Trieu Le Dinh angrily revealed the reason for not getting custody of the children, the "last boss" is a character few people expect

Hà HàOct 21, 2021 at 09:17

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Up to now, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong have been divorced for 6 months, from relatives to strangers.

The couple made millions of fans regret and surprise because the decision was so sudden. It is worth mentioning that after his parents broke up, Chiang Chiang stayed in Shanghai with his father and grandparents instead of with the actress surnamed Zhao.

Trieu Le Dinh angrily revealed the reason for not getting custody of the children, the "last boss" is a character few people expect - Photo 1

The BJH page recently had an article with the headline causing a stir on social media: "Trieu Le Dinh can't stand it anymore, actively talks about why he doesn't win custody." In this article, there is a passage: "Trieu Le Dinh revealed her sadness and helplessness in front of the Phung family. She expressed that she really wanted to win custody of Tuong Tuong, but Phung Thieu Phong's mother did not agree, insisting on demanding. keep the b.aby with her. Because of this, the actress has no choice but to give up custody of the c.hild."

Through this revelation, fans know that the "last boss" of the case is Phung Thieu Phong's mother. The actor himself, surnamed Phung, is a famous "mamas boy" (mother's favorite son) of the Chinese entertainment industry. He did not want to oppose his mother's opinion, which is why Trieu Le Dinh gave up the right to raise Chiang Chiang.

Previously, when asked about why she gave her son to Phung Thieu Phong to raise, the goddess Trieu replied with pity: "Because his economy is better than mine". Page BJH said, this is the sadness of a mother. In the heart of the actress, there are definitely 2 moods, both looking forward to being with her son and hoping that Chiang Tuong will enjoy the best educational environment and the fullest life. It was Phung Thieu Phong's biological mother who did not agree to let her daughter-in-law enter the moat because she did not like Trieu Le Dinh's background. However, the actor surnamed Phung did not have any objections, not even helping his wife with even one sentence.

Also today, the Chinese media reported on the project of So Kieu Truyen - the film that brought the names of Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan to a new level. The title of queen rating of the beauties of the Trieu family is also thanks to this movie. However, according to recent information, Trieu Le Dinh refused to play the story of So Kieu 2 at least 5 times, although the film crew persisted and did not give up, inviting her to continue to do part 2. As reported by 163 and QQ newspapers. , recently, the movie So Kieu Story is starting to make part 2, but it can't keep the original cast. In particular, the film crew expressed their goodwill, 5 times went to Trieu Le Dinh to discuss that she would take on the female lead role, but this beauty refused to play So Kieu Story 2 because there was a development plan. own career.

Trieu Le Dinh angrily revealed the reason for not getting custody of the children, the "last boss" is a character few people expect - Photo 2

Despite being rejected many times, the team still insisted on persisting to the end, sometimes they asked if Trieu Le Dinh could arrange a schedule to accept the invitation or not? But through this incident, it is easy to see that the film crew is very interested and wants to cooperate with the actress surname Trieu, because when Trieu Le Dinh appeared, The Story of Kieu 1 was very successful. public and attracted the attention of many international audiences.

However, with the current situation of Trieu Le Dinh, this is very unlikely. Because, in the past time, a lot of news about Trieu Le Dinh is intending to "transform" and wants to try new roles, no longer wants to act in idol movies, beautiful people are trying to have the opportunity to break through their own acting. Therefore, the fact that Sam Sam will not appear in part 2 of the story of the Department of Kieu is also something we partly predict.

The time "The Story of the Kieu" was broadcast, it created a huge fever when after only 36 hours, the film had reached 1 billion views. After the end of 67 episodes, The Story of Kieu Story had 43 billion online views and up to now, this number has been 48.9 billion. At the same time, the average rating of the film is also very impressive when up to 1.741%.

The Story of the Tale of Kieu won in the category of Film of the Year at the popular Weibo and Best Drama at the Kim Tuong Thu a.ward. At Tencent's awards ceremony, the little flower was named in the category of TV actor of the year and Lam Canh Tan was no less competitive when w.inning the most popular actor a.ward.
In addition, the film crew of the author A Nai published the casting list and said that today filming has officially started with the main cast including Trieu Le Dinh and Au Hao. After many days of "silent silence", finally today, the producer of the film project Savage born has confirmed the information about the main cast on the morning of October 20, right on the occasion of the film's opening. Accordingly, the male and female leads were assigned to Au Hao and Trieu Le Dinh. In addition, the film also has the participation of Ly Quang Khiet, Luu Uy, Kha Lam, Nham Trong, Phung Gia Di, Vuong Kinh Tung, Ton Thien...

This is the first project that Trieu Le Dinh and Au Hao have collaborated on. However, the couple is expected to make a story in this work. Trieu Le Dinh is a very famous name in the movie world, dubbed the "Queen of ratings" by Cbiz. Meanwhile, u Hao belongs to a group of talented actors with good acting. In addition, the actor is also quite similar in appearance to Trieu Le Dinh.

Au Hao was born in 1992, is a Chinese singer - actor with a rather masculine face. The guy is known through the films Left Hand, Bat Bach, Me and My Country,... Before that, u Hao used to come from a difficult background, he tried to come up from Chinese-language dramas. Since then, he has been recognized by the public and has more opportunities to advance in his acting career.

Trieu Le Dinh angrily revealed the reason for not getting custody of the children, the "last boss" is a character few people expect - Photo 3

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