Miss Earth 2023: The beauty "stole the spotlight" Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her

Minh LợiDec 25, 2023 at 14:50

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Not only did she s.how o.ff her lovely dress at the coronation moment of the new Miss Earth 2023, this beauty recently stood in the middle of the Top 4 in the photo at the exchange after the competition.

Accordingly, at the coronation moment of Miss Earth 2023 there was a beauty that the audience could not help but pay attention to. While the contestants gathered to congratulate the new Miss, this beauty took the opportunity to twirl her dress, take a few steps and wave to the audience like she was the winner. She is Miss Earth Belarus 2023 Karyna Kisialiova.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 1

On her personal page, the beauty wrote: "I just want to enjoy our last moment together, and take the last steps at Miss Earth 2023. I will miss the competition very much... This moment of I'm cute too, do you like it?"

Previously at the Miss Intercontinental 2023 contest, the Moldova beauty also had a similar spotlight, even while the new Miss had not yet taken her first steps in her new position, Miss Moldova did this, she walked around. around the stage like I was the winner.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 2

After the dress twirl at the Miss Earth 2023 Final, Karyna had a photo taken with the Top 4. Notably, she was the one standing in the middle, not the new Miss. The beauty shared on her personal page with a cheerful caption: "The team is complete. What do you think? I think the jury forgot someone. This is the Top 5!"

After that, Karyna herself was also extremely surprised because all the comments from beauty fans were very positive, without a single word of criticism or ridicule. Most people gave words of encouragement and praised Karyna's positive spirit. There are even many beauty fans who give her nicknames besides Miss Earth, Air, Water and Fire - Miss Belarus is facebook queen, Miss Earth Spirit, Miss Earth Storm... and hopefully she will continue her beauty pageant career.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 3

Miss Earth Belarus 2023 Karyna Kisialiova is 26 years old this year. The beauty has remarkable beauty pageant experience: In 2018, Karyna won the 1st runner-up position in the Miss MesoAmerica contest. In 2019, she received two titles: Miss Intercontinental Belarus and Miss Grand Belarus. Also in 2019, Karyna participated in both Miss Intercontinental and Miss Grand International contests, but she did not reach the top.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 4

In 2022, she won the title of Miss International Belarus and continued to represent this country at Miss International 2022. However, she still did not reach the top. Then in 2023, Karyna won the title of Miss Earth Belarus 2023 again and entered Miss Earth 2023.

Thus, Karyna is a rare beauty in the world who has won national titles in 4 beauty contests, and represented her country in 4 major beauty contests in the world. Unfortunately, the beauty has never reached the top in any competition.

Returning to Miss Earth 2023, the results of the beauty queen were predictable, causing the 23rd season to end in the satisfaction of the majority. However, the final is not complete because there are still many errors.

Accordingly, because there were few live audiences, the atmosphere was less passionate than other playgrounds, lacking cheers.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 5

Agree that the stage production is neat, but the music is a big minus point. From beginning to end, throughout the rounds, the music is slow and steady, creating a feeling of sleepiness. The melody during the swimsuit catwalk is not exciting enough to heat up the atmosphere. Not to mention, many contestants like India, Indonesia... revealed physical limitations through this round. The Canadian representative had trouble losing her scarf when she learned she was in the top 20.

The contest was held outdoors, so it was inevitable that strong winds would cause many contestants' hair to get tangled and cover their faces. The competition night also witnessed the moment the Venezuelan beauty lost her sash, the Philippine representative tripped on her dress...

At the top 8 interview round, the Russian representative's interpreter could not fully translate the question. Similarly, the Kazakh contestant had problems with the interpreter and microphone. In this awkward moment, the online community praised MC and runner-up Thuy Dung for quickly handling the situation and helping the Kazakh beauty convey the content in English. She hosted the program with Miss Earth's familiar MC, James Deakin.

Another reason why Miss Earth is boring is that the staging of the final walk of Miss Mina Sue Choi is lackluster. The beauty appeared for a few short minutes, only waving to the audience and not sharing anything directly before ending her term. Previously, while the competition was taking place in Vietnam, Mina Sue Choi also caused questions because she did not accompany the contestants and almost disappeared.

Another funny and sad situation was that right after the announcement of the beauty queen, when Mina Sue Choi had not yet given the crown, the contestants rushed in to congratulate, creating a chaotic scene.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 6

Overall, Miss Earth is back to being neat and invested. However, this beauty playground still pales in comparison to other contests with more attractive formats such as Miss Grand International and Miss Universe.

Miss Earth 2023: The beauty stole the spotlight Miss Tan announced she was in the top 5, fans encouraged her - Photo 7

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