Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is 'c.racking'

Gia NhiApr 10, 2024 at 14:10

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The life of Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen at the age of U50 is of great interest to many audiences. Accordingly, even though she is old, she is still loved by her mother-in-law, and was recently given a 46 billion villa in the US, everyone who heard it was stunned.

After a period of working in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, in 2002 Cai Luong artist Ngoc Huyen chose to go to America to live and work. During the first days of arriving in America, Ngoc Huyen stayed with famous singer Thanh Tuyen in Houston. Here, the female artist met and fell in love with the singer's son, Dong Nguyen. Right in 2002, Ngoc Huyen married Dong Nguyen and started her career overseas. In a foreign land, the female artist makes many people admire her because her life is so fulfilling.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 1

After getting married, Ngoc Huyen was bought by her husband and mother-in-law a private house worth 2 million dollars in an expensive housing area in the US, without having to endure the situation of being a bride. She was even given the opportunity by her husband to bring her biological parents from Vietnam to live with them and help take care of the children.

On her Youtube channel, the female artist regularly posts clips about her daily life with her husband and children. Through this you can see the spacious space of this million dollar villa.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 2

As a lover of nature and plants, in the small garden in front of the villa, Ngoc Huyen planted some flowers and ornamental plants such as roses, succulents... And at the back of the house there is more space, she said. Planting all kinds of fruit trees such as grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, dragon fruits, lemons... All are Vietnamese tree varieties but still grow well in America, helping Ngoc Huyen ease her nostalgia for her hometown. home.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 3

Although Ngoc Huyen's house is in the US, it has a modern design with wooden floors, but it is decorated in a Vietnamese style. As soon as you enter the door, there are statues of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva and Maitreya Buddha. In the house there are many red parallel sentences, Buddhist scriptures, red lanterns, and many furniture. In the space inside the house, the female artist placed a piano table right at the door to serve her personal preferences.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 4

In the hallways and walkways inside the house, Ngoc Huyen also hangs many photos of herself when she was young and family photos. Stepping in, you can see that the living room space is warm, milky, and elegantly light brown. In addition to 3 interconnected rooms on the first floor, Ngoc Huyen's villa also has 5 bedrooms for the whole family.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 5

In the clip, the female artist also revealed that this was the place where she first met and later got married to her husband. Ngoc Huyen shared: "In the past, Thanh Tuyen's mother welcomed me and Kim Tu Long to stay. At that time, we had the opportunity to tour in America. As soon as we arrived home, we saw him mowing the lawn. Seeing me, He nodded: "Hello!" Thanh Tuyen's mother just said I was younger so she asked him to call me younger sister.

It can be said that at the present time, Ngoc Huyen is enjoying a rich and prosperous life in America. Besides singing, she also does business so she has a quite high income. Having a spacious house and a good income, Ngoc Huyen constantly organizes parties at home to invite friends and colleagues to share and confide in America.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 6

Meritorious artist Ngoc Huyen's real name is Vu Ha Ngoc Huyen, born in 1970 in City. Ho Chi Minh City, in a family of Northern origin. Ngoc Huyen's father is an architect originally from Hanoi, her mother is from Ha Tay, but because she was born in Saigon, she speaks with a Southern accent and is imbued with Southern culture, from which a passion for Cai Luong art arose.

Meritorious Artist Ngoc Huyen was given a 46 billion villa by her mother-in-law, her rich U50 life is c.racking - Photo 7

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