Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date

Uyển ĐìnhApr 22, 2024 at 06:57

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The news that Midu officially got married was greeted with congratulations from many friends and audiences. After emotional turmoil, the actress "White Shirt Angel" has found her life's destination.

Midu just shared on social networks a photo of her and her "other half" wedding invitations. In the shared moment, the actress Thien Manh Hero wore a white dress to s.how o.ff her youthful beauty. She smiled brightly next to her fiancé. However, Midu still cleverly hid her partner. The concept of the wedding invitation has a background of two rows of pine trees and white snow, which Midu named "Snowy Summer".

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 1

"I send everyone a Save The Date card from a g.irl who rarely smiles like that. Please rest assured, Midu has found her happiness. June is very special, see you in June to We do special things together" .

Besides, Midu also revealed that his other half is a "gentle, kind and warm" man. "However, in the immediate future, we need more time to arrange personal matters. Soon, Midu will introduce her man to everyone" - the beauty confirmed.

It can be seen that the wedding of Midu and her fiancé will take place on June 29, 2024. This wedding invitation is currently making people "restless" and many congratulatory comments have been sent to the actress.

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 2

Many friends also shared Midu's wedding invitation, sending congratulations to the actress on finding a destination for her life after ups and downs. Harry Lu - the actor who starred with Midu for 4 years, 2 guys, 1 love - said he was one of the first people to receive an invitation from her: "Nearly a decade of being friends, considering each other as relatives. In my family, I'm very happy to hear that Midu has found happiness. Congratulations Midu," said Harry Lu.

On his personal page, director Luk Van humorously shared: "I once promised that if Midu got married, I would also consider finding a husband to marry. Now my friend has sent an invitation, what should I do?" .

On April 15, behind the scenes of Midu's wedding photo shoot spread on social networks. Before that, Midu also "teased" a set of beautiful bride photos. The actress chose a 1970s-style wedding dress and received many compliments for her "ageless" beauty.

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 3

According to many sources, Midu's fiancé is a young master of a famous plastic corporation. He is currently holding the position of CEO of the US branch. Besides, the actress's boyfriend is also considered a guy with a handsome appearance that is not inferior to any actor.

Midu's real name is Dang Thi My Dung, born in 1989. In 2007, she won the teen contest, then became a photo model. In 2009, Midu fell in love with cinema through the movie Angel in White. In 2012, she attracted attention with her role as a female warrior in the film Heroic Destiny directed by Victor Vu.

Later, Midu appeared in movies such as: 4 years, 2 guys, one love, Fate: Past life lover... The most recent movie with Midu's participation is When I'm Twenty-Five , released in theaters in March/ 2023.

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 4

At the age of 35, Midu impresses with her youthful beauty and admirable wealth. In addition to artistic activities, she is also busy with teaching and business. The actress has just successfully defended her master's project in Applied Fine Arts as salutatorian of Van Lang University (HCMC). This achievement makes many people admire.

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 5

After previous emotional turmoil, Midu is quite secretive about her personal life. She once denied being caught up in dating rumors with actors like Quoc Truong, Tran Anh Huy... When expressing her opinion on getting married, Midu once said that if she meets the right person, she will always get married. Yes, as long as you feel ready.

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 6

Talking about the criteria for choosing the "other half", Midu once had the opportunity to confide: "After the stumbles, I need to be more alert to determine, for the time being, conditions like being handsome and gallant are just second. I need to be an honest, loyal person."

Midu officially published her wedding photos with her businessman husband, r.evealing the wedding date - Photo 7

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