"Fairy sister" Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40

Nhật DuyFeb 24, 2024 at 15:08

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Despite having an extremely outstanding and progressive acting career, Liu Yifei's personal life is quite quiet. Worried that her daughter would be single her whole life, the actress's mother urged her to get married soon before the age of 40.

Liu Yifei has always been known as the "billionaire fairy" of the Chinese screen. The actress has an extremely successful acting career, even more explosive after returning to television. Although her career is increasingly progressing, Liu Yifei's personal life is extremely quiet, especially love affairs.

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 1

Entering the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years, Liu Yifei has been entangled in many dating rumors with many handsome Cbiz men such as Ho Ca, Lam Chi Dinh, and Vuong Luc Hoanh. But up to now, the audience only knows about a single public love affair between the "billionaire fairy" and Song Seung Hun - a top male actor in the Korean entertainment industry. He rose to fame after appearing in the movie "Autumn in My Heart", co-starring with "goddess" Song Hye Kyo.

It is known that the Korean actor is 11 years older than the "billionaire fairy". However, despite the gap in age, geography and communication language, the love story of this talented couple has received a lot of support from the public. At that time, many opinions affirmed that the two were a perfect match and suitable to be each other's life partners.

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 2

Remember during the promotional days of the movie Tuesday Love, fans often saw romantic images between Liu Yifei and Song Seung Hun. The two are always together like many other couples. Song Seung Hun also proudly mentioned his girlfriend to the media. Liu Yifei also brought his mother to Korea to visit his lover.

It was thought that he would have the opportunity to admire and admire the "marriage of the century" of the Chinese and Korean A-list star duo, but surprisingly, in early 2018, the actor Autumn in My Heart confirmed that he and Liu Yifei had gotten married. broke up due to busy schedule. This information made the couple's fans regretful for a long time.

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 3

Since his relationship with Song Seung Hun, the public has not seen Liu Yifei openly love anyone again, nor has he been entangled in love rumors with any male stars. This has made the actress's fans extremely impatient, and more than anyone else, Liu Yifei's family members are equally anxious.

Recently, a source said that Liu Yifei's mother is constantly urging the actress to get married. Not only that, she also took her daughter to freeze her eggs to prevent future emergencies. It can be seen that the mother of the "fairy sister" is also looking forward to her getting married and having children soon, and stabilizing family life.

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 4

In the same age group as Liu Yifei, other beauties such as Duong Mich, Luu Thi Thi, Trieu Le Dinh, Angelababy and Duong Yen are also married and have children. Therefore, it is understandable that Liu Yifei's mother urged her. However, it seems that the female lead Mong Hoa Luc is not very interested in getting married at the present time.

It is known that in 2024, Liu Yifei will return to the small screen with the project "Rose Story", along with a series of male stars such as Wallace Wallace, Lam Canh Tan, Peng Quan Anh... In the TV series In this current picture, she plays Hoang Diec Mai - a smart, strong g.irl. The role promises to help the "billionaire fairy" explode when it airs in the near future.

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 5

Fairy sister Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40 - Photo 6

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