Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry

An NhiDec 27, 2021 at 22:37

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Many netizens are constantly "throwing stones" at this year's Hoa Dinh awards ceremony because of the ridiculous results.

On the evening of December 27, the 32nd Huading Awards ceremony took place extremely bleak. All the attention of the mass audience is focused on actor Nham Gia Luan. In the past year, he has had many explosive film projects, one of which is the historical masterpiece Chau Sinh Nhu Co.

As expected, Nham Gia Luan was named in the list of the most favorite male actors besides the senior names. The role of Chau Sinh Than in Chau Sinh Nhu Co confirmed Nham Gia Luan's ability to "beautify" the historical array, and helped him return after a number of not-so-successful modern roles.

Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry - Photo 1

Unfortunately, however, Nham Gia Luan missed the a.ward for the best male protagonist in Hoa Dinh this year, to fall into the hands of the male lead Dai Qin Empire 4: Dai Tan Phu. If comparing the quality of the two films, Chau Sinh Nhu Co is much better with a Douban score of over 7, while Dai Tan Phu owns the lowest score in the whole series of Dai Qin Empire. On the other hand, Bach Loc also followed in the footsteps of his master who missed the best female costume a.ward, instead of To Hieu Dong by Ngu Tu Tieu Ngo Tac. Currently, the audience is expressing discontent on Hoa Dinh's Weibo, saying that To Hieu Dong is not worthy to defeat Ly Tham, Bach Loc...

Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry - Photo 2

Results of some important prizes at the 32nd Hoa Dinh

- Best Drama: The Age of Awakening

- Best actor in historical period: Ly Nai Van (Great Qin Empire 4: Dai Tan Phu)

- Best Contemporary Male Actor: Truong Van Y (Children of the Kieu Family)

- Best Modern Male Actor: Hou Kinh Kien (The Age of Awakening)

- Best Actress in Ancient History: To Hieu Dong (Ngu Tu Tieu Ngo Tac)

- Best Contemporary Actress: Chau Vu Dong (Where I Am Very Good)

- Best Modern Actress: He Vong (Middle Luu Kishui)

- Favorite male actor: Duong Quoc Cuong (Glory and Dreams), Nham Gia Luan (Chau Sinh Nhu Co), Truong Dong (Time of Awakening), Vuong Kinh Tung (Dai Quyet Chien), Dinh Dung Dai (Crossing the Yalu River)

- Favorite Actress: Vien San San (Jiang Son Nhu Tri Da Kieu), Ke Lan (Criminal Police: Action Overseas), Vuong Le Khon (Glory and Dreams), Dong Ky (Thoughts and Dreams). Volunteers), Nhiet Y Trat (Son Hai Tinh)

- Best Supporting Actor: Ma Shaohua (Glory and Dream)

- Best Supporting Actress: Chu Nhan (Tieu Xa Dac)

- Best production team: Glory and Dream

- Best Screenplay: Long Binh Binh (The Age of Awakening)

- Best soundtrack song: Glory and Dream (performed by Chau Tham)

- Best Rookie: Y Le Vien

Previously, at Iqiyi international entertainment - Q A.ward 2021, Chau Born as Co - a love drama with the participation of Nham Gia Luan and Bach Loc that caused a fever in mid-2021 brought home the Romantic Film of 2021 a.ward. At the time, actor Nham Gia Luan also won the a.ward for the most influential actor of the year.

Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry - Photo 3

Fans in turn sent their congratulations to the two stars of Chau Sinh after learning that the film received the iQiyi International Entertainment Gala-iQiyi Q Awards 2021 romantic film a.ward.

Chau Born as Co is considered one of the best films in August this year of the Chinese screen. Despite facing a series of events, scandals and scandals of many artists that broke out in Cbiz at this time, Chau was born like the late Nham Gia Luan and Bach Loc still overcame difficulties, the film ended with success. satisfactorily, the developments of the last episode ended tragically but made viewers happy, smiling "satisfied" because they were welcome to continue the second part of the novel.

Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry - Photo 4

Chau was born with the starring role of Nham Gia Luan and Bach Loc, bringing about formidable achievements, breaking the charts in August.

Not to mention, the entire network has up to 215 hotsearch related to Chau Sinh like co and the cast, the highest temperature value is 8512. On weibo hotsearch, there are 104 keywords about Chau Sinh like co and the names of actors. members made the top, in both the general Hotsearch table, the Entertainment table and the far reaching Temperature table.

In which, the movie's main super dialogue reading reached more than 1.76 billion, the discussion exceeded 6,404, a desirable number of films co-aired in August.

Nham Gia Luan, Bach Loc lost the a.ward before a series of "unknown" stars at Hoa Dinh 2021, making netizens angry - Photo 5

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