Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Mich's "trash" to a position that is difficult to overthrow

Bảo YếnJun 15, 2024 at 14:44

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Once a "box office poison" that made many people afraid, Liu Yifei had a brilliant explosion when returning with the TV series The Rose Story which became a fever that made all men "lost in spirit".

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 1

Recently, the audience once again witnessed Liu Yifei's explosion on the small screen with the project Rose Story. Beautiful beauty and impressive acting help the goddess quickly capture the hearts of viewers. But surely many people already know that, before achieving continuous success in the television field like she is now, Luu There was a time when Yifei had to be known as "box office poison". However, whether she is poison or a queen, the status and influence of the female fairy in the entertainment world has never changed.

Movie revenue is low if Liu Yifei is included

From 2008 to 2020, Liu Yifei participated in nearly 20 large and small movies. Among them are Thien Nu U Soul, Hong Mon Yen, Tu Dai Danh Bo, Dong Tuoc Dai. It Turns Out I'm Still Here, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Li Peach Blossoms, Mulan... However, the revenue of the movie starring the god sister was not as high as expected.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 2

When talking about Liu Yifei on the big screen, people only remember her beauty. Acting is the biggest limitation that causes the actress born in 1987 to continuously fail in the film industry. Audiences believe that movies have a short duration so they require more acting from the actors, which is something Liu Yifei is limited in.

The film projects of the billion-dollar goddess are considered to be of high quality and have large investments, but when compared to Duong Mich's films that are considered "trash", the revenue is not as good, forever sad. line up behind.

Some people say Liu Yifei wasted 14 years of her youth acting in movies. However, that is not necessarily true. In 2020, Liu Yifei was invited to play the role of Mulan produced by Disney. She is a rare Chinese female star to receive this honor.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 3

The TV queen has never failed

The role of beautiful Miss Bach Tu Chau in Kim Phan The Gia, stubborn that year is still a legend remembered by the audience. It can be said that Liu Yifei had an extremely successful start when she first entered the entertainment world.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 4

3 important milestones that helped Liu Yifei establish a foothold in the entertainment world were 2003, 2004 and 2006. At this time, she was continuously invited to star in Thien Long Bat Bo, Tien Kiem Ky Hiep Truyen and Than Diao Dai Hiep. In particular, Liu Yifei's roles as Vuong Ngu Yen and Tieu Long Nu resonated throughout Asia and were praised by writer Kim Dung himself. Up to the present time, the above roles of billion-dollar fairies are still a huge shadow that many young actors can hardly overcome.

After 14 years of only focusing on acting in movies, in 2022 Liu Yifei returned to the small screen with the movie Dream of Green Flowers. At the age of 35, the goddess is still incredibly beautiful, as her special antique style makes people fascinated.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 5

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 6

And recently, Liu Yifei did not disappoint fans when she released the next drama called The Rose Story. In the first episode, the character Hoang Diec Mai played by Liu Yifei made every man "lost in spirit". Even a senior at the company hastily broke off his engagement with his fiancée because he accidentally "fell in love" with her. The drama plot helped the film become a h.ot topic on Chinese social networks.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 7

On Chinese social networks, the movie's rating became a hotly discussed topic because it quickly reached 1.9% and reached the top of h.ot searches on Weibo thanks to its rapid increase. At the same time, "Rose Story" is also a work in the modern urban genre with the fastest media index to reach 22,000 points on a domestic platform, reaching 24,000 after just over 90 minutes of airing. The premiere effect after the first few hours made many viewers exclaim: "It is indeed Liu Yifei's movie!"

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 8

He continuously established a series of great achievements to help Liu Yifei affirm his position that is difficult to overthrow. She hasn't acted in too many dramas, but since entering the entertainment world in 2002, Liu Yifei has never failed. The reason why she can continuously succeed is because the script selection process is very careful. The fairy sister also does not limit herself to a certain type of role nor does she have too high demands on her co-stars.

Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Michs trash to a position that is difficult to overthrow - Photo 9

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