Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023?

Bảo NamFeb 23, 2024 at 17:45

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On the morning of February 23 (Vietnam time), the final of the Head to Head contest (confrontational rhetoric) within the framework of Miss World 2023 took place in India. In the list of 25 top contestants, Vietnam representative - Mai Phuong is also present.

The girls will have to demonstrate their presentation skills about their philanthropic projects in front of a panel of judges, this is considered one of the most important challenges of this beauty playground.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 1

Even though she was the last contestant, Mai Phuong was still very calm and confident in showing her English proficiency and bravery in front of the judges as well as the international queens.

Miss World Vietnam 2022 introduces the project "Yako by MaiPhuong" and spreads the desired message based on personal influence, the contest to sell many shirts, to help difficult situations. Mai Phuong also boasted that after she came to India to compete in Miss World, her associates in Vietnam sold more than 70 million VND in 3 hours through livestream.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 2

In this competition, Mai Phuong scored points for saying "Hello" proudly in Vietnamese before starting her presentation. Not only that, the Vietnamese representative also impressed because he did not depend on phones or documents but explained in a very sincere and natural way.

Before the end, Mai Phuong also made the judges and many queens laugh when she took the opportunity to "sell" t-shirts.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 3

Even though the judges signaled time was up before the presentation ended, Mai Phuong still had a way to handle the audience's satisfaction. Accordingly, the queen sped up her speaking speed, maintained her poise, did not lose her composure, and controlled her voice and accent professionally. Mai Phuong shared very naturally and ended with a bright smile that made the whole audience applaud her. Despite exceeding the allotted time by about 30 seconds, Mai Phuong left many beautiful marks in the hearts of viewers. Throughout the forums, Vietnamese fans expressed their pride and enjoyment with her lovely behavior.

Despite her best efforts, Miss Mai Phuong was not named into the top 5 Head to Head Challenge.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 4

The 5 beauties selected with the best eloquence include representatives of Lebanon, England, Botswana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. These girls will have a special opportunity to enter the list of Top 40 Miss World 2023 at the final.

Many Vietnamese audiences regret the efforts of Miss Mai Phuong. She performed quite well in the Head To Head competition thanks to her fluent and coherent English skills, but the Vietnamese beauty still missed the opportunity to be given priority at Miss World.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 5

However, the beauty from Dong Nai still has the opportunity to "unseat" in competitions such as Miss Nhan Ai (Beauty With A Purpose), Top Model, and Talent. According to the format in 2021, contestants who win special categories will be given priority to reach the final Top 40. Therefore, the public at home still expects Mai Phuong to perform well in the following competitions.

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 6

Mai Phuong fails the most important part, is at risk of being out of the top of Miss World 2023? - Photo 7

As for Mai Phuong, after missing the top 5, she shared: "I have completed my competition at Head To Head Challenge. I am proud to be able to tell the world about what my teammates and I did in Vietnam." Nam has worked and worked hard to build the project. Even though he is not in the Top 5 Head To Head, knowing that people have begun to recognize and support the project more makes me happy. Representatives People around me also sent words of encouragement to me. They appreciate and love the Vietnamese project. Therefore, I think we have succeeded."

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