Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when "Aunt Dung" said this

Hoàng PhúcJul 21, 2023 at 10:57

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On the evening of July 20, representatives of the Miss World Vietnam organizers and the top 3 Mai Phuong, Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi had a livestream with fans. The story that received a lot of attention was the fact that all three beauties had a final walk.

On the livestream, Bao Ngoc said that she "knew the idea of the final walk on stage, so she prepared the dress in advance". The beauty wants her appearance to be perfect to close the special journey at Miss World Vietnam from 1st runner-up to the title of Miss Intercontinental. Designer Nguyen Phuc Tuan prepared three different drawings. After thinking carefully as well as discussing with the organizers, the long-legged Can Tho hometown decided to choose the one with a flared part that suits her appearance and personality. However, she is also worried that her tall appearance will make the overall look too "obnoxious".

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 1

This sharing of Bao Ngoc continues to become the center of controversy of the audience. Most of the opinions think that her design is too gorgeous and the beauty should think of Mai Phuong senior. Because this is the final night of Miss World Vietnam, Mai Phuong is the reigning Miss, so she needs to be given the glory and favor to shine. As for Bao Ngoc, despite being crowned internationally, her position in Miss World Vietnam is still 1st runner-up. It should not happen that Bao Ngoc can overwhelm Mai Phuong.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 2

After the livestream, Bao Ngoc has some more sharing on his personal page. She affirmed that she "didn't know in advance that there would be a final walk", but only predicted because the top 3 years ago also performed this part. When confirmed by the organizers, the new beauty began to prepare costumes with the crew and designers.

"The top 3 don't work together and don't know what the other two's dresses will look like. After the dress was approved, I thought maybe the crew had prepared the stage set-up, the final walk performance fit each of you and the top 3's dress was also matching. Therefore, I decided to wear that dress," she explained.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 3

Bao Ngoc added: "No one can overwhelm anyone with the glory because surely in the final walk as well as in other performances, the beauty will always be honored".

Despite the explanation, most beauty fans still stoned Bao Ngoc and thought that she should be modest and restrained.

This is not the first time Bao Ngoc has been entangled in a scandal that overwhelms Mai Phuong. Before that, she was said to be more popular than her seniors many times.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 4

Even recently, when the Top 3 Miss World Vietnam went to the airport to pick up Miss Karolina Bielawska, runner-up Bao Ngoc had a different color outfit than Mai Phuong - Phuong Nhi. In addition to the above details, 1st runner-up Bao Ngoc was involved in the suspicion of deliberately creating attention when choosing a seat at the lunch table with Karolina Bielawska. It is easy to see that runner-up Bao Ngoc is arranged to sit next to the reigning Miss World 2022 and Miss Mai Phuong is in another corner, behind Ms. Pham Kim Dung.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 5

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 6

Talking about this issue, the head of the organizing committee - Ms. Pham Kim Dung also suddenly shared: "Mai Phuong has many times overwhelmed Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi". Before this sentence, Mai Phuong frowned and then laughed. Immediately, the representative explained that this was just a funny joke, but many viewers thought that the above comment made Mai Phuong heartbroken right on the live broadcast.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 7

Also in the livestream on the evening of July 20, the organizers said that Mai Phuong's dress was less impressive at first, but designer Le Thanh Hoa was very invested in materials and attachments. Therefore, the finished dress promises to still ensure the splendor and elegance, in accordance with the Miss World contest criteria. Particularly, Bao Ngoc has an outstanding height, so the skirt part needs to be designed to suit her legs as well as her preferences. The team of the top 3 worked independently on the design of the dress and was censored by the organizers.

"Each dress has its own beauty and appeared at three different times in the final. You deserve memorable moments on stage. But everyone can rest assured that the aura will only be for Miss Mai Phuong," this person said.

Miss Mai Phuong also expressed her love for the meaning of the dress as well as the enthusiasm of designer Le Thanh Hoa and the team. She wants the audience to think gently and look forward to the final night of Miss World Vietnam 2023 on the evening of July 22.

Bao Ngoc knew before the final walk, so she chose the biggest skirt, Mai Phuong was sad when Aunt Dung said this - Photo 8

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