Miss Earth is still criticized as a "cooking show" even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up

Phong TrầnDec 24, 2023 at 12:02

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Having been entangled in many controversies about buying prizes and favoring "domestic chickens", Miss Earth gradually lost a lot of trust in the hearts of the audience. Even though many people were satisfied with the results of the 2023 finale, it still cannot avoid being called a " cooking show".

Miss Earth - Miss Earth is a beauty contest organized by Carousel Productions of the Philippines. Through 18 times of organization, the contest has now received the attention of many countries with a large number of contestants participating, just behind Miss World and Miss Universe.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 1

However, Miss Earth has received a lot of criticism since it was held in 2001. Many internet users have called for a boycott of the contest because they thought that the judges were too favorable to "domestic chickens", that is, the Philippines.

The proof is that in the 23-year history of Miss Earth, the Philippines holds the record for both the number of times hosting the contest and the number of crowns (4 times crowned in 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2017).

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 2

Thus, if Ecuadorian beauty - Katherine Espín had not been crowned in 2016, the Philippines would have set a record of four consecutive years of being crowned Miss Earth , something that has never happened in the history of international beauty competitions.

Although to be honest, most of the Philippine beauties who won the throne at this contest were considered unconvincing by public opinion.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 3

We can immediately mention Miss Earth 2017 of the Philippines, this beauty was crowned in the great outrage of international beauty fans. Not only that, the representative of Vietnam that year, Ha Thu, also had to say that she had never considered Miss Philippines as a rival, so the g.irl's victory made Ha Thu extremely surprised.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 4

Miss Earth used to be part of the Grand Slam system (a system that recognizes beauty contests that are organized on a large scale, professionally and with great influence) and is one of the six largest beauty contests on the planet according to voted by prestigious beauty site Global Beauties.

By 2013, this beauty arena was officially excluded from the Grand Slam system due to negative factors that continuously appeared in the competition, especially the problem of prize buying.

This pain will continue until 2023, when the competition is held in Vietnam. Specifically, the top 4 finalists are continuously representatives from Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. While there were nearly 90 contestants, there were also many strong and potential contestants who were eliminated in an extremely unfortunate way. Many people believe that the competition is too favorable to Southeast Asia.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 5

In addition, despite her outstanding beauty and outstanding journey at Miss Earth, Miss Earth Philippines still cannot avoid controversy when being named in the Best Swimsuit Performance a.ward. Because according to the audience, there are many brighter names that deserve this position. In terms of b.ody and skills, she is not as good as those faces.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 6

However, this year's organization can be considered a bright spot for the overall program. Every year, the competition is constantly complained about having a performance stage with limited lighting. This year when it was hosted in Vietnam, all sound and lighting issues were very neat and complete. Not only that, the finale was held very quickly, without wasting time and extremely streamlined.

However, "hotel" still appeared on stage when the beauties came out from backstage to prepare to announce the results. Specifically, when representatives from nearly 90 countries reappeared on the big stage, there was confusion in the order of exit, as well as the line and arrangement of positions on stage. Even on the livestream, this confusion was clearly shown.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 7

Although she continuously encountered many negative comments and was even called a "cooking show" right on the livestream, the final result made the audience quite satisfied when the beauty from Albania was crowned Miss and Miss. The Philippine beauty stopped at the 1st runner-up position. The most "comforting" of Vietnamese fans is probably the achievement of Miss Earth Water - 2nd runner-up of Do Lan Anh.

Miss Earth is still criticized as a cooking show even though Albania won and Vietnam was second runner-up - Photo 8

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