Duy Manh brought up the "taboo" to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended.

Đình NhưNov 29, 2023 at 18:39

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The relationship had not been smooth for long, when Duy Manh posted on the forum to teach Tuan Hung. Immediately, the opponent responded. The male singer said that his senior had initiated negative statements about his family, which he could not accept.

Specifically, Tuan Hung believes that Duy Manh is touching his family, which is very taboo. The status line of the "Cau Rainbow" singer is quite tense, expressing disagreement with Duy Manh's comments.

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 1

"Brother, you told your brothers to joke around for fun, to make fans happier. Now you're going into the taboo of family. Are you good enough to teach me about this? Please teach me kind things. to be a gentleman" - Tuan Hung shared.

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 2

The cause of this stressful incident comes from singer Duy Manh sharing a photo of Tuan Hung with the words: "If you want to keep your family peaceful, you should separate your biological mother and mother-in-law. Let them live. If we get together too soon, the risk of breaking up the family is very fast."

Attaching the image, the singer wrote: "It's best to write a sentence on your personal page to flatter your wife... you also have to write a sentence to flatter your mother. Let me see that my son is fair and save me from feeling sorry for myself." Sometimes I'm so busy flattering my wife that I forget to flatter or compliment my mother. My mother will feel hurt. Then she'll say bad things or get angry with my wife. And I'll be the one who suffers the most. Because I don't. know how to solve it!!

There are times when I buy gifts for my mother. Instead of giving it directly to my mother. Then I should convince my wife to give my mother a gift on my behalf. Gradually, my mother and my wife will become closer to each other."

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 3

Attaching the photo, Duy Manh also sent a message to "younger brother Tuan Hung" that to keep the family peaceful, you should flatter your wife and mother.

This makes singer Tuan Hung feel unhappy when his family members are touched. Although the relationship between the two is becoming closer, Tuan Hung cannot ignore these shares from Duy Manh.

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 4

Currently, the story between Tuan Hung and Duy Manh is receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

During his peak, Duy Manh often wrote songs to give to his colleagues. Tuan Hung was no exception when he was given two songs: Love in the Past and Where to Find in 2005 and 2006. These two songs were also highlights to help Tuan Hung's singing career flourish. .

At that time, the two singers had a close relationship like two brothers. During a live show, Tuan Hung invited Duy Manh on stage to sing a duet of the song Past Love. Here, the male singer thanked Duy Manh and said: "The song Past Love - Duy Manh's composition has changed everything in Hung's life as a singer."

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 5

However, around 2010, these two male singers broke down in their relationship. The reason was speculated to be because Huong B.aby (who was Tuan Hung's girlfriend at the time) starred in the MV with Duy Manh, causing a fierce argument between the two sides.

By early 2012, the "Find the Sky" singer confirmed that he was not friends with the "Red and Black" singer. There was a fierce confrontation between the two, arguing back and forth. Duy Manh once accused Tuan Hung of being ungrateful, while Tuan Hung also hinted at Duy Manh taking advantage of his name to promote his upcoming album.

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 6

Many years later, the relationship between Duy Manh and Tuan Hung continuously fell into a state of tension. Until the end of 2022 until now, the two singers "made up", eliminating the old conflicts. Tuan Hung shared that the two had misunderstandings and different views when they were young. Singer Duy Manh also wrote a song for his "younger brother" to make peace.

Duy Manh brought up the taboo to teach Tuan Hung, his juniors responded harshly because his family was offended. - Photo 7

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