Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong?

Ning JingNov 10, 2023 at 14:52

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Becoming Miss Grand Vietnam, Le Hoang Phuong automatically became an ambassador for the contest's sponsor. However, recently, she was asked by the CEO of a cosmetic hospital to cancel her contract. The identity of this businesswoman makes people curious.

Who is female CEO Nhu Lan?

Coming from a not-so-well-off family, she always cherished the dream of getting rich and becoming a modern, independent, confident woman. "I've been passionate about making m.oney since I was young. Because my parents' jobs were unstable and they were often under financial pressure, I always thought I had to be independent" - Nhu Lan - CEO of A. Cosmetic Hospital (written name). off) confided.

Ever since she was a student, she started an online business, selling hand-carried cosmetics. Thanks to her ingenuity and resourcefulness, she is trusted by everyone, her job is also stable and gives her a decent income. In her third year of university, she got married to general practitioner Do Quang Khai.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 1

Talking about her love affair with her doctor husband, Nhu Lan revealed that when she was preparing for the entrance exam for a specialized high school, every time she went to class, her teacher often talked about her son studying at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy with a confident attitude. moat. Through the stories the teacher told, a 14-year-old g.irl fell in love with a b.oy 9 years older than her.

"I like him when I text him. However, if he doesn't mean anything, I will stop immediately and won't bother him anymore," Nhu Lan said.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 2

Thinking it through, she boldly started a conversation and expressed her admiration for her senior. Through a never-ending series of silly messages, Quang Khai was deeply impressed and fell in love without realizing it. Knowing that he had feelings for her, Nhu Lan "played a trick" and disappeared, took out her phone's SIM card, and c.ut o.ff all contact, making him restless.

After 7 years of dating, they decided to move in together. At that time, the bride was only in her third year of college.

Journey to success

From online sales, Nhu Lan decided to open a small clothing shop, with a rent of only 5 million VND/month. It wasn't until her husband graduated from school that he guided the businesswoman along the path of aesthetics.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 3

Female CEO Nguyen Nhu Lan admitted that she once opposed her husband's opinion when she was oriented to a career in cosmetology. "At that time, I wanted my boyfriend to be a general practitioner in a hospital, not a cosmetic doctor, because I used to think beauty was natural beauty, not artificial. Later, I understood better, everything had changed. "Change, I'm very proud of my husband's decision" - Ms. Lan added.

To achieve their current success, the female CEO and her husband have gone through hard times and faced many difficulties. It is known that Dr. Khai was born into a family of teachers and had no business orientation, so at first they both encountered many failures.

But because of their passion for beauty and encouragement from everyone, they both lifted their spirits and tried not to give up. Business is getting better and better, the hospital is becoming more and more known, so both husband and wife feel happy and satisfied.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 4

In addition to being a powerful CEO, Ms. Nguyen Nhu Lan is also a wife and mother. Besides daily work, the businesswoman also actively updates daily images and the life of her small family.

Ms. Lan confided: "To have those things you have to go through difficulties. You can't want to have m.oney and relax at the same time. My husband and I have had a smooth journey, but we also put in a lot of effort. I think I always have to try, work hard, and take advantage of opportunities to do more every day."

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 5

There is no path to glory that is paved with flowers, nor is there any success without tradeoffs. The image of a modern, confident woman of female CEO Nguyen Thi Nhu Lan is the role model that many girls aim for.

Borrowing m.oney to sponsor a beauty contest and ending up miserable

Recently, CEO Nhu Lan's Cosmetic Hospital posted an announcement about the termination of cooperation with Miss Le Hoang Phuong.

This unit said that the Khanh Hoa beauty's side had violated its commitment in fulfilling its brand ambassador obligations, which could affect its reputation and customer trust. At the same time, the hospital affirmed that after the announcement of cessation of cooperation, it would remove all content related to Le Hoang Phuong as ambassador that had been posted.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 6

In the most recent livestream, female CEO Nhu Lan said the reason was that the beauty from Khanh Hoa had publicly undergone cosmetic surgery at another hospital.

"If we are in the same industry, we will respect each other, but a beauty queen cannot advertise at two cosmetic hospitals like that. If on the day Phuong is crowned, I know that you have had plastic surgery elsewhere, I will not choose you." As an ambassador, at that time the story was different," CEO Nhu Lan shared.

The female CEO revealed that when the incident happened, her hospital was significantly affected. "I'm not saying it's wrong for Phuong to have plastic surgery and I'm not forcing Phuong to apologize. But if now two hospitals also advertise a beauty queen, I'll accept removing her image, because I can't do that." That's okay," CEO Nhu Lan responded.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 7

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 8

Nhu Lan shared after the incident that she still has affection for Le Hoang Phuong but cannot continue the ambassador contract with the 9X beauty. "For everything that follows about the contract, I and the legal advisory board will work with Phuong's company. In this matter, I am passive and Phuong is also passive, so I hope everyone will not attack anyone," the female CEO said. expressed.

Nhu Lan also revealed that she had to borrow a large amount of m.oney to sign a sponsorship contract for the beauty pageant. She still had to pay the bank every month but was extremely disappointed because she received a disappointing ending. Currently, the incident is receiving public attention.

Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong? - Photo 9

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