Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine "war horse" facing Thanh Thuy

Thiên DiApr 17, 2024 at 15:46

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Lopez Angelica Danao is a Philippine beauty. Miss International 2024 is scheduled to take place next December in Tokyo, Japan. Beauty experts predict she is a potential candidate for this year's crown.

Crowned the highest position at the Bb competition. Pilipinas 2023, beauty Lopez Angelica Danao won the right to represent the Philippines at the Miss International 2024 pageant held in Japan later this year. Lopez Angelica Danao will become Miss Thanh Thuy's opponent at Miss International 2024 held in the next few months.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 1

BB. Pilipinas is a long-standing, prestigious beauty contest in the Philippines. Previously, the winner at Bb. Pilipinas are often sent to compete in Miss Universe. However, in recent years Bb. Pilipinas lost the Miss Universe rights.

Previously, the Bb. Pilipinas has produced beauties who have won high achievements in the international beauty arena such as Catriona Gray - Miss Universe 2018, Pia Wurtzbach - Miss Universe 2015. That is why Lopez Angelica Danao is highly appreciated. Beauty experts predict she is a potential candidate for the Miss International 2024 crown.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 2

Lopez Angelica Danao is 24 years old and is a famous model in her hometown. Angelica Lopez is not a strange face to the beauty world. She once participated in the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 contest. The Filipino beauty has a balanced and attractive b.ody. Although Angelica Lopez does not have outstanding height, it is said that she knows how to perform to enhance her physical beauty.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 3

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 4

Angelica Lopez grew up in a family of four siblings, from a poor background. That's why the beauty had to work as a model at the age of 14 and became the economic breadwinner for her family. Angelica Lopez is described as a strong g.irl whose mother died early and her father started a new family.

Rising from difficulties, Angelica Lopez actively participates in charity and social activities to help people in poor circumstances like herself. The beauty is developing a project to help poor children access education and have a good life.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 5

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 6

As for the Vietnamese representative, Thanh Thuy will be the queen chosen to compete in Miss International 2024 held in Japan. The Miss International homepage also posted an article to introduce Thanh Thuy. The Organizing Committee wrote: "Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy is the official representative of Vietnam at Miss International 2024. She is the first current Miss Vietnam to compete in Miss International."

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 7

Most of the audience supported her participating in the Miss International contest. Many people appreciate and have high expectations for Thanh Thuy when she participates in Miss International 2024.

"She is so beautiful, congratulations from the Philippines", "She is as cute as a doll", "She has a beauty that is very suitable for the contest", "She is a contestant from a beauty contest". "oldest beauty in Vietnam"... are some comments supporting Thanh Thuy.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 8

Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy (born 2002) was born and raised in Da Nang. She was crowned Miss Vietnam 2022. When she was first crowned, she had a sweet beauty and a slim figure with a height of 1.75m and measurements of 80-63-94. She favors feminine and elegant fashion style.

Currently, Thanh Thuy's beauty and fashion taste have changed significantly. She is praised for becoming more and more attractive and sharp, and her fashion style is also bolder and more s.exy. After being crowned, Thanh Thuy actively participated in volunteer projects in addition to artistic activities.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 9

Thanh Thuy is currently studying at two schools: University of Foreign Languages (University of Da Nang) and Greenwich University of Vietnam. She has basic communication skills in English and Korean.

Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine war horse facing Thanh Thuy - Photo 10

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