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Ngoc Trinh's health deteriorated after the accident, her b.ody was covered in scars, and even a lot of m.oney couldn't cure them

Đức Trí06:46:58 14/06/2024
Model and actress Ngoc Trinh, after a motorbike drama, an unexpected accident while driving a large motorbike and being imprisoned by the police, is now gradually stabilizing her life. However, Ngoc Trinh's b.ody was severely affected, leaving behind scars.

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The man who knows the past Ngoc Trinh, is publicly loved by the beauty

Thiên Di14:30:26 11/06/2024
Ngoc Trinh has always been a name that has received a lot of attention from the online community. Fringe relationships involving her always attract attention. Among them is the most important man in Ngoc Trinh's life, always trusted and loved by her.

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Lily Chen: Once rumored to be in love with a billionaire with Ngoc Trinh, an underground giant of Vbiz

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:22:47 05/06/2024
Lily Chen used to be a face that was mentioned a lot on social networks because of the suspicion of falling in love with a billionaire with Ngoc Trinh. She is known to the audience for her quite diverse activities in the roles of singer, actress, model...

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Jade Trinh turns into a sweet princess, Netizen looks at the hint series that has "next door"

Bút Mực16:58:40 02/06/2024
The constant hint of love made netizens suspect that Ngoc Trinh had a new boyfriend. She said she doesn't need a husband, just a partner, someone who can be her friend, share and overcome everything.

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Hai Idol was arrested and the tiktoker situation became chaotic, the more famous he became, the harder it was to escape

Thanh Phúc16:10:58 21/05/2024
Another case of the Hai Idol network phenomenon being prosecuted by Hai Duong police for disturbing public order, Vietnamese netizens have to look back at the remarkable situation of famous people who like to cause chaos. needs to be handled seriously.

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Ngoc Trinh revealed photos hugging and kissing Vu Khac Tiep after rumors of separation, what is the truth?

Bút Mực06:49:44 21/05/2024
The image of Ngoc Trinh being intimate with manager Vu Khac Tiep suddenly caused a stir in public opinion. Before there were rumors of their separation, the two had known and traveled together for nearly two decades.

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Ngoc Trinh, amid suspicions of having a new boyfriend, revealed more news that she had a daughter 5 years ago?

An Nhi10:12:21 15/05/2024
After 3 months of returning home, Ngoc Trinh's life is still of public interest. Recently, the female model has been rumored to have a new boyfriend, or is even suspected of having a daughter.

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Nathan Lee begins to "quash" Vbiz: Page France is involved, Chi Pu is in distress

Kim Lâm15:38:45 03/05/2024
Just announced his return to showbiz not long ago, Nathan Lee made waves in the online community by publicly mentioning Trang Fa and Chi Pu's names. Currently, the singer's post receives huge interaction and curiosity from the public.

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Ngoc Trinh immediately unfollowed Vu Khac Tiep and silently confirmed her retirement?

Mẫn Nhi14:43:18 25/04/2024
Recently, netizens quickly discovered the confusing move between Vu Khac Tiep and his pet chicken Ngoc Trinh. Specifically, the beautiful Tra Vinh officially unfollowed Vu Khac Tiep on Instagram with nearly 6 million followers.

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Xuan Ca becomes more and more bold, interrupting Ngoc Trinh's noisy "friendship kiss"

Tuyết Ngọc16:49:41 22/04/2024
Recently, people have noticed that Xuan Ca takes great care in wearing r.evealing clothes, showing off her s.exy curves more than before. The brutality of this h.ot TikToker is said to surpass even Ngoc Trinh's.

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Duong Ngoc Trinh - Richest editor of Vietnam Television

Vân Anh13:28:06 22/04/2024
Editor Ngoc Trinh not only possesses beautiful beauty, smart and attractive hosting style, and impressive fashion sense, but is also known as the richest editor at Vietnam Television.

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The U50 contestant participating in the Miss Universe contest caused a fever with her S-shaped b.ody and smaller waist than Ngoc Trinh

Kim Lâm09:27:47 18/04/2024
The information of a 45-year-old contestant registering to participate in Miss Universe received the attention of many beauty fans. Even though she has passed middle age, this beauty's figure makes many young girls shy.

