Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO)

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Chenle, whose full name is Zhong Chenle, was born in 2001 in Shanghai, China. From an early age, Chenle's family created conditions for her to develop her musical talents such as dancing, vocal training, and playing the piano. In 2006, he took a course at the Children's Art School of Shanghai Radio and Television.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 1

Two years later, Zhong Chenle joined the Yingxing Art Troupe and received formal vocal training. From here, he began to become a c.hild singer, having the opportunity to appear on many major music stages.

When he was eight years old, Chenle participated in a music talent contest for children called Am Duyet Tinh Linh Vocal Music and excellently won second prize. With this achievement, he began to receive many invitations to appear on television shows in China.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 2

Not long after, Chenle joined China Got Talent and conquered the audience with an impressive performance of the song Memory. When the show ended, he released his debut album titled Tomorrow.

In early 2011, the young man was honored to perform the song Memory again at a ceremony celebrating diplomatic relations between China and Austria, becoming the youngest person in the world to ever sing at The Wiener Musikverein.

With the marks he has achieved, Chenle continues to appear in many major shows including Thien Thanh Nhat Doi, Let's Sing Kids. He met many artists such as Chau But Suong, Trinh Lam, Duong Tong Vi and had the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 3

In 2014, Chenle released the album Lac Huu Nhi At and held his first solo concert in Shanghai city. Even though he is only thirteen years old, he has made many people admire him by achieving many great achievements in the market of billions of people.

Zhong Chenle then entered the "sight" of SM Entertainment and was recruited as a trainee. However, because there was not much information about the company, he declined the invitation.

Not discouraged, SM continued to contact Chenle's father and received his agreement. He then came to Korea to start internship life at this famous entertainment company in 2016.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 4

SM is home to many talented faces who have been well trained at this company for a long time. Therefore, Chenle had to work harder and harder than other trainees to gain the opportunity to debut in a b.oy band.

Less than three months after joining the company, Chenle officially enrolled in NCT DREAM's debut lineup with six other members including Mark Lee, Renjun, Jaemin, Haechan, Jeno and Park Jisung.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 5

In the summer of 2016, Chenle was introduced by SM Entertainment to become the Main Vocalist of NCT DREAM. At first, the male idol faced many difficulties in memorizing choreography and learning Korean.

Through a long period of honing his bravery, Zhong Chenle increasingly proves his potential, while conquering the audience's love with his handsome appearance and lively personality.

The first musical work that NCT DREAM brought was the single Chewing Gum with a youthful, dreamy style. With dyed blonde hair and dynamic appearance, Chenle received a lot of attention in SM's male group lineup.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 6

To prepare well for this debut, Chenle decided to spend time learning to dance until late at night. Because he was the member with the shortest training period in the group, he had to quickly practice choreography to keep up with the others.

Although learning to dance causes bruises on the knees, when he goes on stage to perform, the main vocalist of NCT DREAM always completes the assigned task well with a source of positive energy.

In addition, the management company also specially prepared a Chinese version of the title song Chewing Gum. Originally from Mainland China, Chenle conveyed the song's meaning well through lyrics and advanced vocal techniques.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 7

In early 2017, the male idol and NCT DREAM returned with MV My First And Last. This time, his Korean and dancing improved significantly, receiving many compliments from the public.

Entering 2018, SM has implemented a series of massively invested projects with the combination of three small groups from the NCT universe including NCT DREAM, NCT 127, NCT U. Chenle and seventeen other members participating in broadcast in front of thousands of viewers.

2019 marked new changes in the music of Zhong Chenle and NCT DREAM when they in turn released a series of hit songs such as Don't Need Your Love, Up To You, which successfully received many positive reactions. from the audience.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 8

After four years of operation, NCT DREAM released the Japanese version of the album The Dream to signal their conquest of Japan. At the same time, the boys also diligently performed concerts in many countries such as Thailand, Philippines, and Korea.

Even though Chenle is busy with his group activities schedule, he always takes time to improve his knowledge. In 2020, he officially graduated from Beijing Modern Music School after three years of studying.

In mid-May 2021, Chenle and the SM b.oy group released a full album called H.ot Sauce. In particular, the title song MV quickly reaped many remarkable achievements, from views on Youtube, album sales to rankings on the charts.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 9

After seven years of working and working with NCT DREAM, Zhong Chenle has made remarkable progress from appearance to musical thinking. No longer a confused and timid teenager, instead, he became confident and full of bravery.

Taking on the position of Main Vocalist in the group, Chenle is always highly appreciated by the public for his voice. He has repeatedly recreated famous songs like Free Love, Youth with his own unique style.

In the spring of 2021, Zhong Chenle had the opportunity to contribute to the song Too Good by DJ and producer Imlay. With outstanding vocal techniques, the male idol conquered a large audience through this song.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 10

In addition to his singing voice, Chenle also impresses with his lively personality and abundant energy. This is confirmed through the television shows that the male singer participated in with NCT DREAM such as Weekly Idol, NCT Life, Idol Room.

With talent and efforts since debut, many people expect Chenle to be as successful as EXO's Lay. Both come from China and were trainees at SM Entertainment.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 11

Faced with his potential, SM also created conditions for Chenle and member Jisung to carry out the Vlog series Chenle & Jisung's This and That. Videos posted on NCT DAILY channel quickly garnered millions of views and many positive comments.

It can be seen that his and NCT DREAM's contributions in the entertainment world have helped the boys' names get closer to the audience. Since then, Chenle gradually positioned himself among famous K-pop idols.

Chenle (NCT): Chinese c.hild star sought after by SM, successor of Lay (EXO) - Photo 12

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