Nam Em and Sofia "met without appointment" and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants

Phượng VũApr 18, 2024 at 13:57

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After being administratively fined 10 million VND by the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Em was quiet for a few days and then livestreamed again. However, she did not show her face, only her boyfriend and assistant informed her.

Many people believe that Nam Em is truly a "tragedy" of Vietnamese showbiz. She was quiet for a few days after being administratively fined for the second time by the authorities and then she reappeared.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 1

Although she did not show her face, through her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong's livestream singing, it can be seen that the beauty queen is still happy and comfortable as if nothing had happened. Not stopping there, on the evening of April 16, the assistant suddenly held a livestream session to announce her situation.

Accordingly, assistant Nam Em affirmed that her "sister" is still doing normal artistic activities and will soon return to singing activities after resting and regaining her strength. This person added that closing TikTok and Facebook was done by the long-haired model from Tien Giang to calm things down for a while. "You guys will still go live, still sing, and still do artistic activities, everyone," the assistant said.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 2

According to people close to him, Nam Em has changed a lot and hopes to return to artistic activities soon. At the same time, the assistant also affirmed that Miss Mekong Delta 2015 did not do anything wrong but was just misunderstood because insiders knew exactly what was happening.

In addition, assistant Nam Em also said that the beauty born in 1996 is renting a house in Da Lat for 15 million VND. This rented house does not have professional studio equipment like in Ho Chi Minh City, so the beauty queen's singing is a bit difficult.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 3

Previously, when singing along with her boyfriend on livestream, Nam Em made the audience confused because of her strange move. Not mentioning much about the recent controversies, the beauty just sang one song after another, but what is worth mentioning is her very lackadaisical attitude.

Specifically, the Top 8 Miss Earth 2016 continuously imitated their voices, cracked their voices, and sang laughingly. When it came time to perform the song "Like a Dream" by My Tam, she did not sing seriously at all.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 4

Nam Em sang and joked at the part: "Drive away all the bitterness and regret, I don't believe I'm still waiting for you to return with all the turmoil in our love." After that, Bui Huu Cuong also laughed and echoed her.

In other covers, the beauty from Tien Giang still maintains a joking attitude. Below these singing clips, the audience expressed their outrage. Many people think that Nam Em should not appear at this time because they have not yet forgiven her for the negative things she caused.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 5

Not only Nam Em, another female singer is also entangled in controversies in recent days, which is Sofia. After being accused of all kinds of things by Chau Dang Khoa, this g.irl continued to face trouble when she was extremely "scandalized" by a person who claimed to be her assistant.

Accordingly, the social network recently spread a post by a Facebook account named LN. This person claimed to be Sofia's assistant recently and expressed his opinion that Chau Dang Khoa's shares were true. According to LN, the female singer behaved rudely with her assistant, even saying many abusive words that made this person angry.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 6

"During my time at work, I received a lot of harsh criticism, insults and insults to my dignity from Sofia. And after you received feedback from the company and analyzed right and wrong, you also apologized to me. also passed.

But it turns out that behind your back you told others: You apologized like that because it was too smart and correct just to silence me, afraid I would be scandalized. Not because he really wanted to apologize after insulting me," this account said.

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 7

In the attached message, many netizens were also surprised when Sofia called her assistant "you - me" and had many harsh words, even calling her partner a "poisonous snake". These harsh words from the female singer caused netizens to argue whether it was because Sofia lost her temper or because the female singer had psychological problems due to being too stressed?

Nam Em and Sofia met without appointment and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants - Photo 8

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