Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual "beats" Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI

Bút MàuJun 14, 2024 at 16:28

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After a bit of teasing, the special guest character who will appear in the first episode of the show "Drunken Brother" is officially called Nanon Korapat.

Sharing his feelings when coming to the program "Brother Say Hi", Nanon said: "I feel very excited and honored to stand here. The 30 Brothers are all top artists in Vietnam and now they are all gathered here. So in my opinion, this is an extremely grand program. I feel like the atmosphere is no different from home. If there was a program like this in Thailand, it would definitely create emotions similar".

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 1

Before Episode 1 aired, netizens were excited to predict whether Nanon would be a member of the Brothers' squad, or would he be a factor bringing challenges and equal musical confrontations? Which Brother will Nanon be on the same team as, and which teams will he face?

Furthermore, the songs in the show "Brother Say Hi" are completely new compositions, produced by Music Director JustaTee and a team of more than 20 Producers and Musicians. Fans of "Brother Say Hi" and international fans of Nanon are ready to welcome the "storm" of new songs and "burning" stage performances from Nanon and the Anh Trai group.

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 2

The appearance of a famous Thai and regional genZ star in the program gathering famous Vietnamese stars promises to be an explosion of energy.

It is known that Nanon Korapat Kirdpan was born on December 18, 2000, whose father is Thai actor Khunakorn Kirdpan, and his mother is Thai-Vietnamese star Poonsuk Kirdpan. He has a grandmother who currently lives in Hue. Nanon is also the cousin of Truc Anh (Ggigie) - a contestant who participated in The Face Vietnam.

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 3

Nanon is a famous TV star in Thailand. From the age of 3, he participated in commercials and was an impressive face because of his cute and adorable beauty. Notably, Nanon is also the b.oy who appears on the Ovaltine milk box, familiar to many young people of the 9X - 2000 generation.

Besides, Nanon also participated in another "lifetime" advertisement, a laundry detergent advertisement on Tet 2008 - more than 14 years ago. At that time, Nanon was only 9 years old, but thanks to his innocence and natural acting talent, he created a TVC that was considered the best and most touching at the time of its premiere.

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 4

In 2014, his career marked a memorable milestone when he took on the cameo role of M in the movie Hormones (Rebellious Age) part 2. After that, Nanon continued to act in other series such as Ugly Duckling Series: Dont , Love Flight, The Gifted: Graduation... In 2021, Nanon created an Asian "fever" with the main role in the movie " Bad Buddy" - the boylove phenomenon of the Golden Temple country, reaching Top 1 Global Trending on Twitter.

The actor is considered to have a photogenic, handsome appearance and diverse acting skills. He always challenges himself with many different roles and receives praise from even the most demanding audiences.

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 5

Nanon's influence spreads in Thailand and the region, with fan meetings attracting thousands of fans in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and the Asia 2024 concert series will take place in: Thailand, Vietnam. South, Hong Kong (China), Japan, Taiwan (China).

The actor born in 2000 is a bright star of the "giant" GMMTV, sought after by many film producers and fashion brands. Not only possessing handsome beauty and acting talent, Nanon is also a multi-talented genZ artist, capable of singing, playing musical instruments, and composing. He is also the performer of the song "Just Friend?" - OST of the movie "Bad Buddy".

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 6

Up to now, the actor has won many major awards in his career such as Person of the Year (World Top A.ward 2016), Role Model Artists & Actors (Rattanakosin Active Citizen A.ward 2017), Outstanding Public Welfare Person of The Year (Golden Scales A.ward 2018), Outstanding Actor (1st Siam Series Awards 2019), The Best Theme Song (Asian Television Awards 2022).

Thai handsome man participating in Anh Trai Say Hi, his visual beats Anh Tu, HIEUTHUHAI - Photo 7

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