Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World?

Thảo MaiMar 09, 2024 at 17:40

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After continuously "empty-handed" at Miss World, before the finals, the representative of Vietnam - Miss Mai Phuong was surprised to be named the winner in the Multimedia category and officially put her name in the Top 40. final round.

It is known that this category is an a.ward for contestants who have high influence on social networks and are strong in communication. Mai Phuong achieved more than 3 million votes with posts updating her daily activities at Miss World.

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 1

Beauty fans around the world are simultaneously looking forward to the final night of the 71st Miss World beauty arena. Miss Mai Phuong of Vietnam has "wired up" to get ready to compete with 111 competitors. coming from all over the world. Also added, the Miss World final will have a performance of "Dances Of The World" but only contestants in the top 40 will be able to perform.

Thanks to her "comeback", w.inning the Multimedia Challenge of Miss World 2023 and placing her name in the Top 40, Mai Phuong will perform "See Tinh" at the final night in front of international friends. The audience is looking forward to the performance of the beauty born in 1999.

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 2

Before Mai Phuong, Dance of The World of Vietnamese representatives from 2018-2023 at the Miss World arena: Miss Tran Tieu Vy with "Adoration Dance" a traditional Vietnamese art form (2018) , Miss Luong Thuy Linh with "Golden Tray Dance", a type of folk performance related to Mother Goddess worship (2019), Miss Do Thi Ha with "Nhuy Kieu Tuong Quan - Ba Trieu" inspired by female general Mrs. Trieu (2021).

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 3

Miss Mai Phuong once surprised the audience when she announced that she would perform the song See Tinh at Miss World's Dance Of The World competition before leaving for the international competition. Talking about choosing this hit song by Hoang Thuy Linh to compete, Mai Phuong said: "With the success of the song See Tinh on the international music map, it is also a song performed by the next generation. Vietnamese youth and proud folk melodies, we decided to choose this as the song to accompany Mai Phuong in her Dance of the World performance at Miss World."

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 4

Organizers of Miss World said they will innovate the contest format this year. Accordingly, this year will take the Top 40 (including beauties who have won additional prizes and contestants selected by judges). They continued to "fight" together in the closing challenges, after which only 4 names representing 4 continents were retained before the moment of transferring the crown. The beauties must eloquently express the final core values in the philanthropic project to decide the titles of 1st Runner-up and Miss.

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 5

Currently, Mai Phuong and 111 girls are entering the rehearsal stage before the finals of the 71st Miss World contest taking place on March 9, at a center in Mumbai city, India.

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 6

Before the competition night, Mai Phuong confided: "If I use one word to describe Mai Phuong's feelings right now, it is definitely "Happiness". Mai Phuong is happy for many things, happy because she has had experiences. extremely wonderful at the 71st Miss World. Mai Phuong made many new friends, told them about the wonderful things of Vietnam and was very happy that they also loved our country. Continued. According to me, because I did not give up after nearly 2 years of training, waiting, and trying with my team to reach Miss World. Furthermore, on this journey I always have many companions, many loving audiences, according to Watching every step of my journey is something Mai Phuong finds extremely valuable."

Mai Phuong received good news, had her privileges restored, will be in the top ranks at Miss World? - Photo 7

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