Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40

Bút MàuMay 28, 2024 at 09:31

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Known as an A-list star, appearing many times in the list of China's 100 most famous stars (according to Forbes), Liu Yifei currently owns a series of valuable real estate.

The most notable of these is the villa in the Thuan Nghia area in Beijing, which is 4 - 5,000 square meters wide. If including the lawn, the total area is up to 16,000 square meters, equivalent to a small football field.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 1

This villa includes 5 bedrooms, 1 gym, 1 dance studio and many other function rooms. The beauty once shared with Sohu newspaper that she wanted a large house to satisfy her passion for raising pets and enjoy her private life after the pressures of work.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 2

Sharing with Vogue magazine, the actress confided about her current life: "I like to live in my own world, do what I want and focus all my mind on it." So even though she is under 40, she still chooses to be single and live with her adorable pets. Her beauty and her huge fortune have become the dream of many fans. .

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 3

Liu Yifei has been considered the "billionaire fairy" of the Chinese entertainment industry for many years thanks to her delicate facial features and beautiful beauty like a fairy. The roles associated with her name include Vuong Ngu Yen in Thien Long Bat Bo, Tieu Long Nu in Condor Heroes or Trieu Linh Nhi in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep Story 1.

In 2020, she was also invited to play the female lead role in the movie Mulan produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Liu Yifei is ranked among the most famous 8X stars in the Chinese entertainment industry. Her roles are quite diverse, from a gentle lady to a strong "woman".

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 4

In the past 2 years, Liu Yifei returned to acting in television dramas. Her two television projects titled Mong Hoa Luc and Going to the Wind were both well received by the audience and praised by experts.

Not only outstanding in beauty, Liu Yifei is also known as one of the stars with respectable qualifications in the Chinese entertainment industry. According to page 163, the actress is also fluent in English, French, Japanese and Korean.

Liu Yifei once studied and lived in the US before returning to China to build a career. She passed the Beijing Film Academy (China) at the age of 15 and was the youngest student in the school's history.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 5

After that, she received her Bachelor's degree with honors with the thesis with the highest score in the class. In addition, Liu Yifei passed the second round of the acting department at Yale University (USA).

According to Sina, Liu Yifei grew up in a family with a tradition of learning. The actress's grandparents are both stars in the Chinese medical industry. Her father is also a French professor at Wuhan University and was once the principal of a school in France. Her mother is famous and beautiful dancer Liu Xiaoli.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 6

Ever since she was just a l.ittle g.irl, Liu Yifei's family taught her how to dance, sing, and play the piano when she realized her daughter's talent. When her parents divorced, Liu Yifei lived with her mother. During her years in America, Liu Yifei's mother continued to nurture her.

According to Sina, at the age of 36, Liu Yifei still maintains great attraction in the Chinese entertainment industry. She worked hard and was sought after by brands. The beauty is the representative of many high-end brands including Louis Vuitton. She regularly appears in famous fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 7

According to fresherslive, Liu Yifei currently owns assets of more than 10 million USD. 8X generation beauties have influence on the community. However, the more famous a beauty becomes, the more pressure and gossip she faces.

Faced with criticism or rumors, Liu Yifei said: "Praise cannot be refused, so criticism must also be accepted. I know a very good saying. That's when you receive compliments." , don't be arrogant or negligent. When you receive comments about a certain problem, you should be aware of the problem and find out where it lies.

Liu Yifei flexes a hundred billion super mansion, r.evealing the reason for being single at the age of 40 - Photo 8

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