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Lawsuit related to Le Hoang Phuong: Sponsor released more evidence, demanding 8.6 billion

Đình Như15:09:52 26/04/2024
Recently, the People's Court of Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City held a first instance trial of a dispute over a brand promotion contract between NA Plastic Surgery Hospital Joint Stock Company and the defendant, Commercial Advertising Joint Stock Company. SV

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Le Hoang Phuong and Doan Thien An were "crushed" for judging Miss Grand Vietnam

T.P11:48:21 24/04/2024
The reigning Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong and former beauty queen Doan Thien An are causing intense controversy when they were just announced by the organizers as two members of the jury of Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

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Le Hoang Phuong was summoned by the court, attached to three ears during the tenure of Miss Grand Vietnam

Trí Nhi10:40:46 09/04/2024
Miss Le Hoang Phuong caused a stir when she was suddenly summoned by the court, in a case related to Nam An cosmetic hospital. This is considered the biggest noise of the queen, right in the term of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023.

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Le Hoang Phuong surpassed many famous names, reaching the top 20 of the prestigious rankings that few people can do

Pinky09:07:58 12/01/2024
Miss Le Hoang Phuong made fans stir when she suddenly appeared in the prestigious top 20 list, standing with other famous queens with titles in 2023.

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Le Hoang Phuong went to Myanmar, Vietnamese fans at home were "worried about fever" and the unexpected ending

Phi Đức13:37:45 08/12/2023
Le Hoang Phuong and the top 10 Miss Grand had a trip to Myanmar yesterday 7/12. Vietnamese fans are quite worried, afraid that the queen of Vietnam will be estranged from your country, but the result is unexpected.

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Le Hoang Phuong and Aunt Dung encountered complications, were sued by the sponsor for compensation of VND 10 billion, immediately spoke out clearly

JLO10:27:08 01/12/2023
On November 29, the media reported that TAND of Binh Thanh district received a petition about a dispute over a brand promotion contract between A. Aesthetic Hospital (abbreviated) - the host of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and the management company of Le Hoang Phuong.

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Le Hoang Phuong returned to Vietnam after half a month of "bombardment" of Thai land, fans gave him flowers and m.oney to celebrate "coming home"

Nguyễn Kim11:11:31 21/11/2023
Recently, Le Hoang Phuong had a successful business trip to Thailand with the top 10 MGI 2023. Recently, the queen landed in Vietnam in a warm welcome from her fans, receiving many gifts. specially prepared by fans.

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Mr. Nawat reunites with Le Hoang Phuong, his "favorite daughter" who is the number 1 favorite, overwhelming Tan MGI.

Quỳnh Quỳnh12:08:22 12/11/2023
After arriving in Thailand, Le Hoang Phuong joined the top 10 MGI 2023 to participate in events to promote the competition as well as start accepting jobs. Until recently, the queen met Mr. Nawat - the contest chairman and Ms. Teresa again.

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Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong?

Ning Jing14:52:45 10/11/2023
Becoming Miss Grand Vietnam, Le Hoang Phuong automatically became an ambassador for the contest's sponsor. However, recently, she was asked by the CEO of a cosmetic hospital to cancel her contract. The identity of this businesswoman makes people curious.

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The CEO of the cosmetic facility denounced Le Hoang Phuong and said frankly: I was shocked and regretted not choosing someone else

T.P10:00:04 10/11/2023
CEO Nhu Lan - representative of Nam An cosmetic hospital has just officially shared about the noise of terminating the image ambassador contract of Miss Le Hoang Phuong. Declared himself regretful and shocked at what Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 did.

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Le Hoang Phuong was accused by the sponsor of violating his commitment, had his cooperation stopped and lost his right to be an image ambassador

Phúc Sen06:32:14 09/11/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong made the internet stir when she was recently accused by the sponsor of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 of violating her commitment and not performing well in her role as an image ambassador for the unit. The queen's contract was also officially canceled.

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Mr. Nawat has a new "pet daughter" amid Thuy Tien's involvement with the "pimp", favoring the unthinkable

Kim Lâm17:00:13 06/11/2023
After unfollowing Miss Thuy Tien causing a stir for some time on social media, Nawat recently clicked to follow a new Miss Vietnam. In particular, this beauty has been praised by the President of Miss Grand before.

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Le Hoang Phuong was "loved like an egg" by Thai fans, had the stage name "glue", turned princess with Tan MGI

Nguyễn Kim11:00:14 06/11/2023
After finishing her activities in Vietnam, Le Hoang Phuong and top 10 MGI flew to Thailand to continue promoting the contest as well as participating in many other events. Here, the queen of Vietnam is highly favored by Thai fans.

