My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks

KengNov 30, 2023 at 17:40

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Gradually building a career through carefully and carefully invested products from visual to listening, My My's music is expected to develop more, showing many new aspects in the coming time.

Hop Nhac Dance Company is known as one of the oldest modern dance companies in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. This is a dance company that has made great contributions to creating eye-catching and vibrant performances that resonate with singers such as Dam Vinh Hung, Thanh Thao, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi, Minh Hang...

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 1

From a dance company, Hop Nhac has now become an entertainment company, managing talents from singing, acting to dancing...

Not only good at dancing, the Dance Company is also famous for having many "beautiful boys and girls", My My is one of the outstanding members not only for her beautiful appearance but also for dancing beautifully and attracting attention. attractive and especially good at singing.

Who is My My?

My My was born in 1996, is known as a dancer of Vu Doan Nhay, used to be in the same company as Ciin Bui Thao Ly. As a member of Vietnam's leading dance company, My My possesses professional dancing abilities. Besides, she also stands out with her impressive voice. My My owns a TikTok channel with more than 170K followers, causing memories thanks to her clear, sweet but no less powerful voice.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 2

Emerging from cover and acapella clips of famous songs by many artists, My My once caused a stir on social networks when she sang the song of famous Chinese diva Mariah Carey. Her delicate handling of the song and powerful voice earned her a lot of points in the music fan community. My My's TikTok channel receives attention from a large audience, waiting for new covers every day. The number of likes for her voice has reached 4.4 million for the entire cover video.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 3

New breeze of Vietnamese music industry

Say Anh is My My's first musical product to mark her transition in pursuing a professional singing path. Released in June 2022, the MV has reached millions of views and had viral music on TikTok for a while.

Notably, My My did not choose the gentle ballad genre, instead she impressed with vibrant Latin music. In this product, My My also invited Rhymastic's student, rapper D-Low, to collaborate with her. The two's chemistry helps the song become more catchy and attractive.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 4

The female rookie's unique choice for Latin music is not only a decision that suits her natural skills but also an opportunity to approach the international music market. My My has all the elements of a versatile artist, from charming beauty, professional choreography to music with her own path. Continuing to exploit its strengths, My My achieved a second success with the product Nobody Else But You.

In particular, My My made netizens admire when they gathered famous names in a new product. Nobody Else But You has the contribution of producer Kewtiie - the person behind a series of hits by HIEUTHUHAI, MCK... The MV was produced by director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu and used the costumes of runner-up Thao Nhi Le.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 5

Carefully invested and possessing a catchy mix, Nobody Else But You helped My My receive a lot of attention and a rain of compliments from the audience. After 3 months of release, this song's MV has reached 2.1 million views.

Possessing a unique music color unprecedented in the Vietnamese music industry, the excitement and generosity close to the USUK direction will be an advantage to help My My shine on big stages. This is also the reason why female rookie genZ received invitations to perform at big shows such as CFS Summer Championship 2023, Extra Men Show 2023 or most recently, opening the final round of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 6

TikTok fever - Potential faces of brands

Before achieving her current success, My My participated in the TikTok Master 2021 contest at the same time with many impressive names like Ciin or Chang Mie. Even though she didn't win or have a chance to really shine, the female singer's cover videos are all viral and have tens to hundreds of thousands of views.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 7

After releasing the hit song No One Else But You, My My's influence was expanded partly thanks to TikTok. The song was posted in the background of 18.4K posts up to now, including the participation of famous beauties: Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, runner-up Kieu Loan, Huong Lien The Face , Mym Tran,... along with a series of viral dance videos. The hashtag #kakne, the abbreviation of this hit song, also garnered 45.2 million views.

Not stopping there, the music of Nobody But You is compared by music fans to be compatible with the choreography in Chungha's new music product Snapping. This helps America's Nobody But You continue to appear heavily on the TikTok platform and gain attention from the online community.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 8

It hasn't been long since My My debuted in the entertainment industry, but what My My can do on stage is an ability that not every artist has. The female singer's appearance is also a plus point for her to be able to commercialize her music. On her social channels, My My also posted advertisements for some big brands such as YSL Beauty, ADLV,...

After its explosive presence on major stages, My My has certainly left a certain mark in the public's hearts and "caught the eye" of many brands, especially in the fields of fashion and beauty. In the future, the female rookie born in 1996 can develop to become a comprehensive artist, a face representing the brand when able to balance advertising images to events.

My My: From the beautiful dancer of Vu Doan Nhap to a million-view singer, dominating social networks - Photo 9

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