Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once

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Drama around Hoan Chau Cach Cach is so noisy that even though it ended its broadcast 20 years ago, its echo still lingers to the present time.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach is one of the classic historical films, with the highest rating on the Chinese small screen. The film contributes to bringing the names of Trieu Vy, Lam Tam Nhu, Pham Bang Bang, To Huu Bang to the star status, and also opens unprecedented stories about drama between actors.

Every once in a while, the Chinese-language media broke out news about Chau Kiet scolding Lam Tam Nhu or conflicting questions related to Pham Bang Bang - Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu.

"Hoan Chau Cach Cach" - Childhood movie

Hoan Chau Cach Cach is a work co-produced by Di Nhan Propaganda Company and Hunan TV station. The author of the original novel, Quynh Dao, also took on the role of screenwriter for this project. The whole film has 3 parts, produced between 1998, 1999 and 2003. However, the most popular and mentioned are Hoan Chau Cach Cach part 1 and part 2 by Trieu Vy - To Huu Bang - Lam Tam Nhu - Chau Kiet - Pham Bang Bang starred.

Hoan Chau how to tell about the life of an orphan g.irl named Tieu Yen Tu. This g.irl was orphaned, since she was a c.hild, she followed an acting troupe, but grew up, sly, cunning and a little martial arts. Because of her generous personality, she made friends with Ha Tu Vy - a young g.irl who went to Beijing to find her father. After questioning, Tieu Yen Tu learned that Tu Vy turned out to be the daughter of the reigning Emperor Qian Long, so Tu Vy was a way of the Qing Dynasty.

She accepted the invitation to help Tu Vy blend into Mulan Vi Truong - the place where Qian Long's game of hunting took place. Accidentally injured by Ngu A Ca Vinh Ky mistook her for a deer, Tieu Yen Tu caused a misunderstanding when Qian Long thought that she was his stepdaughter with Ha Vu Ha - Ha's biological mother. Tu Vy.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 1

The real trouble came when Qian Long recognized that Tieu Yen Tu was her daughter and because of a little love, Tieu Yen Tu did not quickly deny the misunderstanding, causing her to throw the javelin to stab the javelin, sinking deeper into the crime. impersonation that, once exposed, is punishable by d.eath.

Next, Ha Tu Vy also followed Tieu Yen Tu into the palace and became a maidservant for her. Ha Tu Vy fell in love with Phuc Er Khang, and Tieu Yen Tu also fell in love with Vinh Ky. The characters are immersed in a mess and have to find a way to regain the status of the king's daughter for Ha Tu Vy. During this process, many troubles happened, causing Tu Vy - Trieu Vy many times to almost be sentenced to d.eath...

Drama Lam Tam Nhu put something bad about Chau Kiet, using a dummy to harm Trieu Vy?

After Hoan Chau Cach Cach aired, the main actors including Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu - To Huu Bang - Chau Kiet emerged quickly. Everyone is welcomed and invited to participate in many large investment television projects.

However, a strange thing is that the actors gradually distanced themselves from Chau Kiet, including Lam Tam Nhu, who also expressed extreme disgust and repeatedly accused Chau of being mean, or bullying others. The c.limax of the disgust was when Lam Tam Nhu participated in the reality show and accused Chau Kiet of rough kissing, forcibly kissing and even "using the tongue to kiss" making the star of My Nhan Contemplation feel extremely embarrassed. Needless to say, after Lam Tam Nhu's accusation, Chau Kiet was heavily criticized.

In addition to the fact that Chau Kiet got caught up in dozens of dramas, he deliberately acted badly to shoot a scene of p.unching To Huu Bang in the face, showing a pompous attitude to his colleagues and then getting drunk and messing around, the actor's career went downhill more and more. more. Many years later, when life fell into a difficult situation, Chau Kiet posted a new forum to dig up old stories about Lam Tam Nhu. Chau Kiet said that Lam Tam Nhu is a malicious person, always making up stories to harm him.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 2

Not stopping there, the drama about Lam Tam Nhu and Hoan Chau Cach Cach lasted longer when the audience discovered that Lam Tam Nhu secretly hid a dummy with Trieu Vy's name at home. In a TV show, two MCs accidentally found in Lam Tam Nhu's wardrobe a dummy with Trieu Vy's face printed on it, with a lot of needles on the mannequin's b.ody. Many people believe that this is the ambition of the beauty of Lam when they always resent Trieu Vy, but the production team defended and explained that it was just the effect that the program created.

The Chinese-language media then also dissected that Lam Tam Nhu was jealous of Trieu Vy, so she displayed the dummy to harm. Because in fact, despite playing Hoan Chau Cach Cach together, Trieu Vy is more famous and influential than Lam Tam Nhu. After many years of operation, Trieu Vy is still sure of the title Dai Hoa Dan, and has received many prestigious film awards.

Pham Bang Bang is bitter because he lost his role to Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu?