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Le Hoang Phuong was shocked when Thai fans gave a bundle of tens of millions of m.oney, welcomed like a superstar

Phúc Sen13:19:11 04/11/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong was surprised when she arrived at the airport in Thailand, she was surrounded by fans, calling her name warmly. And yet, the queen was also given a large bouquet of flowers by big fans bound with m.oney, the number is predicted to be up to tens of millions.

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Le Hoang Phuong scored points when helping 1 beauty who had an accident with a broken tooth when coming to Vietnam to attend MGI

Thanh Phúc10:53:18 02/11/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong has just been praised by fans, scoring points with international friends for her beautiful deed, helping a beauty redo her teeth, when unfortunately having an accident with a broken tooth while coming to Vietnam to cheer at Miss Grand International 2023.

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Le Hoang Phuong was hospitalized in the middle of the night, water infusion to recover his health, worrying condition

An Nhi07:12:49 02/11/2023
On the recent livestream, Miss Le Hoang Phuong shared about the current health situation, making fans worried. Accordingly, the queen was hospitalized at 1 am and had to miss events with the Top 10 Miss Grand International 2023.

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BB Chen was mistaken by MGI vice president for Myanmar 1st runner-up, the owner himself spoke out

Đức Trí11:10:17 01/11/2023
Actor BB Tran has just encountered a funny situation, when he suddenly posted a photo with the 4th runner-up of Miss Grand International 2023 - Le Hoang Phuong, when the vice president of the contest mistook him for the 1st runner-up from Myanmar because the g.irl was too beautiful.

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Le Hoang Phuong caused controversy when she wore the Miss Grand 4th runner-up crown because she made a hard-to-ignore mistake

Gia Linh16:03:12 31/10/2023
During the recent meeting between the top 5 Miss Grand International, 4th runner-up Le Hoang Phuong suddenly received many mixed opinions from the online community, this is considered a big minus point from the beauty.

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Mr. Nawat 'turned face' to Vietnamese fans, stating the reason why Le Hoang Phuong is in the top 5, how is he different from Thien An?

Thanh Phúc15:49:56 27/10/2023
President of Miss Grand International - Mr. Nawat just had interesting shares surrounding Le Hoang Phuong's top 5 achievements. State directly the reason why the Vietnamese representative reached the top of the competition. People began to look back at the past and made shocking comments about Thien An.

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Organizer Miss Grand Indonesia is "sick" about being out of the top, talking about Le Hoang Phuong: "Like some women selling vegetables at the market"

Bảo Tiên15:23:29 27/10/2023
The journey of Miss Grand International 2023 has ended, but the residue from the competition still lingers. Accordingly, the director of Miss Grand Indonesia angered beauty fans by making a disparaging statement about the Vietnamese representative.

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Miss Grand 2023: Organized chaos, thousands of people waiting, screaming fiercely, organizers were 'sacrificed alive'

Phúc Sen10:32:16 26/10/2023
The organizers of Miss Grand International 2023 are receiving a storm of anger from netizens, as the organization of the program is extremely inadequate. Thousands of people were banned from entering the show even though they had tickets in hand, everyone shook their heads in frustration, embarrassed by the international community.

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Le Hoang Phuong gave fans goosebumps with the spiritual story, the fortune teller predicted the exact results before the final

Thanh Phúc06:55:23 26/10/2023
Besides the spotlight of the winner of Miss Grand International 2023, the representative of Vietnam - Le Hoang Phuong made people even more excited when it was discovered that she had been predicted by a fortune teller about the results, exactly the same as what happened in the final. .

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Before the final round of Miss Grand 2023: Colombia is the hypothetical new MGI, Myanmar "flashes" the secondary prize

Uyển Đình13:42:55 25/10/2023
In just a few hours, the final night of Miss Grand International 2023 will officially take place. Currently, the atmosphere is even hotter as the presumed owner of the crown has been named, and additional prizes have also been awarded to deserving beauties.

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Mr. Nawat and the reigning Miss Grand International "stole" the contestants and received the grand prize in the semi-finals

An Nhi09:29:59 24/10/2023
The semi-final night of the Miss Grand International contest ended with eye-catching performances from the contestants. However, the part of stealing the spotlight from Mr. Nawat and the reigning Miss Grand International is what netizens are talking about.

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