Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant "Minh Kon Tum".

Phong TrầnMay 13, 2024 at 21:37

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" Minh Kon Tum" used to be the name that Vietnamese fans called famous male idol Na Jaemin ( NCT) when he once stirred up the online community with his image as an Olympia contestant.

Na Jaemin, known by his stage name Jaemin, is a main member of the Korean b.oy band NCT and subgroup NCT Dream. Jaemin was born on August 13, 2000 and officially appeared on television as a member of SM Rookies in 2014. In 2016, he was confirmed to debut with NCT members and the subgroup NCT Dream including Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle and Jisung.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 1

Previously, Jaemin was on SM's radar when he was doing charity activities with his mother. Once cherished the dream of becoming a surgeon, but with encouragement from his family, Jaemin decided to go to SM's audition. He conquered the judges and became a trainee in Korea's leading entertainment company when he was only thirteen years old.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 2

Looking at Na Jaemin's seven-year journey of pursuing his artistic path, the public commented that he is a "precious gem" in the entertainment world. Not only proving himself with music, the male singer also scored points by always trying his hand in many different fields.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 3

Jaemin takes on many important roles in the group such as Sub Vocal, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper and even Center. Accordingly, the public expects him to become the new generation all-round idol of the Korean music industry.

Pursuing a youthful image, Jaemin quickly captured the hearts of fans right after debut. Thinking of "overcoming victory", in the last year of 2016 (less than 1 year after debut), Jaemin was suddenly announced that he would be absent from all NCT Dream schedules due to herniated disc disease. . The subsequent comeback of the 7 members was shortened to 6 members. Luckily, Jaemin soon recovered and returned to NCT DREAM with the hit song GO .

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 4

Also in 2018, NCT Dream returned with their second studio album called We Go Up and the theme MV of the same name. This was also the time when Jaemin attracted great attention thanks to his pink hair and "eye-catching" visual. A series of pictures of Jaemin's stages with We Go Up have been spread on social networks at breakneck speed. For a rookie like Jaemin, having a "huge" search volume and interaction at that time was an extremely remarkable achievement.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 5

Seemingly aware of Jaemin's influence, SM Entertainment has continuously promoted his image in the group as well as his side activities. In addition to singing, Jaemin has also shown his ability in acting and has recently been a special representative for UNICEF activities. Along with his separate activities, Jaemin is also an indispensable piece of NCT Dream.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 6

In 2018, Jaemin and Siwon (Super Junior) appeared in Vietnam as special representatives of UNICEF. The two male artists and representatives of the Korean National Committee for UNICEF visited colleges, kindergarten to convey positive messages to young people. At that time, Jaemin's youthful visual captured the hearts of many Vietnamese audiences. Also from this time, his nickname "Minh Kon Tum" was given to Jaemin by many fans to show familiarity.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 7

By mid-2021, the Vietnamese online community couldn't help but stir at the image of a handsome m.ale s.tudent said to be competing in the Olympia show. The m.ale s.tudent caused a fever with the top beauty of a Korean male god. This guy is known by many people as "Minh Kon Tum". And immediately, this keyword entered Facebook's h.ot search.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 8

At that time, Olympia contestant Na Jaemin's photo was shared in many groups and groups specializing in posting pictures of handsome guys, attracting as much interaction as a post from a top star. A.

There is a post with more than 130,000 likes, 26,000 comments and 4.5 thousand shares. Many reports say this guy's name is Minh, from Kon Tum.

In the comments section, netizens rushed to praise "Minh"'s appearance. Some even boldly asserted that this was the most handsome contestant in Olympia history.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 9

However, according to information posted on the information portal of the Kon Tum Department of Education and Training, this province only has Nguyen Tat Thanh High School for the Gifted, and no High School for the Elderly.

Many people quickly discovered that the guy in the photo had a face composited from a photo of singer Na Jaemin - a member of the Korean band NCT Dream.

Along with that, the information "Contestants from NCT High School for the Gifted (Kon Tum province) participated in Road to Olympia " was "a scam", when the admins of the pages posted this collage using the name of the music group. NCT Dream to include the school name.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 10

Before this time, Jaemin once caused a stir on Vietnamese social networks with a clip made by a fan. The clip of Jaemin interacting with fans on stage has the music "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I love you, will you marry me?" . This clip of "asking to marry" Na Jaemin was posted by a Vietnamese fan, attracting more than 2 million views. A series of other community sites also re-posted Jaemin's clip, making it extremely viral.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 11

After many years of challenges and activities in the entertainment world, Na Jaemin is still working hard every day in every project he participates in. The male singer's "golden" personality is also a plus point that helps him receive love from the public.

Na Jaemin (NCT): Kpop idol who was once mistaken for Olympia contestant Minh Kon Tum. - Photo 12

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