Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - "Sister Nhu" movie "August Star": Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight

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Having gone through the incident, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - who plays Nhu in the movie "August Star" - is living a peaceful life with her children and grandchildren. At the age of 79, she still retains her charm and charm.

According to Decision No. 724/QD-CTN signed by President Vo Van Thuong on June 22, 2023, there are 77 individuals awarded the title of People's Artist (People's Artist).

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu is on the "golden list" this time, her profile was sent from the Hanoi Drama Theater.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu: Peak career as female revolutionary cadre Nhu

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu was born in 1944 into an intellectual family in Hanoi. She is the second c.hild in a family of eight siblings, her father is a former Deputy Minister of Construction.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 1

At the age of 9, she was sent to study in China in a program for children of high-ranking officials. Returning to the country, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu studied at Chu Van An High School, then went to the University of Architecture. While studying Architecture school, she left to take the exam for the Hanoi Literature Troupe.

From 1960 to 1964, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu studied and graduated from Hanoi Theater School (now Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema).

She became a theater actress and was successful with roles such as: Huong Giang in the play "The Frontline Calls" staged by director Tran Hoat, Tanhia in the play of the same name, setting a record with more than 1,200 performances; Princess Minfo in "Conspiracy and Love", this is also her most successful play.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 2

In 1966, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu acted in her first film as Thao in the movie "Sea of Fire" directed by Pham Ky Nam. She married director Pham Ky Nam that year. In 1969, she continued to play the role of actress Huong Giang in the film adapted from the play of the same name "The Frontline Calls", directed by artist Pham Ky Nam.

After "Frontline Call", Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu continued to play Ha's mother in the movie "Hanoi Baby" (1974), and Hao in "Airspace" (1975). In 1976, she achieved great success with the role of Nhu in the movie "August Star" directed by Tran Dac.

For this role, she won the Best Actress a.ward at the 4th Vietnam Film Festival in 1977, and was awarded a special a.ward by the Women's Committee of the entire Soviet Union when attending the Moscow Film Festival. After the great success of Nhu's role, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu refused to participate in other film projects until 1984.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 3

From 1979 to 1983, she studied theater directing at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. She is a theater director, having directed plays such as The Peak and the Abyss (1989), Muscle Punch (1991), Heart Market (1993), Escape from the cycle of worldliness (1994). Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu returned to cinema in 1984 with the films Love and Distance, Fairy Tales for 17 Years Old, Present Time, Flower Shop, Love Behind Bars. However, these roles did not surpass the peak of Nhu in August Stars.

In addition to acting, she is also a lecturer participating in training television actors, broadcasters and MCs. Along with artists and directors Ngoc Quynh, Ngo Manh Lan, Phuong Thanh, Hai Ninh, Tra Giang, Nguyen Hong Sen, Tran Vu, Bui Dinh Hac, Bach Diep, Lam Toi, she is listed in the Electronic Encyclopedia. Soviet photo. She was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 4

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu: Successful children volunteer to "lose their freedom" for their family

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu has a successful career, but her personal life has had many incidents from love to marriage. If in her first marriage, she and her husband, director Pham Ki Nam, passed away peacefully, then on the second "boat trip", Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu broke up in pain. She was in pain because they went their separate ways while still in love. She loved her husband dearly, so when she heard that he had betrayed her, she was dumbfounded.

The mental s.hock left Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu paralyzed and exhausted... They broke up as a matter of course. This second marriage gave her a daughter.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 5

After the storms, Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu lives peacefully in a small family with her daughter and grandchildren. The son settled in far away France. Looking back on her life, she feels relieved even though she has gone through many storms in marriage and life.

Sharing with the People's Court, she said: "I have been single all my life but always try my best to work, assert myself and raise children. Because I realized that life does not give everything to anyone, if it gives me beauty. and talent will take something away from me, unlucky in terms of husband, hard work for children. That's just the rule."

After the hardships of her two marriages, she said: "Now, peace in my soul is the happiest." In her free time, she often meets friends as well as artist Thanh Quy and playwright Trinh Thanh Nha to chat and chat.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 6

Thanh Tu said that she is always proud of the things she makes, the things she has achieved in life are all due to her hard work and efforts. Then she turned to Buddhism to return to her true self, to be herself, to have some peace of mind for the present, to resolve her mixed fate, to find a peaceful life.

"Buddhism helped me realize many truths after a series of uneventful days in my life. To be exact, I repented myself when following Buddhism: Naturally wait for what comes - Serenity see what goes away - Loving things you don't want - A leisurely mind like a floating cloud," Thanh Tu confided.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 7

Asked the female artist: At the age of 80, do you wait for love to come to you? She said: "I've been waiting for a knight in my heart for so many years. I'm still waiting for something that never comes. But If I don't wait, I have no reason to live anymore.

To me, love is the same at any age, no different and no matter what, love is the harmony between two souls. No matter where you are, just talking and asking every day like that is enough," she confided.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Tu - Sister Nhu movie August Star: Peaceful old age, U80 still waiting for the knight - Photo 8

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