Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising?

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Japanese film actress Maria Ozawa has given up her "sensitive" job for 7 years. After "retirement", her life is curious. Many people were shocked to learn that she was doing this job.

Accordingly, recently, on social networking forums, images of adult film actress Maria Ozawa livestreaming sales on the TikTok platform were shared. The item on sale is soap, branded Maria Ozawa.

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 1

In addition to the product manufacturer's channel, the sensitive movie star also broadcasts in parallel on her personal account. At its peak, there were more than 700 people watching Maria Ozawa's livestream session. Previously, the above TikTok Shop account also posted many videos to promote products.

At the same time, this actor wore an outfit with the M****88 house logo. This is an illegal g.ambling website, banned from operating in Vietnam. Recently, she has also continuously posted images and content related to the M****88 b.etting website on social networking platforms.

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 2

In the past, Maria Ozawa also promoted similar websites many times on her personal page or on soccer fields in Southeast Asia.

The company representing Maria Ozawa soap products is called Kansai Japan, registered in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This great entrepreneur is Nguyen Duc Van, born in 1992. This company's products have recently appeared and are listed for sale on e-commerce platforms.

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 3

It is known that she has been retired for more than 10 years and is currently hiding with her younger boyfriend.

After Maria "retired" in 2014 and moved to the Philippines, her brother was the bridge that helped her mend her relationship with her parents. Now, Maria regularly travels back and forth between the Philippines and Japan to visit relatives and handle some business matters. 2020 was the first time she met her parents again after many years of separation.

Although she has returned to normal life, Maria Ozawa (38 years old) does not hesitate to talk about the past or about the life she has in the present.

Most recently, she revealed in a clip posted on her personal account that after all, she was accepted by her parents so she could return to her family. Previously, because they were so shocked by Maria's direction, her parents disowned their daughter.

It is known that her boyfriend is Jose Sarasola (36 years old) - a famous actor and chef in the Philippines. When Maria Ozawa came to the Philippines to build a new life after "retiring" from the "adult" film industry in Japan, she met Jose Sarasola. Up to now, they have been together for nearly 5 years. .

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 4

Jose Sarasola is also the owner of a famous sports bar chain in the Philippines. He is a rich, multi-talented young businessman operating in many fields.

Not only that, Jose Sarasola also has a beautiful appearance according to the "6-pack" standard. At first, when the two got together, they were under a lot of pressure from relatives and friends' discouraging opinions about Jose.

It was Jose Sarasola who actively courted Maria Ozawa and it took him nearly a year to make her fall in love. Even after becoming a couple, Maria believes that very soon, this relationship will come to an end because Jose will not be able to stand the disparaging words for his girlfriend. But then time passed and in February this year, the couple celebrated 4 years of togetherness.

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 5

When asked about how Jose Sarasola feels about having a girlfriend who used to be a p.orn star, the actor said: "I don't think that way, I don't treat her like she is." The Maria Ozawa that everyone knows, I consider her as a normal g.irl that I know and want to understand her true personality."

The two first met at a bar that Jose Sarasola owned. Right in the first moment of meeting, Jose Sarasola felt shaken but he tried to stay calm as if nothing special had just happened. For her part, Maria also admitted that she was impressed with Jose from the first time they met because he had a very attractive appearance.

Maria Ozawa changed her job to livestream sales, suspected of sensitive advertising? - Photo 6

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