Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this!

Hoàng PhúcFeb 26, 2024 at 11:58

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After finishing the Sports Beauty contest, the girls at the Miss World 2023 contest had a visit to the doctors and nurses of the Indian army. This event is considered quite important to help beauties have more real-life experiences.

Miss Mai Phuong chose a very classy, very Vietnamese traditional peaceful blue ao dai from Mo 9192. She received many compliments from the audience for her elegant and graceful image. This is also the first traditional ao dai in the suitcase of dresses she brought to India to be presented.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 1

Originally a beauty who built a luxurious and discreet image in accordance with the criteria Miss World is aiming for, Mai Phuong poses very smoothly next to her competitors. She said that every time she wears an ao dai, she exudes national pride.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 2

Coming to the Miss World 2023 season, Mai Phuong has been doing her mission very well. Each outfit she wore, each speech she gave at the Head to Head competition partly expressed the determination and serious investment of the g.irl born in 1999.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 3

Mai Phuong's achievement up to now is Top 25 Head to Head. Although she was not lucky in the Sports Beauty contest, she still had the opportunity to express herself and break through in the final stage, especially in the Charity beauty contest.

In the final stage, the girls tried their best to score points in the eyes of the judges. Mai Phuong of Vietnam is showing quite good performance.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 4

Recently, Real Pageanthology - a famous beauty site has just released a table predicting the results of this year's season. Accordingly, the representative of Vietnam - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong suddenly climbed to the top of the table and was b.et for the beauty queen position. The remaining 4 girls were called in the list of Top 5, including representatives: England - Spain - Turkey - Thailand.

Currently, the Real Pageanthology page has about 484,000 accounts and in some previous posts on this page, Mai Phuong is also considered to be in the group of potential beauties.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 5

However, what makes beauty fans "confused" is that gods like the Czech Republic - India - Lebanon are not named in the Top 5. While these are excellent representatives and express themselves very well. in recent supplementary exams. For example, the beauty from Lebanon is the only representative of the Asian region in the Top 5 Head to Head, the doll from the Czech Republic was also suddenly pulled down to 6/12th place. Judging from the performance also As the personal marks of more than 100 contestants in recent times, although Mai Phuong has not shown signs of declining performance, she is still not the most perfect contestant to be assigned the title of beauty queen. And more than anyone else, Mai Phuong also understands that and must not rely on it for any moment.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 6

Although it is only a subjective prediction, this is a motivation to help Mai Phuong have more strength and energy to f.ight hard in the Top Model and Talent competitions. Not putting too much pressure on Mai Phuong to bring the Miss World crown to Vietnam, but we have the right to expect a glorious achievement that Mai Phuong will establish in this year's season.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 7

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong was born in 1999 in Dong Nai, she is 1.70m tall and was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022 in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh). After 2 years of waiting and training, Mai Phuong officially entered the 71st Miss World. With an IELTS score of 8.0, the beauty from Dong Nai is always confident in communicating with other contestants as well as expressing herself at the competition. supplementary exams.

Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this! - Photo 8

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