The deep feud between Pham Bang Bang and Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu was rumored a lot. When Hoan Chau Cach Cach was broadcast and loved, it was reported that Pham Bang Bang hated Lam Tam Nhu - Trieu Vy appeared.

Not initially, Pham Bang Bang was nominated for the role of Ha Tu Vy by actor Luu Tuyet Hoa - Quynh Dao's pet chicken at that time. When it came time to meet producer Ha Tu Quynh, Pham Bang Bang was also sure to play Ha Tu Vy because this person constantly praised her for her qualities.

However, when it came to signing the contract, a dramatic change occurred. Because female writer Quynh Dao chose Trieu Vy to play the role of Tieu Yen Tu, Pham Bang Bang could not accept the role of Ha Tu Vy. Because according to the producer, Hoan Chau is a collaborative film, so it is impossible for two mainland actresses to take on the main role.

Besides, at that time, both Trieu Vy and Pham Bang Bang were brand new faces, they were afraid that it would be difficult to convince the public. Finally, the producer asked Pham Bang Bang to play the role of the maid Kim Toa, the role of Ha Tu Vy belonged to Lam Tam Nhu. Seeing that she is not respected, has officially announced but now has changed, Pham Bang Bang from the initial interest in participating in the project has turned into hatred. And of course, the Chinese-language media announced that Pham Bang Bang hated Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu for a long time.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 3

It was not until later, nearly 15 years since Hoan Chau Cach Cach debuted, that the relationship between Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu - Pham Bang Bang gradually improved. "No friend or enemy is forever" - this quote is perfectly suitable for the relationship between beauties. Recently, Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu - Pham Bang Bang often interact back and forth, not "heavy and light" with each other like before.

Talking about playing the role of Kim Toa, Pham Bang Bang once shared: "Until today, I do not understand whether the decision to play the role of Kim Toa was right or wrong. However, without this role, my success would have been However, it was from that success that I had to endure many disparities when I was so young."

To Huu Bang uses Lam Tam Nhu as a gender screen?

The story about To Huu Bang is quite sensitive, because up to now, the actor has not shown any signs of marriage.

During the time of Hoan Chau Cach Cach, To Huu Bang was once suspected of loving Lam Tam Nhu. In an interview, To Huu Bang once said that he and Lam Tam Nhu would get married if they had not had a lover at the age of 40. However, it's all just a promise. Because in 2016, Lam Tam Nhu held a wedding with Huo Kien Hoa. Although this marriage is entangled in many scandals, it is also the end of the hope that Lam Tam Nhu - To Huu Bang will come together for many viewers.

For a time, To Huu Bang was rumored to be bad about s.ex. The evil person also said that To Huu Bang just wanted to use Lam Tam Nhu as a front to hide the truth about his gender.

Talking about the story of forever without marrying or openly loving any g.irl, To Huu Bang shared: "Fortunately, my family didn't urge me to do anything, so I didn't have any pressure. Marriage depends on fate. If the other half doesn't. Especially when I was at this age, seeing many people around me suffering because of marriage, I realized that marriage is not as poetic and perfect as I dreamed when I was a young man of 18. Besides, I'm not too eager to have children. It's enough for two people to be together and feel happy."

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 4

The role of the famous Ngu A Ca in the TV series Hoan Chau was not originally assigned to To Huu Bang. 1 MC named Cheng Cheng participated in the casting of Hoan Chau Cach Cach and luckily went to the final round. However, when the news came that he had to shave his head to play Ngu A Ca, this male MC refused the role.

At that time, Cheng Cheng was still an unknown MC, he felt that he had to strive more for his work. If you shave your head, it is very difficult to take on other jobs.

Because he was too focused on the image, the male MC missed the opportunity to change his life. Next, To Huu Bang was the one to replace Cheng Cheng as Ngu A Ca. Later, Hoan Chau Cach Cach became famous, To Huu Bang and co-stars Trieu Vy, Pham Bang Bang, Lam Tam Nhu, and Chau Kiet also became a star.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach aired the first episode in 1997. After the success of the first part, Quynh Dao and the production crew continued to work on Hoan Chau Cach Ca 2 in 1998. In 2003, Hoan Chau Cach Ca 3 aired. with a whole new cast. Lam Tam Nhu - Trieu Vy - To Huu Bang did not participate anymore, instead there were names like Huynh Dich - Tan Lam - Co Cu Co - Ma Y Loi.

Unlike the image of female singer Quynh Dao built in Hoan Chau Cach Cach, Ngu A Ca is actually an outstanding talented person but short-lived. Ngu A Ca has the appearance of a student, gentle and does not like to f.ight. But what makes Qianlong most satisfied in Vinh Ky among his children is his talent and filial piety. Only regret that Vinh Ky died quite early, his d.eath is one of the things that make Qian Long most tormented.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 5

Hoan Chau Cach Cach - The secrets and noise behind the classic movie once - Photo 6

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