Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was "noticed" by the organizers for something special!

Bảo NamMar 23, 2024 at 14:15

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After more than a year of being crowned Miss Vietnam, Thanh Thuy was recently officially announced by her management company that she will represent Vietnam at Miss International 2024.

Sharing about the choice of Miss Thanh Thuy, Ms. Pham Kim Dung said: "Thanh Thuy is a very cute and lovely g.irl. Last year, Thanh Thuy tried her best to study at two universities, flying back and forth repeatedly. In the near future, Thanh Thuy will have new breakthroughs that everyone is waiting for. In the immediate future, Thanh Thuy must complete her studies well and prepare herself for the Miss International contest."

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 1

Immediately after that, the Miss International homepage also posted an article to introduce Thanh Thuy. The Organizing Committee wrote: "Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy is the official representative of Vietnam at Miss International 2024. She is the first current Miss Vietnam to compete in Miss International."

The post introducing Thanh Thuy currently has 17,000 "likes" and nearly 2,000 comments from the online community.

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 2

Most of the audience supported her participating in the Miss International contest. Many people appreciate and have high expectations for Thanh Thuy when she participates in Miss International 2024.

"She is so beautiful, congratulations from the Philippines", "She is as cute as a doll", "She has a beauty that is very suitable for the contest", "She is a contestant from a beauty contest". "oldest beauty in Vietnam"... are some comments supporting Thanh Thuy.

Responding to the support of domestic and foreign audiences, Thanh Thuy commented directly below the post introducing her on the page of the Miss International pageant: "I am proud to represent Vietnam at the Miss International pageant." After International 2024, I am ready for this new journey."

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 3

Miss International is considered a place to demonstrate friendship and diplomacy between representatives from countries and territories around the world. The contest emphasizes the elegant beauty and knowledge as well as diplomatic thinking of the contestants.

Vietnam has sent representatives to participate in the Miss International contest quite regularly in recent years and a number of Vietnamese representatives have had outstanding achievements in this long-standing beauty arena.

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 4

The highest achievement that Vietnam has ever achieved at Miss International is the 3rd runner-up in 2015 of beauty Pham Hong Thuy Van. In 2022, Vietnam's representative attending Miss International - runner-up Phuong Nhi - reached the top 15 finals.

The Miss International 2024 contest is scheduled to take place next December in Tokyo, Japan. Miss International 2023 Andrea Rubio from Venezuela will hand over the crown to her successor at the finale. Currently, 10 contestants have confirmed their participation in the contest.

Miss Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy was born in 2002, a beauty 1m76 tall, born and raised in Da Nang. Thanh Thuy won the Miss Student A.ward at the University of Foreign Languages (Da Nang University in 2021), runner-up in the City Elegant Student Contest. Da Nang in 2021, is one of 36 students who have the opportunity to exchange students at Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand. Thanh Thuy is currently studying at two schools: University of Foreign Languages (University of Da Nang) and Greenwich University of Vietnam.

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 5

Miss Thanh Thuy is also active in participating in volunteering and community activities to promote and exchange culture with international friends.

In addition to possessing sweet beauty, Thanh Thuy is also the muse of many designers and holds important positions on large and small runway floors. The queen from Quang is favored by fans with the nickname "queen with golden b.ody proportions" thanks to her long, slender legs and elegant "clothes hanger" shoulders.

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 6

In addition to studying and fulfilling her beauty mission, Miss Thanh Thuy also inspires young people through community activities, volunteer activities and the Tit Di Mo Rua series that brings images and videos. Be positive and contribute to spreading meaningful messages.

Thanh Thuy competed in Miss International and was noticed by the organizers for something special! - Photo 7

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