Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music

Đức TríApr 06, 2024 at 17:45

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The runner-up, Thai singer - Engfa Waraha has just made fans wave, standing still with the huge investment with her debut single The one and only. This is also an international music project that the Miss Grand International organization spends heavily on 'pet chickens'.

Recently on April 2, the Miss Grand International organization and Mr. Nawat president officially launched an international music project called The one and only. Along with that, the 1st runner-up of Miss Grand International 2023, Miss Grand Thailand 2023 - Engfa Waraha will also be the singer to perform this song of the same name. It was also the debut single of Engfa's singing career.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 1

Accordingly, Engfa Waraha and the Miss Grand International organization had a grand performance and debut The One and Only, under the watch of thousands of fans at MGI Hall. Engfa appeared in a h.ot white outfit, s.exy style, combined with skillful choreography, performing the title song.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 2

Fans below were constantly shouting loudly. The launch event of this music project, featuring the top 25 Miss Grand Thailand 2024 and President Nawat. At the end of the performance, Mr. Nawat also presented a bouquet of flowers from Charlotte Austin, congratulating him on the new step in his career.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 3

Currently, The One and Only is also bombarding widely on international digital music platforms. Only a few days into its release, Engfa's debut single received positive feedback. Accordingly, the song quickly climbed to the top 1 of the ITunes chart in Thailand. And yet, it also ranked at No. 3 in Apple Music. In addition, The one and only is creating a big fever, when appearing in most music charts in Southeast Asian countries.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 4

Speaking about his single The One and Only, Engfa told the media, "This song is mainly for MGI and beauty fans. To sing this song, I had to step out of my comfort zone because I didn't have the confidence to sing in English. I went to extra school before recording. It's very hard. My technique is to memorize the song by listening to the demo first and then rewriting each word."

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 5

In addition to this music project, Engfa will also appear in a role in Bangkok Blossom. The film is currently about to be released to audiences. Engfa added: "Bangkok Blossom will be broadcast on May 8. You will soon see me as an actor. I put my heart into acting for both Bangkok Blossom and The Marriage Movie. The director told me that this film would bring me acting achievements and that made me very happy.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 6

I don't see this expectation as pressure, but more as a goal I want to achieve. Although I may not get any achievements this year because it is my first year as an actor, I will continue to work until I get there. I gave my phone to three fandoms so they could broadcast LIVE. To be honest, some fans don't have a lot of m.oney but they still come to support me at events. So I want to give them a gift that can really be useful to them."

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 7

It can be seen that Engfa and the Miss Grand Thailand organization are shaping her image as a true entertainment queen. Not only is she a beauty queen, but also takes advantage of artistic talents such as singing and acting, to be able to develop and bombard more in the entertainment market.

Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music - Photo 8

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