People's Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber 'held the camera close to him' at a private party

Yang MiNov 10, 2023 at 10:26

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The outrageous actions and words considered quite offensive by a Youtuber when seeing the appearance of People's Artist Ngoc Giau at a party have received great attention from netizens.

Recently, a clip was spread on social networks recording the moment People's Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when a YouTuber interrupted him, repeatedly "pushing a camera" in his face at a private party. Specifically, People's Artist Ngoc Giau attended a private party organized by Meritorious Artist Kim Tu Long. As soon as she got out of the car, the veteran female artist was immediately approached and filmed by a YouTuber. This person also said: "Ngoc Giau, this is artist Ngoc Giau!".

Faced with this incident, People's Artist Ngoc Giau immediately reacted. She expressed her unhappiness and asked this YouTuber: "What is that, why are you filming, what is this filming for?". This person then replied: "Filming YouTube..." . Not only that, when receiving a reaction, this person continued to make statements that made netizens angry such as: "Oh my god, you are an artist", "Quay is famous...".

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 1

Through the shared clip, many viewers expressed frustration at the above mentioned YouTuber's actions and statements. Not only is this person disturbing People's Artist Ngoc Giau, he is also violating the personal privacy of others. Because no matter what, artists, like any normal person, need to be respected for life behind the velvet curtain of the stage.

"Artists are artists but they also need to respect their privacy", "Miss Ngoc Giau's reaction was right", "I don't understand how this YouTuber can say such words",.. . are the comments that netizens left below the clip. Currently, the clip related to People's Artist Ngoc Giau is still a topic of discussion among netizens and shows no signs of cooling down.

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 2

This is not the first case that Vietnamese artists have encountered Youtubers with such rude behavior. Previously, in March 2023, when they learned that artist Hong Nga's health condition was not good, many Youtubers came to the filming site but the family refused.

"Currently, artist Hong Nga's memory is no longer the same as before. Sometimes she remembers, sometimes she forgets, talking about this and that, so the family does not want to let artist Hong Nga appear on any information pages," said the representative. family said.

What's worth mentioning here is that despite the explanation, many YouTubers and TikTokers refused to go home, h.anging around, sitting at coffee shops waiting for any movement that would turn the lives of artist Hong Nga and her family upside down.

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 3

The person who has accompanied artist Hong Nga for the past 30 years said that many YouTubers and TikTokers gathered in front of the house, even coming to the door to ask for videos and interviews, causing the family to panic and not know the reason.

Many YouTubers even reported false news, making family members angry, especially when combining a photo of the artist crying with the title that artist Hong Nga passed away. After the incident, singer Vy Khang had to speak up: "Please don't bother artist Hong Nga!".

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 4

MC Quoc Thuan then expressed his frustration on his personal page, urgently asking his colleagues and audiences to speak up and boycott accounts spreading false news. "Please join us in taking a moment to report false videos and pages. It only takes 20 reports for a dirty account to be blocked. Everyone is outraged by their cruelty. While waiting for the law deal with it, let's take action for a clean and civilized world," Quoc Thuan shared.

Or, at the funeral of Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, many Youtubers appeared quite early. Every time an artist comes to pay his respects, YouTubers surround him to film and take photos, affecting traffic order in the area, causing the late artist's family to speak out.

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 5

Sharing with Thanh Nien , artist Hong Phuong said that his funeral received a large audience's attention and visits, which touched the family, but the family was also very upset when the YouTuber filmed and posted content online. has a bad title.

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 6

"It's natural for people to care about you, because my uncle is a star, the idol of many artists and audiences. The fact that they mourn and care about him makes my family very happy. But I I hope you (YouTuber, TikToker) will let the artist's image always be beautiful. Many artists are in this situation, not just my uncle," Hong Phuong said.

Previously, many artist funerals were also disturbed by YouTubers and TikTokers. Even before his d.eath, artist Le Binh expressed his wish that his funeral must have a place for the artists to park when they come to pay their respects, and especially not to be harassed like Anh Vu's funeral. .

Peoples Artist Ngoc Giau reacted harshly when YouTuber held the camera close to him at a private party - Photo 7

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