience. After the shimmering lights, his life is still filled with laughter when he is always accompanied by his wife, former model Diep Thanh.

Don't want to be called "comedian"

Comedian Hoang Son was born in 1966 in a difficult family because his father died early, his mother had to shoulder the family work alone. He fell in love with art, although he never thought he would pursue this path. The male artist is loved for his charming and attractive comedy, one of the prominent faces of the Southern comedy village, famous at the same time as People's Artists Hong Van, Van Son, Bao Liem...

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 1

As a famous actor in the comedy field, on stage NS Hoang Son is always full of energy, performing his best to bring laughter to the public. Some of his outstanding works must be mentioned such as Love Story, After the Smiley Face, The King Pays Debt...

Having worked in the profession for nearly 40 years, Hoang Son still has no title for himself. The male artist said he was not upset, on the contrary, he was happy because he was not too worried about profit and fame. Many colleagues and the audience also love him, calling him "comedian". However, he refused because the concept of this title was too big.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 2

"My daily cup of rice is brought by comedy. But when the audience considers me a comedian, I feel that I am not good enough, or worthy of the title, the feeling that people are teasing and teasing me.

There are many famous comedians, but no one confidently claims to be a comedian. I also want people to just call me an artist and comedian. Please do not assign to the title nothing to add shame. That is the pincer that makes the artist miserable and extremely pressured. For me, Charlie Chaplin, Rowan Atkinson, ... are the ones who deserve it," he shared.

Actor Hoang Son has been associated with the arts for nearly 40 years through many roles as a director, comedian, drama, film, television...

The male artist said that today's young actors have many career advantages compared to his generation. However, he believes that the secret to becoming famous quickly can be easily found, but the foundation to be strong in the profession requires experience, even failure.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 3

"Professional development is not about participating in shows and social networks and then becoming a "star." The massively developed digital era is a springboard for artists to soon gain fame, but it's also a knife that harms them if they can't create. In addition, the audience in this era quickly likes and quickly forgets. When laughter is bullshit and useless, it is inevitable that you will be eliminated," said artist Hoang Son.

Happy home, eldest son follows in father's footsteps

Upbeat and lively on stage, Hoang Son lives a secretive life and is afraid to appear in front of the crowd. However, in a rare occasion, when talking about his marriage with his wife, the male artist's eyes shone with pride. Hoang Son's wife named Diep Thanh - which is a famous model in showbiz. At first, the two considered each other as friends, but it was because of their predestined relationship that they drew them closer together. When he had just given birth to his first c.hild, Hoang Son's wife also said goodbye to art and retired to take care of the home.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 4

The male artist admitted in the past that he had a time of love to play, like to hang out and drink with friends. When he witnessed the scene of his wife staying up late at night and getting up early to take care of the children, take care of the house and work, etc. That image moved him, determined to give up bad habits to fulfill the role of husband and father of the family. family.

"I have to say thank you to my wife for her sacrifice, tolerance and wholeheartedness for the family. Change as an ordinary woman, I believe it will be difficult to maintain a home. Every day life is a lesson, friend. I used to be wrong, made mistakes, but in the end it was the love between husband and wife and children that pulled me back ...", artist Hoang Son shared.

29 years together, the feelings between him and his wife are still the same as the first days. Hoang Son said that the romance and love of youth also more or less diminished when both entered the slope of life. But in return, they now feel emotions with their eyes, gestures and actual actions.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 5

"Every time I go on tour or film far away, I take advantage of going to the market to buy local specialties to bring back to my wife. In return, my wife always cooks delicious meals waiting for me to eat. I think things like that. much more heartwarming without any material value to compare," he said.

Hoang Son and his wife had three children with 2 boys and 1 g.irl. The eldest son, Hoang Hai, is now following his father's footsteps in pursuing art as a director. His second daughter is currently studying abroad. Hoang Son and his wife also welcomed their youngest son, born 8 years ago.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 6

According to Hoang Son, the moment of holding his youngest son, still red in his arms, is an unforgettable moment in life. Being a father at the age of 50 is an unexpected joy and also a big concern for the male artist. Falling into the scene of "little old father and children", Hoang Son said he was not ashamed, but happy because he felt that he was both a father, a grandfather and a friend when playing and taking care of his children.

"The youngest c.hild is a surprise gift from God to me and my wife. At the late age, we don't think we will fall into the situation of taking care of children. The b.oy is very clingy to his parents, so except when he is filming or working outside, The rest of the day I play with my children," Hoang Son revealed.

The male artist told the story of "crying and laughing" when a neighbor once praised "grandchild is so cute" when he was taking his youngest son to the street. Hoang Son was honest at first, he was uncomfortable with this, but he also learned to adapt over time. For him, the joy of being a father is the most meaningful thing in life.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 7

Age 57, what do you expect from your life? Hoang Son said that when old age knocks on the door, he is afraid that his time with his loved ones is getting shorter and shorter. The male artist who is always on guard cannot forever accompany his children until adulthood. When he was still healthy and able to work, he tried to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the head of the family.

Hoang Son: Don't dare to admit to being a comedian, marrying a model wife, 50 years old still has more children - Photo 8

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