Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a "small matter"

Châu AnhFeb 19, 2024 at 11:13

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Returning home after 3 months of detention, Ngoc Trinh gradually lived a quiet life and reflected on the events. Recently, she has opened up about the scars from the motorcycle accident, from which to draw lessons worth pondering.

In late October 2023, Ngoc Trinh posted a series of clips of "circus performances" on motorcycles, causing public outrage. At the same time, the "Queen of Lingerie" had an accident while driving a car, the incident left her seriously injured and hospitalized for processing.

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 1

Recently, Ngoc Trinh posted photos r.evealing her injuries after 4 months of accident. As can be seen, the large wounds on her legs still leave quite dark scars. When wearing the string dress, the arm still has many visible keloid scars. The beauty born in 1989 also has a long share about this scar. She writes:

"I had a small scar the other day, I didn't see it as an unacceptable thing, I was worried day and night. Now, after going through so much bigger, these scars feel like a small thing, like fleeting minor marks in life. Consider it a memorable thing in life.

Deduce that each story, each incident has many different perspectives, it is important how we receive it. "If you let go a little bit, you get a little bit of happiness. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of happiness. If you let go completely, you will be free." — Ajahn Chah

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 2

Previously, Ngoc Trinh posted the moment she recorded the accident while posing while riding a motorcycle on social networks. At that time, she also expressed regret: "The price I had to pay for this time was a bit big, he made me wear full protective gear before starting to study. But when I put on protective gear to create poses on the car, I found it difficult and hindered so I decided to take it off. He warned me at the time, but since I'm sluggish, I want to make it beautiful, so I can't blame anyone."

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 3

Although initially carefully cared for, Ngoc Trinh's scar is still very dark and unaesthetic. Many viewers think that the current technology is very modern, so as long as she invests, gradually her scars will fade or luckily can return her skin to its original appearance.

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 4

It seems that after the big event of her life, Ngoc Trinh has a different view of what she experienced. Below the post, many netizens left words of encouragement, advising Ngoc Trinh to stay healthy and aim for good things in the future.

Earlier, after returning home to serve her suspended sentence, Ngoc Trinh wrote a long letter apologizing to the audience and promising to try to improve herself and become a better version.

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 5

Ngoc Trinh recalled something from the motorbike accident, calling it a small matter - Photo 6

"Trinh realized that it was not because of passion that I ignored the effects and consequences that it could cause. As a public figure, Trinh knows that she needs to take more responsibility in conveying more standard communication messages to the younger generation.

From now on, Trinh will strive to constantly improve herself to become the best version of herself. Ngoc Trinh wishes to bring positive values to the community through work and a healthy and exemplary lifestyle. And Trinh will try harder to build a healthy image, contributing to bringing positive things to society."



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