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Ngoc Trinh is suspected of being pregnant, signs of "pregnant mother" are clearly revealed through this detail

Quỳnh Như18:05:30 13/04/2024
Behind-the-scenes images of Ngoc Trinh shared on social networks have attracted the attention of a large audience because of her unusually large waist. Many people immediately questioned that Ngoc Trinh was pregnant.

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Gia Ky is afraid of being called a rich kid. She's transgender, and buying a house is like buying vegetables

Thanh Phúc17:32:56 13/04/2024
Rich kid Gia Ky shares his thoughts on life after suddenly becoming famous online for a clip of flying business class with Ngoc Trinh many years ago. Determined to live true to his gender, Gia Ky is now more modest and afraid of being called a rich kid.

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Ngoc Trinh shed tears when sharing her heart about the recent incident with Tra Vinh's relatives

Mẫn Nhi14:49:28 01/04/2024
Jade Trinh had finally accomplished what she had been keeping in her heart for so long. Recently, the model and her team had a very meaningful charity trip in her hometown of Tra Vinh.

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Ngoc Trinh hinted at stopping playing with Vu Khac Tiep, implying that he was an unnecessary person

Khánh Huyền14:37:36 28/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh has recently appeared frequently with her friends after a long period of being involved in legal trouble. Many people are looking forward to the reunion of close brothers Vu Khac Tiep and his pet chicken, but recently she posted a message implying that the two had broken up.

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Ngoc Trinh is trying to get back the precious thing after the noise, preparing to return to showbiz?

Mẫn Nhi15:20:06 23/03/2024
After being entangled in labor, Ngoc Trinh lost something that was her personal brand, which was her perfect figure with 3 admirable curves. That's why she is currently trying to get it back as soon as possible. the better.

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The identity of the man who knows all about Ngoc Trinh's story is unknown to anyone

Phượng Vũ09:07:13 23/03/2024
In addition to the three men who helped Ngoc Trinh change her life, netizens recently discovered the identity of the person who made outstanding contributions to her career, bringing her development to a new level.

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Ngoc Trinh wears a bridal dress, prepares to get married, withdraws from showbiz after being released from prison?

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:39:58 22/03/2024
The image of Ngoc Trinh in a bridal dress makes people admire her beauty like a princess. At the same time, many people still wonder if the Tra Vinh-born beauty has decided to get married and leave showbiz?

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Ngoc Trinh returns to being a 'bad g.irl' after a noisy career, is she getting used to her old ways?

Phi Đức16:10:55 20/03/2024
It seemed that after the incident, Ngoc Trinh turned the car 180 degrees to pursue a discreet and gentle image. Yet recently she has caught people's eyes with her extremely bold style.

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Ngoc Trinh just got her photo back after being released from prison but was warned for r.evealing this

Uyển Đình15:47:37 20/03/2024
Recently, Ngoc Trinh just released a new set of photos that received many comments praising her beauty as well as her choice of sophisticated outfits compared to before. However, the beauty was still reminded of one thing by the audience.

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Doctor Thinh publicly announced that he had children and revealed about the children's mother. Fans discovered something special

Hoàng Phúc17:24:44 19/03/2024
Recently, on his personal page, doctor Cao Huu Thinh suddenly posted a reunion photo of 5 babies in the only quintuple birth in Vietnam. It is known that this is a rare birth that took place in 2013 at Tu Du hospital.

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Ngoc Trinh made poor people cry and worked hard to do charity after the incident

Minh Ngọc10:09:53 19/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh after the incident had many positive and more sympathetic changes in the eyes of the public. Recently, the model moved many people when she shared the moment when poor people burst into tears and hugged her.

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Before being in prison, Ngoc Trinh used to own a series of super cars. How big is it that makes fans dazzle?

T.P09:12:23 19/03/2024
Model Ngoc Trinh, before getting into trouble and being detained, was famous as a female star with a luxurious lifestyle and huge assets that many people dreamed of. The luxury supercar fleet is also something that netizens are extremely interested in.

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