Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered.

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In April 2021, the Chinese media was shocked by the news that Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong announced their divorce.

This incident became one of the shocking scandals of the Chinese entertainment industry. Many rumors talked about why the couple went their separate ways, including information that Phung Thieu Phong's mother expressed dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with her daughter-in-law. However, the two main characters have never confirmed it.

Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered. - Photo 1

Recently, Sohu had an interesting article when he suddenly revealed that now the biological mother of the actor surnamed Phung expressed great regret, even begging Trieu Le Dinh to come back and remarry her son. In the past, she accepted her "Sam Sam" to enter the moat because Trieu Le Dinh was pregnant with her first c.hild with Phung Thieu Phong. However, because she could not stand being tormented and ridiculed by her mother-in-law, Trieu Le Dinh announced her divorce.

However, after becoming a single g.irl, the beauty of the family Trieu began to regain her spirit and perfect herself. The beauty and temperament of the beautiful people are "increasing", without any signs of weariness or deterioration. Seeing this, Mrs. Phung immediately regretted it to tears, saying that she did not know how to cherish her daughter-in-law, so she let her go. She hopes her son can reunite with his daughter-in-law. However, contrary to Mrs. Phung's expectations, Trieu Le Dinh made up her mind and did not want to look back at the past. She wants herself to work harder in her career, be confident and always shine. It can be said that this reaction of the beauty of the Trieu family disappointed many people. Until now, there are still many fans who hope that the two can give each other the opportunity to reunite and rebuild their home.

Previously, the BJH page suddenly had an interesting article when turning over suspicious details before the time when Trieu Le Dinh divorced actor Phung. Specifically, in January of this year, the beauty shared a picture of a movie with a hidden message: "If you can't go, don't go."

Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered. - Photo 2

It is worth mentioning that only 3 months later, the cult couple announced their divorce. Now, when looking back at this suspicious detail, netizens all think that this is probably the time when the couple has a difficult-to-resolve conflict. Both tried to reconcile the relationship, but after only 3 months, the marriage reached a dead end. The couple decided to let each other go their separate ways. After this quick divorce, Trieu Le Dinh took a long time to return to the entertainment industry. The actress reduced her workload, rarely appeared in front of the media, only accepted to attend a few exchanges and events. Meanwhile, after filming finished, Phung Thieu Phong also decided to stay hidden for a while, not participating in any activities of the entertainment industry.

About Trieu Le Dinh, she is one of the few actors who vehemently "says no" to the h.ot scene 18, especially since Cung Tua Tram Huong. However, about the kiss scene, Trieu Le Dinh still performed as usual, sometimes even more natural and engaging than her male co-star. Specifically, in a kiss scene of a famous historical masterpiece, Trieu Le Dinh's co-star had a "reaction" that was both bad and funny.

It was a very sweet kiss scene in the movie So Kieu Truyen that Trieu Le Dinh co-starred with Lam Canh Tan. In this scene, Lam Canh Tan is the one who actively embraces and kisses Trieu Le Dinh, then the beauty also coordinates and creates a romantic segment. However, behind the scenes, the person who became "embarrassed" and extremely embarrassed was the male actor.

Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered. - Photo 3

Later in an interview, Trieu Le Dinh shared about this extremely bad kiss scene. In fact, this kiss scene has been done many times to become perfect and perfect, and at the first time, Trieu Le Dinh was not satisfied and asked to re-enact. At this time, Lam Canh Tan "evaporated" to surprise the beauty. When asking the crew, Trieu Le Dinh broke down when she learned that Lam Canh Tan had "run away from the sky", returned to her own car because she was too shy. The proof is that in the official scene in the movie, Lam Canh Tan had a clear "reaction", which is red ears like tomatoes.

Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered. - Photo 4

In the eyes of Trieu Le Dinh, Lam Canh Tan had a rather cumbersome but lovely handling after the kiss scene on Department of Kieu Truyen. The two later became a very popular couple, also a factor in the success of So Kieu Truyen. Now when there is much information about part 2 being spread online, the audience still hopes that the couple Van Nguyet - So Kieu will still be taken by Lam Canh Tan and Trieu Le Dinh, not anyone else.

Mother Phung Thieu Phong regretted, begged Trieu Le Dinh to reunite with her son, but was harshly answered. - Photo 5

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