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Cao Thien Trang was selected by the sponsor to be in the top 2, strange attitude when instigated by MGVN

JLO14:04:49 05/01/2024
On the evening of December 31, Bui Thi Xuan Hanh officially became the owner of the Bamboo 15 The Crown and held a ticket to represent Vietnamese beauty to attend Miss Cosmo 2024 founded by Vietnamese.

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Le Hoang Phuong and Aunt Dung encountered complications, were sued by the sponsor for compensation of VND 10 billion, immediately spoke out clearly

JLO10:27:08 01/12/2023
On November 29, the media reported that TAND of Binh Thanh district received a petition about a dispute over a brand promotion contract between A. Aesthetic Hospital (abbreviated) - the host of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and the management company of Le Hoang Phuong.

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Nhu Lan: Who is the female CEO who urgently wanted to cancel the contract with Miss Le Hoang Phuong?

Ning Jing14:52:45 10/11/2023
Becoming Miss Grand Vietnam, Le Hoang Phuong automatically became an ambassador for the contest's sponsor. However, recently, she was asked by the CEO of a cosmetic hospital to cancel her contract. The identity of this businesswoman makes people curious.

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Trang Tran released private messages from Le Hoang Phuong, her attitude after being commented on shocking instruction

JLO15:17:46 29/08/2023
Constantly receiving comments and teachings from Trang Tran, Miss Le Hoang Phuong has a very demanding attitude. Because of this, Khanh Hoa beauty is very popular with women.

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Mr. Nawat and Ms. Teresa made shocking comments about Le Hoang Phuong, r.evealing the possibility of 'following' Thuy Tien?

Keng07:29:17 29/08/2023
Both Mr. Nawat's president and Miss Grand International vice president Teresa also had winged words for the new Miss Le Hoang Phuong. They even compared Khanh Hoa beauty to former MGI Thuy Tien.

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Le Hoang Phuong - Tan MGVN: Engineer and CEO of a design company, mother demanded to sell house to daughter of Miss Contest

Keng15:20:56 28/08/2023
Le Hoang Phuong said she wants to spread the story of gender stereotypes in choosing a career and working as an architect is not only for men. Currently, the beauty is the CEO of an architectural company, specializing in drawing, design and construction of works.

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Tan Miss Le Hoang Phuong was "scrutinized" for her everyday beauty, her face photo deserves "100 points"

Kim Lâm11:10:35 28/08/2023
On the evening of August 27, Le Hoang Phuong, born in 1995, surpassed 43 contestants to win the crown of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023. The everyday beauty of the new Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 Le Hoang Phuong exudes charm and attractiveness. .

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Miss Grand VN was shattered: Music lost the wedding, the stage was cheesy, contestants revealed sensitive parts

Thảo Mai10:18:42 24/08/2023
The final of Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 took place on the evening of August 23 at Phu Tho Gymnasium (Ho Chi Minh City). HCM) with 44 contestants competing. However, contrary to expectations, the night was criticized from the music, stage staging to the performance of the contestants.

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Ha Ho admitted to being "far behind" Mai Ngo in 1 thing in The New Mentor, Lan Khue finished listening "happily"

Gia Hoàng16:32:31 13/08/2023
Recently, 4th runner-up Mai Ngo returned as a contestant in The New Mentor, which not only touched Lan Khue but also surprised other coaches.

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Do Thi Ha compliments Dao Hien and Minh Kien, but ignores Y Nhi?

Gia Linh07:26:11 03/08/2023
After the filming of the car is still vague of Miss Pham Kim Dung, now Y Nhi continues to be flatly refused to mention by senior Do Thi Ha in a short clip being posted.

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Bao Ngoc quit acting Vedette at the last minute, Le Hoang Phuong immediately saved, fans demanded the crown of MGVN

Thảo Mai16:00:53 17/07/2023
In the Watershed collection of designer Vu Viet Ha, due to the weather, the queen could not participate in the performance as planned. Therefore, Le Hoang Phuong on her behalf completed the entire show in the reluctant vedette position.

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Engfa was mocked as "twin sister" with Ngoc Chau, Le Hoang Phuong officially enrolled in MGVN

Hoàng Phúc22:32:03 21/06/2023
After repeating the MGT journey, the name Engfa Waraha still retains its attraction to the public. She constantly appeared at events, held her own concert in the US and became the representative of many famous brands in the land of the Golden Temple.

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Miss Grand Venezuela 2023 "dropped" Vietnam with ao dai, Mr. Nawat still international boycott?

