Thuy Tien was "rejected" by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder?

Đình NhưFeb 28, 2024 at 13:49

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Recently, the conflict between Miss Thuy Tien and the Miss Grand International Organizing Committee has not been completely resolved, but it no longer seems to make a noise, as each side is busy with their own work.

Netizens no longer care about when Mr. Nawat or Ms. Teresa will follow Thuy Tien again on social networks.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 1

Revisiting the old story, the contest president unfollowed Miss Grand International 2021 after she removed this title from her personal page, making Mr. Nawat angry. And then, when Thuy Tien was absent from some of the initial activities of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest, Ms. Teresa also "stopped h.anging out" with her on social networks.

Recently, everyone was surprised to see Ms. Teresa and Thuy Tien post a photo of the two of them together. Vice President of Miss Grand International also hinted that after Tet, Thuy Tien will become a shareholder of this contest. Ms. Teresa's revelation made netizens very happy, saying that Thuy Tien had bought shares in the company that owns Miss Grand International, meaning that from now on the queen will have an important role in the contest that changed Miss Grand International's career. Miss.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 2

Even more noteworthy, Ms. Teresa also pressed the follow button on Thuy Tien's IG account again, as if to say that their relationship was as close as before. But the next day, the Vice President of MGI unfollowed Thuy Tien, causing the online community to be confused, not understanding why Ms. Teresa "turned the table" so quickly.

However, neither Thuy Tien nor Ms. Teresa said anything more about this "follow and then cancel" phase, so netizens can only speculate that maybe there was a misunderstanding between the two sides? Or is this just a move to make netizens more interested in the MGI contest? Anyway, everyone hopes that Thuy Tien will indeed be a shareholder of Miss Grand International and that the relationship with the pageant's board of directors will be as good as before.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 3

It can be said that if the above information is accurate, this is considered a new turning point in the career of this long-time model born in 1998.

Even though she is quite young, Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien's career makes many beauties admire her. This queen has participated in many different large and small beauty contests and achieved certain achievements.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 4

Accordingly, Thuy Tien participated in the Miss Southern contest in 2017 and won the 1st runner-up position. In 2018, she continued to shine in the Top 5 Miss Vietnam 2018 and won the title of Beauty of Humanity. . That same year, the 9X beauty represented Vietnam at the Miss International contest held in Japan. Although she did not achieve a high rank, this "bringing the bell to f.ight in a foreign land" is also an opportunity for Thuy Tien to hone more skills and perfect herself.

At the Miss Grand International 2021 arena, the 9X beauty once said she was running a French perfume distribution unit in Vietnam. After returning from Thailand and receiving support from the audience, Thuy Tien continued to promote and develop her business and achieved certain successes in this field.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 5

It can be said that at the age of 26, Thuy Tien is one of the queens who earns the most m.oney after being crowned. Not to mention her business, the fact that Thuy Tien was crowned Miss Grand International 2021 and became the queen with the most brilliant tenure in the history of this competition has also helped her earn huge amounts of m.oney.

Mr. Nawat - President of Miss Grand International boasted that just three months after receiving the crown, Thuy Tien earned about 100 million baht (equivalent to 70 billion VND). This number is expected to increase because of the sudden recognition and hotness of this queen that has never decreased.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 6

Even at the end of 2023, a post appeared on a showbiz discussion forum stating that Miss Grand International 2021 owned more than 10 million USD (equivalent to about 242 billion VND) from the time of her coronation until her reign. that point. However, this information was later denied by the 9X beauty.

Although he has never officially revealed his income, he frequently appears at domestic and international entertainment events, performs "shoe-wearing" at fashion shows and holds Holding many advertising contracts, surely, the amount of m.oney that Miss Grand International Thuy Tien earns will make many people admire and admire.

Thuy Tien was rejected by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder? - Photo 7

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