Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why?

Phong TrầnJan 12, 2024 at 16:10

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Miss Thanh Thuy has a beautiful figure and is considered the beauty with the best b.ody shape at the Golden Lotus. In addition, she has a very calm demeanor, gentle and gentle demeanor, good education and attractive performance skills.

Since Phuong Nhi's Top 15 achievement at Miss International 2023, the audience has been continuously curious about the beauty who will succeed the runner-up in this beauty arena. The most anticipated names are probably Trinh Thuy Linh (1st runner-up Miss Vietnam 2022), Dao Hien (1st runner-up Miss World Vietnam 2023), besides many people also hope for the opportunity to "export". Once again for two talented queens, Do Thi Ha and Luong Thuy Linh.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 1

In addition, one of the names receiving the most opposition from fans for the position of Phuong Nhi's successor is Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy.

Talking about Thanh Thuy, she has all the elements that are extremely suitable for this beauty arena. Miss Vietnam 2022 is considered to possess the sweet beauty that Miss International is looking for. She also has a gentle, standard demeanor, good behavior and skill, so if the Da Nang beauty really As Vietnam's representative at Miss International 2024, beauty fans can absolutely dream of their first crown.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 2

However, because she is the "main palace" beauty queen, many fans think it would be a pity to let Thanh Thuy go to an international arena smaller than Miss World.

Unlike previous beauty queens like Do Ha and Tieu Vy, Thanh Thuy is a beauty queen who "blooms" quite early. Since she was first crowned, she has never been criticized for her face, b.ody shape or behavior style. The 2002 beauty truly harmonizes all aspects worthy of her crown.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 3

Moreover, although the criteria for selecting Miss Vietnam are not as close to the selection of Miss World representative as the Miss World Vietnam contest. However, Do Thi Ha's excellent achievements have partly proven the strength of the "main palace" queens. And the audience can also see great potential in Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 4

Many people even believe that if trained carefully, Thanh Thuy can completely achieve higher achievements than her predecessors.

Perhaps the time when this queen's name was called out the most in the Miss World arena was when the reigning Miss World Vietnam 2023 Huynh Tran Y Nhi was involved in a big controversy over her statements. At that time, Thanh Thuy was placed on the balance of comparison and indeed, in all aspects, the Da Nang beauty somewhat overwhelmed the queen who was involved in a lot of controversy at that time.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 5

In addition, according to many domestic beauty fans, Miss International after being crowned will be the face promoting Japanese tourism. So the fact that Thanh Thuy is a Miss Vietnam, but participating in such a contest would not really be appropriate.

Thanh Thuy's latest move makes many beauty fans worry that something they don't want will actually happen.

Specifically, recently, Miss Thanh Thuy was present at the airport to welcome the Japanese Tourism Department including Representatives of Kofu, Yamanashi, Fuefuki, Koshu cities along with the General Director of famous television stations in Japan and other television stations. International business development department visited hometown Da Nang.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 6

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 7

Faced with the above images, the beauty public predicts that she is actively interacting with the culture and people of the cherry blossom country to easily compete in the Miss International contest (a contest organized by the Japanese) in the upcoming year. 2024 season.

Although many fans were disappointed that Thanh Thuy lost her place to represent the biggest competition on the planet. However, instead of being "soaked in vinegar" from year to year, or waiting for her Miss World contest after Mai Phuong and Y Nhi, perhaps this is still a good opportunity for Thanh Thuy to shine at the competition. international beauty school.

Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why? - Photo 8

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