Chi Chu14:42:36 03/06/2023
Miss Grand International 2023 will officially take place in Vietnam, so many queens are currently taking advantage of Vietnamese fans with traditional Vietnamese images. Surely the image of Vietnam will soon become popular with the international community. Recently, Miss Peace...

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The reigning Miss Grand "dropped her hearing", officially became a "Vietnamese strawberry" with a long dress with conical hats

Xuân Xuân10:35:47 16/05/2023
The image of Miss Isabella Menin wearing a long dress and conical hat to launch Miss Grand 2023 scored an absolute score for Vietnamese fans. It is known that Miss Grand International 2023 will be held in Vietnam in October 2023. Specifically, recently, Miss Grand International...

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Hoang Nhung was 'caught alive' to date a businessman worthy of her father's age, it turned out to be the famous 'shark taste'

Ning Jing22:08:24 03/05/2023
A series of pictures of Top 16 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Hoang Nhung with a giant worthy of her father's age posted on social networks has attracted the attention of netizens. The identity of this giant was also quickly traced. Hoang Thi Nhung is not a strange name to the...

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Le Hoang Phuong gave up her dream of the Universe to compete in Miss Grand VN, Lan Khue chose Miss Ocean for MU?

Thảo Mai12:27:25 22/04/2023
It's only been less than half of 2023, but the Miss contests expected by Vietnamese beauty fans are restarting and gradually r.evealing a formidable lineup of contestants. Most recently, while interacting with fans, Le Hoang Phuong also revealed her plans for beauty contests...

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Mr. Nawat went to Vietnam, asked Thien An to personally receive him, MGVN had a storm because of releasing Kieu Loan as a GK?

Hoàng Phúc14:05:37 22/03/2023
The organizers of Miss Grand International 2023 confirmed that in 3 days from March 23, 2023 to March 25, 2023, the delegation will visit and work in Vietnam for the upcoming contest. The delegation included Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil - President of Miss Grand and contestants of...

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Miss Grand Nawat has just arrived in Vietnam, Thuy Tien - Thien An has met "severe tension", will lose the title "Peace"?

Kiko14:46:06 18/03/2023
While Mr.Nawat is extremely excited about his trip to Vietnam, Miss Grand Vietnam is currently involved in a name dispute with Miss Peace. Recently, the Golden Lotus side has officially expressed a harsh move, but it is still weak. Recently, Mr. Nawat - the president of the Miss...

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Thuy Tien was "stirred" at the event, showing her attitude in the midst of the risk of losing the title of Miss Hoa Binh?

KiKo14:21:35 12/03/2023
Miss International Peace 2021 Thuy Tien recently attracted attention when appearing at the event, it is known that Miss Grand Vietnam is currently entangled with the title of Miss Peace with Miss Peace Vietnam. Miss Grand International 2021 - Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is an...

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Quynh Thi confidently matches the trend of "Thi Mau" with the Miss Grand Vietnam Sisters Association: Who is the best?

Hoàng Anh13:25:56 11/03/2023
Known as a h.ot tiktoker leading the transformation trend, each video of Quynh Thi is meticulously invested. This time, the beauty made fans raise their eyebrows when incarnating in a variety of styles, super smooth on the background of Hoa Minzy's Thi Color music. In the past...

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Thien An was 'digged' in the past selling salt and garlic rice paper throughout Fb groups, cheap but 'sick'

Jennie14:23:42 02/11/2022
From plastic cutting boards to red artichoke flowers, garlic salted rice paper... all were actively "pushed" by this 2000-born Hau in groups. Many people admire Thien An's will to rise. After being crowned Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 and being the face of the country to attend MGI...

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Miss Grand Thailand failed miserably against Thien An, clearly showing a surprising attitude

Nam Phương17:20:10 19/10/2022
After losing the chance to enter the top 20 thanks to audience voting. Miss Grand Thailand - Engfa Waraha immediately expressed her attitude to rival Thien An of Vietnam. Contrary to what fans think, the two real-life beauty queens are surprisingly close. At 10pm on October 18...

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Thien An was "unmasked" by her seniors, telling about her bad habits: Being lazy, wanting to quit the Miss contest

Hoàng Phúc09:29:43 10/10/2022
The 4 runner-ups of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 recently shared about the new Miss Doan Thien An and gave a special message to the queen who is fighting in Indonesia. Mai Ngo and Thien An are known to be friends with a close relationship at Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. The two had a...

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MONO had a "problem" while performing but was praised for one thing

An Nhi11:43:32 08/10/2022
MONO is currently a name that attracts attention on social networking sites. Most recently, the performance of this rookie guy is making the audience constantly talk. After debuting as a singer, MONO has increasingly proven himself to be one of the "monster rookies" of the...

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