Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies?

Hoàng PhúcApr 26, 2024 at 16:41

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When she learned about her condition, Tina Chow bravely faced it and announced the news to everyone. In addition, she decided to donate all her assets and pass away in peace.

When it comes to the profession of "modeling", many people always have a bit of bias. People will think that these models are just external beauties with empty minds. The fact that they can earn so much wealth is truly unfair. In fact, there are many models today, they not only have beautiful appearance but also have high education level, modeling is just one of their many professions.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 1

Tina Chow is a typical example. She is a model who is not only beautiful but also has talent that makes many people jealous, but unfortunately her fate is extremely sad.

More beautiful than Lam Thanh Ha

In the 1980s, Lam Thanh Ha was recognized as a great beauty, the beauty standard of showbiz in Hong Kong and even Asia. However, there is a beauty who is considered more beautiful than Lam Thanh Ha, whose reputation also reaches international level. That is Tina Chow (Chu Thien Na).

Tina Chow was born in 1950, in Ohio, USA. Her birth name is Bettina Louise Lutz. Her father is German-American, and her mother is from Japan. In the mid-1960s, her family moved from America to Japan.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 2

Thanks to this hybrid beauty, she received a lot of favor in the fashion and film world. Tina's career also took off like a kite. She is not only known in Japan but is also famous all over the world.

The milestone for Tina Chow to reach international level was being invited to take photos by American Vogue magazine. During her modeling career, Tina worked with top-class photographers such as Helmut Newton, Cecil Beaton, Arthur Elgort... She was also painted by great artists such as Antonio Lopez, Andy Warhol. In addition, she became the muse of designers Yves St. Laurent and Issey Miyake (creator of Steve Jobs' legendary shirt). She often interacts with A-list personalities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger...

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 3

Tina's appearance with mixed Asian and European beauty made her the standard of beauty at that time.

At her peak, Tina Chow was hailed as a style leader. While popular culture emphasizes glamor and disco, she differentiates herself with her minimalist style and short hair for her genderless beauty.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 4

Unhappy marriage and the disease of the century

In 1972, the Asian supermodel married Michael Chow, son of opera master Chu Ham Phuong. Michael Chow is also the owner of the Mr. Chow is famous and also works in showbiz as an artist and actor. Architectural designer is also one of his jobs.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 5

Tina changed her husband's surname after getting married. The two have a daughter and a son together, born in 1974 and 1978 respectively. The daughter inherited her mother's excellent genes and became an actress and model when she grew up.

At that time, the Chow couple were one of the most influential celebrities in New York. They once made the world admire the image of a happy couple. However, the seemingly dreamy marriage ended in November 1989.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 6

According to Ranker, the reason Tina Chow and her husband divorced was because she had an affair with Pretty Woman actor Richard Gere. They met in the late 1980s in Los Angeles. A friend recalled that Tina was dazzled by Richard. However, their love affair was short-lived.

After the divorce, Tina Chow moved away from the partying lifestyle that made her and her ex-husband famous among America's upper class. She became an HIV/AIDS prevention activist after witnessing many friends die from this disease.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 7

What the 5X supermodel did not expect was that she was diagnosed with AIDS in June 1989. She is the first woman to publicly admit that she has the disease of the century due to h.aving s.ex with her partner. At that time, this was unusual because people considered this disease only among gay men.

Tina did not r.eveal who she got the disease from. However, international media believes that she suffered from this because of her relationship with French aristocrat Kim d'Estainville. Kim is bisexual, interacting with both men and women. He died of AIDS in January 1990. What makes people associate Kim and Tina together is that this man is present in the social circle of the Japanese-American supermodel. They even went back and forth when Tina was not yet divorced.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 8

After getting sick, Tina continued her mission as an AIDS prevention activist. She moved to California, treating her illness with meditation and a macrobiotic diet. On January 24, 1992, Tina died of complications from the disease at her home at the age of 41.

Before leaving this world, she emotionally shared: "All my life I have been serious about relationships and have never been promiscuous, but it ended like this."

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 9

This statement caused controversy in public opinion. They believe that a woman who has an affair with two men during marriage is not qualified to claim that she is not promiscuous.

Later, a close friend revealed that Tina slept with a total of 4 men throughout her life.

Tina Chow: Sick of the century due to a.dultery, donate all assets when she dies? - Photo 10

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