NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates

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Vu Phuong Khanh is a familiar singer of the Cai Luong stage. He used to be a member of the Da Ly Huong troupe, then worked in the Autumn Huong troupe with Hoai Thanh, Ngoc Huong... In his acting career, the male artist is famous for his role as Le Nhu in the play The Grass of the Han River.

Despite having an admirable career, at the age of twilight, Vu Phuong Khanh had to struggle to live with his wife in a small house that had deteriorated. Recently, Phi Phung's group of artists had the opportunity to visit his family. When meeting, the U80 singer couldn't help but be happy. He said that due to his advanced age, he suffered from a number of bone and joint diseases, diabetes, etc. However, the Cai Luong singer can still drive more than 40km to work to earn income to cover his life.

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 1

When the group of artists visited, there were not enough chairs to sit in artist Vu Phuong Khanh's house, the whole house only had two plastic chairs and was full of furniture because it was too cramped. Artist Vu Phuong Khanh also had to borrow a neighbor's chair for guests to sit.

It has been a long time since there were guests to play, so artist Vu Phuong Khanh was very happy. It is known that he is suffering from knee pain and many other diseases, and it is difficult to walk. He said: "I have to work hard to earn a living, not to make anyone support me. My son is also too difficult to help me. I went to teach ancient singing in Binh Chanh, 20 kilometers from my house, 40 kilometers both back and forth. I teach twice or three times a week."

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 2

He confided about his current life: "I also have to try to work to earn a living, but no one will support me. My c.hild is also too difficult, he can't help me much. Now I teach ancient singing in Binh Tan, Binh Chanh. It takes 20km from my house to get there, but I still have to drive away. I go about 2-3 days a week. Students pay m.oney, I divide the rate to the cultural house, how much I use."

Artist Vu Phuong Khanh revealed that currently, he teaches about 10 people. However, Le Nhu of the Han River Grass Burden added: "The psychology of young people is to go to work shifts at all gatherings, not stay with them. But in the past, I studied to follow the profession, so I had to go to the place."

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 3

The male artist said that thanks to his hard work in teaching, he earns a few million VND every month. Vu Phuong Khanh used that m.oney to spend and worry about life in old age. However, the U80 singer admitted that his income was also precarious because students were absent in winter. "I don't eat the state's salary. If there are many students, I will help a little. A month is very high, a few hundred thousand per friend," the male artist confided.

He added about teaching singing: "Students pay me, I divide a percentage to the Cultural House, and I keep the remaining amount. There are not many students I teach, there are only more than a dozen of them, so the m.oney I receive is not much. The student studied for a few sessions, knew the shift, and then left, not stayed with me. The purpose of the students who come to study is only to know how to sing and then sing at gatherings, not to study to follow the profession of reforming salaries.

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 4

Since I was a c.hild, I have not drunk or cigarette, so until now I still have the strength and can still teach. In the past, I went to many Cai Luong delegations, I also had to go to a dozen delegations. I only have one son and one wife."

I have lived in this house for more than 10 years. I used to live in Binh Thanh with my son, but now I have moved here. I only earn a few million a month of teaching, but it is enough to survive the day. People tell me that I go to work too far, I am old and I still drive tens of kilometers, but I don't have any other profession, I only know this profession of teaching, students are there, I have to go there," the male artist added.

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 5

Artist Vu Phuong Khanh made Phi Phung and Phuong Dung admire with their strong voices even though they were U80. During the meeting, he improvised a passage from the play Carrying the grass of the Han River for everyone. "At that time, the troupe only had this play, but they kept singing, so much so that the audience always belonged to it. Because every role is good, each character is good in a different way," the male artist choked up remembering the golden age.

Vu Phuong Khanh, a native of Long Thanh, Dong Nai, is a senior artist of Phuong Hong Thuy, My Thu. The family has 5 brothers, Vu Phuong Khanh is the youngest c.hild in a family whose father is the famous actor Don Ca Quan. He had time to follow the career of singing Cai Luong and was a close friend of Bau Sinh, Tan Huong Hoa troupe, which was the place where Vu Phuong Khanh started his business later. As the only person to succeed his father among 5 brothers, Vu Phuong Khanh has been in love with Cai Luong and Don Ca Tai Tu since childhood. He often follows his father to perform everywhere, to his father's singing troupes that are collaborating on summer occasions, so he is greatly influenced by the singing profession.

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 6

When he was in high school, Vu Phuong Khanh was instructed in the singing profession by two teachers, Don Chin Quang and Ba Sang, and was instructed by his father on acting, so Vu Phuong Khanh had a fairly solid baggage to enter the profession. When he saw that his son had mastered the weaknesses of art, Thanh Quan introduced and sent Vu Phuong Khanh to practice diligently, so the profession was promoted quickly.

NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates - Photo 7

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