Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master

Hà HàSep 11, 2021 at 20:59

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Recently, the noise with the fandom Vuong Nhat Bac revolved around the main role in the movie Savage Grows, causing Trieu Le Dinh to be greatly affected. Not only the fanclub, but also Trieu Le Dinh's studio was "banned" by Sina for a while to review for not managing the fandom well.

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 1

Before this noise, Trieu Le Dinh only shared a confidant line calling on fans to pursue their idols rationally, without blaming or blaming their idols. Quietly for a while, recently, the actress made netizens admire when she returned with a new set of beautiful, gentle and pure photos like a young g.irl in the spring.

Recently, the latest episode of the TV show Chinese Restaurant season 5 officially aired in the anticipation of many fans. The reason why fans "stand still" is the appearance of Trieu Le Dinh - a season 4 member who now returns to the show as a guest.

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 3

It can be said that this is one of the rare TV shows where the actress participated after announcing her divorce with actor Phung Thieu Phong. Unlike the last time she attended with a somewhat sad mood at the show Xin Thanks Refrigerator last time, the beauty of the Trieu family surprised many people with a bright and fresh image like a young woman in her twenties. In particular, Trieu Le Dinh's slim waist is cleverly shown on the behind-the-scenes clip. With just one stretch, the beauty proved her impressive figure as a young woman in her twenties, no one thought that the beauty of the surname Trieu was a mother of one c.hild.

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 4

In the set of photos released by Trieu Le Dinh's studio, the actress wears a black sweater with her shoulders hugging her b.ody. The simple outfit and jet-black hair showed off her youthful, flawless white skin. The s.hooting scene was in a green garden, the actress showed off her natural, seductive, pure and harmonious beauty like a "garden fairy". Trieu Le Dinh owns outstanding appearance, good acting, is one of the typical stars in the cast class after 85. However, this young and pure beauty of the actress in the series also eats away. The 9x generation of Tieu Hoa Dan of the Chinese screen.

A few days ago, the information that "The Department of Kieu Story" - the film that made Trieu Le Dinh's name, was being made for part 2, attracted the attention of netizens. This project is in the preparation and scripting phase. Therefore, all information is still confidential. Because the project is underway, there is no official schedule for the expected broadcast time. However, this information also makes fans excited. "The Story of Kieu" was once a cult "blockbuster" in 2017, contributing to the success of the names of Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan.

However, some sources said that it is unlikely that the old cast will return in part 2, especially Trieu Le Dinh. The reason is said that the actress has her own plans for a long time to come for her career. She also changed her image by participating in socio-psychological films, instead of focusing on historical film projects. The actress appeared in a series of psychological films such as "Who is the killer", "Field of Hope", "Happiness to the Wan family"...

As for the male lead role, many people expect Lam Canh Tan to return. He is a bright face after the success of part 1 with the main role of Vu Van Nguyet. However, after that, the actor's name gradually went down when he didn't have any projects that caught his attention recently.

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 5

The role of So Kieu in "So Kieu Story" once contributed to raising the position of Trieu Le Dinh in the entertainment industry. This is one of the films in which she is well-reviewed in terms of acting, helping her win many awards. In the film, the actress who plays the role of Chu Kieu has the image of a "powerful woman" with the ideal of freeing slaves. But in fact, the information "The Department of Kieu Story" part 2 is about to go into production has not been officially announced by the manufacturer. The film has not cast actors, so it is not clear whether Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan, or Dang Luan will return.

As for Vuong Nhat Bac, recently the actor has been constantly in trouble, making fans worried. Due to the noise with the fandom Trieu Le Dinh, Vuong Nhat Bac lost the opportunity to participate in the Savage project. Not only that, the actor's affairs are also in the stagnation stage for many reasons. Most recently, there are rumors that the movie Ice Dance Fire, played by Tran Hieu - Vuong Nhat Bac, has not been censored. Therefore, the drama is unlikely to air this year.

The film career was affected, the way as MC of Vuong Nhat Bac also had problems. The reason is that recently, the General Department of Quang Dien asked Hunan station to tighten up the management of content and station staff. In which, Vuong Nhat Bac was criticized for not having a MC practice certificate, having worked as the host of the show Thien Thien Thuc for the past few years.

To avoid attacks from netizens about this, it was reported that Hunan station decided to take down the name of Vuong Nhat Bac from the official MC to a regular guest. This means that Vuong Nhat Bac will not be able to appear on all episodes of Thien Thien Thien.

On the other hand, the MC who was promoted to replace Vuong Nhat Bac in the program was also a topic of discussion among netizens. Accordingly, MC Tham Mong Than is said to be the name that will replace Vuong Nhat Bac's position in the heavenly paradise.

Trieu Le Dinh shows off her picturesque garden fairy visuals, no wonder she's pursued by the young master - Photo 6

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